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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Three)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter Three

The Reasons of Sawako’s Disguise

I looked at my watch and discovered that I’ll be almost late for my job! I said, “Oji-san, I’m sorry, but I have to go to my part-time job.” He replied, “Okay Sawako. Come back as soon as possible!”

I hurriedly left the house and looked rode a bus going to my part-time job.

After a few minutes, I arrived at the place named, “Kirari Haato Maid Café” which means “Sparkling Heart Maid Café” in English. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but I actually work as a maid in this maid café…

I hurriedly went inside, panting really hard. I went to the back of the café to change my clothes.

I removed my fake pimples and thick eyeglasses that made me look so hideous. Someone behind asked, “Until when are you going to continue with that disguise of yours Sawako?” I was surprised by the sudden voice. I looked back and it was Takezawa Saki, one of the maids that I work with, in this maid café. I also consider her as my best friend.

I said, “You know Saki, I can’t let anyone know about this. Even I kept this as a secret from my father. This work is not that physical and the pay is good. I must not be stressed out because I have grades to maintain too.”

Saki replied, “I understand you Sawako. But can you endure walking out looking as gawky as that?”

I replied, “It’s actually better you know. Boys are annoying. They just make friends with you if you have the looks.”

Saki replied, “Speaking of boys, how is the first day of school of the top ranked maid?”

I replied, “Ah, no need to emphasize that. Well, it was good. I met a few good people.”

Saki asked me, “The names?”

Then suddenly, the shop owner, Risako-san, called me out, “Sawa-chan! Your regular master is looking for you!”

I quickly replied, “H-hai!” I whispered to Saki, “Let’s continue talking later okay?”

I quickly dressed up in my maid costume to accommodate one of my regular masters. I went out and said, “Goushujin-sama, what can I get you for today?”

He replied, “One slice of Strawberry Shortcake and one Strawberry Smoothie Sawa-chan.”

I replied, “H-hai, I’ll get your order goushujin sama.”

This is my daily routine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Well, according to the shop owner, Nishida Risako, I’m one of the top maids in this maid café. This is based on the number of regular masters you have. Well, even though we have this ranking system, we really don’t mind it. All of us working in the maid café get along perfectly.

The reason that I wear my disguise is mainly this: I don’t want anyone to know about this job of mine. If the school knows, I’m dead. Well, you get the picture.

After serving a few customers, my job is over. I continued my conversation with Saki.

She asked, “The names? I heard Horikoshi has a lot of popular people as their students.”

I replied, “Okay, I guess they’re pretty popular in school, but I don’t know if they’re popular nationwide.”

Saki demanded, “Just say the names, maybe I know them.”

I started, “Yamamura Hana, Ootori Mika, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, the Iinchou Chinen Yuri, and I forgot the other two.”

Saki almost screamed, “OH MY GOSH! You just met the top model in a teen magazine, Yamamura Hana! I can’t believe you don’t know her! And Ootori Mika is her best friend! She’s a model too! And that Yamada Ryosuke you’ve mentioned, I heard that he’s an owner of super big company! And those others you’ve mentioned, I have read about them from somewhere, I just don’t remember.”

I replied, “EH? They don’t seem to act like great people. You know, they actually approached me and talked to me.”

Saki replied, “That’s great you know! Ever since you wear that pathetic disguise of yours since Junior High, you don’t seem to attract other people anymore. Well, you attract guys here in the café with your looks without those pathetic disguises, but outside this café? No one seems to notice you.”

I replied, “Well Saki, you already know the story right?”

Saki replied, “Yeah, that stupid moron. I regret that I haven’t kicked him back then. Well, I admit that wearing those are actually better.”

I forgot to tell you, Saki and I have been best friends since Junior High School. We’re also of the same social status that is why we work here.

The other reason why I wear my disguise is my past experience. It actually concerns a boy. It happened back in junior high.


I was a popular girl back in junior high. Even though I was one, I never acted slutty. I was really good, friendly, and I always smile to other people. I’m also one of the top students in school. They said I was almost perfect, but for me, I never really was.

I receive confessions from guys most of the time, but I said that I can never reciprocate their feelings. But there is this one guy that I like. His name is Ogawara Ren. He is the president of the Karate Club in school. He also has the brains and is included in the top students.

I liked him since we were in our first year junior high. Saki is the only one who knows about it.

During our last year in Junior High, Ren confessed to me.

“Hayashi-san, I liked you since first year. Can you go out with me?”

I couldn’t move and think straight for about a few seconds. He asked me again, “Oh, sorry for that sudden confession. I know you wouldn’t reciprocate my feelings.” I replied, “A-actually, I liked you from back then too.”

The two of us started to go out. He was the ideal boyfriend, the type who treats you to eat out, the type who buys you cute gifts, and the type who mails you to ask how you’ve been.

Everything was okay. For two months, we’ve been happy together until something bad happened…

I went inside the girl’s comfort room. I overheard guys talking from the boys C.R.

“Ren, our bet is almost over. You will get the money if your relationship lasts for three months, but if not, you’ll have to pay us,” a voice of a certain boy said.

“I can make it last for three months you know. She’s just like the other girls I’ve dated before.” The other boy laughed and added, “Besides, she’s one of the most of the popular girls in school and the most hard-to-get. You’re really a player Ren.”

Ren added, “I’m not a player yo. But you know…”

I didn’t bother to continue to listen to what he was going to say. I couldn’t believe it. Everything was a joke. Everything he did was for a bet.

The tears couldn’t stop flowing. My body seemed to be uncontrollable. Full of anger and desperation, I filled a bucket with cold water and went rushing to the boy’s comfort room. I saw Ren and the two boys he was talking to. Ren tried to stop me and explain, but I continued with what I’m supposed to do.

He said, “Wait Sawako…” I didn’t even bother to listen to him. I poured the water all over him and said, “You’re such a bastard. Don’t ever try to talk to me again, or never even show you face…”

I immediately walked out and ran away outside. Saki saw me and comforted me.

She said, “Where is that guy? Do you want me to apply my judo moves to knock him out?”

I replied, “Don’t do it Saki. That guy is not even worth it.”

Saki is the four-time inter-school champion in Judo by the way.

Ever since that day, I swore not to fall in love with any guy. I started wearing my disguises which made me look uglier. I want people to see my inner beauty, not the outer one. But human as they are, they started to leave me. Saki continued to protect me and support me that’s why I consider her as my best friend. Knowing that I can trust her with my life, I told her everything: my disguise and my inner feelings.

People left me, except for Saki.

I tried my best to get out of my former school in where I experienced too much pain…

And that wish of mine came true when I passed the Horikoshi Gakuen Scholarship.

It was already 7:00 P.M. Kirari Haato Maid Café will now close…

to be continued...

Author's Note: Sorry for the grammatical errors.

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  2. I think I'm gonna post it this evening. Thanks a lot for reading! :)