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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Two)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter Two

Sawako’s Secret Job.

I saw a tall, thin, and good-looking guy as soon as I arrived on my seat. I quietly sat down. He looked at me and said, “Nakajima Yuto desu, yoroshiku.” I replied timidly, “Hayashi Sawako desu, yoroshiku.”

He smiled at me for the last time and turned back to the class adviser. I can hear a girl whispering, “Gosh, she’s so lucky to sit beside our Yuto-sama.”

I thought to myself, “Wow, this guy sure is popular.”

After our homeroom period would be our Science Class. Science is my favorite subject. Our teacher instructed us to go to the laboratory because we’re going to have our class there.

And guess what greeted me? The most complete and grand Science laboratory I’ve ever seen in my whole existence. Their expressions looked very normal. Well, they’re all rich anyway. This kind of thing is just common to them.

The teacher discussed the lessons, and there are two students who always stood out. They always knew the answers to the questions. They were brilliant. They are Yuuri Chinen and Nakajima Yuto. I expect everyone in my class is intelligent, but they’re in a different level.

I kept my silence because I never want to stand out too much, especially during my first day. I knew the answers too and I know that I can compete with them. Well, I’ll work hard on my academics in my own way.

After our Science Class, came our Math Class and English Class. After English Class will be our Lunch Break.

I saw everyone bringing out their bento boxes. Wow, they were so exquisite. The others went to the cafeteria, which serves very expensive food. I on the other hand, will eat the leftovers we had last night.

I went out of the classroom and looked for a place where I can eat alone. I suddenly thought of a fire exit. Luckily, I found it quickly. I sat on one of the steps and opened my bento.

I was the one who prepared it. Most of the time, my father was the one who makes it for me. Now that he’s not here, I have to make it on my own. Even though we’re poor, my father does his best to provide us healthy and delicious food. How I miss my father right now.

The food was really simple. It was rice and egg rolls from last night. After eating, I drank Yakult. I removed my thick eyeglasses which had no grade. I wiped the lenses and wore it again. I thought to myself, “Until when will I hide in this disguise?”

After eating, I went to our classroom and immediately sat down on my desk. Most of my classmates are still not there. I decided to advance study.

Then, someone tapped my right shoulder. I was surprised and shook my shoulders a bit. I checked out who it was. She was a pretty girl with a long hair who wore a camera around her neck. She smiled at me and said, “I’m Ootori Mika. It’s nice to meet you!” I smiled at her, and I realized that I need not to introduce myself anymore.

Mika stayed with me for a while and talked to me. She asked, “So how do you find Horikoshi High?”

I replied, “Brilliant and really elite.”

She asked me again, “How about the people here?”

Before I could answer her, a person from her back said, “Yo!”

Mika looked back and said, “Oh, it’s the five of you!”

I looked at the five guys she was talking about. Mika said, “Gomene Sawako-san, these five over here are my friends; Yamada Ryosuke, Arioka Daiki, Morimoto Ryutaro, Chinen Yuuri, and Nakajima Yuto.” I just bowed to them and they smiled at me.

I said to myself, “Are they actors or something?”

Daiki said, “Oops, it looks like we’re getting attention.”

Mika replied, “Of course, the five of you are so loud in the middle of the classroom.”

Yuto asked me, “Have you eaten your lunch?”

I replied, “Hai.”

Ryosuke asked, “Where is Hana? I haven’t seen her anywhere.”

Mika replied, “I guess she’s still pigging out in the cafeteria. You know that girl never gets full.”

The bell rang and a girl came running toward Mika saying, “Mika-chan!”

Mika replied, “Oi Hana! Don’t be too loud. I understand that you are in your maximum energy, but please do calm down even a little.”

The girl named Hana replied, “Gomene Mii-cchi. Oh? She’s the new student right? Yoroshiku! Yamamura Hana desu!” I replied her with a smile. Hana is a tall girl, who looks very pretty. She’s like a model, or maybe she really is one.

I never thought that these people would be very friendly, or maybe I’m a new student and they’re just being hospitable. Well anyway, I haven’t seen very good looking people condensed in one place.

We settled in our respective seats and waited for the teacher to arrive.

Our lessons continued and before I noticed it, dismissal time came…

I hurriedly went out of the classroom. Then suddenly, someone stopped me…

“Sawako-san! Do you want to come with us in the cake shop?” I looked back. I saw Mika and Hana. I replied to them, “I’m sorry but I am quite busy now. I am transferring my things to my new house.” Hana said, “Souka, we will go together next time then.” I just smiled at them and continued to our old apartment to get my things.

After I got my luggage, I rode a bus and followed the address my father had given me. The Nakajima house is just a walking distance from Horikoshi. I’m not gonna spend money for the fare then.

Then finally, I found the Nakajima House. Wow, it is really big. I rang the doorbell.

The gates automatically opened. It has a camera on the gate after all.

I walked going inside. It has a water fountain. The garden is well kept.

Finally, I reached the front door. I opened it…

“Welcome Sawako-chan! It’s been so long since I last saw you!,” a man said. I replied, “You must be my father’s bestfriend. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.”

The man replied, “You used to visit us here with your father and mother and play with my son.”

I replied politely, “Gomen, I don’t seem to remember anything.”

The man replied, “Daijoubu. By the way, I’m Nakajima Jirou, you can call me oji-san, just like what you do before.”

I replied, “Hai, oji-san!”

Jirou oji-san said, “I’ll lead you to your room.”

The house has four floors and my room is located at the third floor. Oji-san opened the door and wow, it was a very beautiful room! And yes, it was big.

Oji-san added, “This room is really made for you.”

I replied reluctantly, “Hontou ni?” Oji-san replied, “Yes, we know that someday, you’re going to stay here. This room is really for you. This is one of the things that I had promised to your dad.”

I replied, “Sorry for that Oji-san.”

He replied, “It’s alright Sawako. This house is big enough and we really don’t have maids or caretakers in here.”

I was surprised. He knew what I was thinking so he said, “We don’t have maids in here because I want my sons to be trained doing the house chores. I don’t want to spoil them.”

I just nodded in reply.

I added, “By the way, how many sons do you have?”

He replied, “Two. My eldest son is about the same age as you. And if you’re wondering where my wife is, she’s busy working in New York for our business.”

I looked at my watch and discovered that I’ll be almost late for my job! I said, “Oji-san, I’m sorry, but I have to go to my part-time job.”

He replied, “Okay Sawako. Come back as soon as possible!”

I hurriedly left the house and looked rode a bus going to my part-time job.

After a few minutes, I arrived at the place named, “Kirari Haato Maid Café” which means “Sparkling Heart Maid Café” in English. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but I actually work as a maid in this maid café…

to be continued...

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I hope you enjoyed!


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