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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Nine)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 9

Leave or Stay?

Time went on. Before I noticed, it was already closing time. We tidied things up. I went out to throw trash.

As I went out the door, someone said, “Sawa-chan?”

I looked back. I was scared and terrified. He was… he was….

He was Ren. Yes, the thick faced Ogawara Ren. How dare he call me Sawa-chan? I pretended not to see him and continued throwing the trash.

“Sawako, please listen to me. I actually loved you. When you were gone, I couldn’t think straight. I kept on finding you.”

I felt pure disgust and angst. This is the person I loathe the most. The person who made me lose my confidence.

“Sawako? Who are you calling Sawako?”

I was ready to go back inside the maid café. Ren grabbed my arms and said, “Sawako, I know that it’s you. I know you loved me too.”

I felt ashamed of myself. I felt ashamed because Ren simply touched me. I didn’t really like it. I removed his hand on my arms with my pure force.

“Don’t hold me! I don’t love you! Don’t pretend, Ren! Everything is over between us!”

Ren insisted and held me even tighter right now. I didn’t like it.

“Are you doing this because I’m pretty now?! I’m sorry Ren, but I cannot forgive you! Please let go of me! It really hurts!”

Ren didn’t do it. He held me closer to him and said, “Please love me back, Sawako.”

I started to cry, not because of happiness, but because of pure disgust, hate, and anger.

A voice suddenly said, “Love is not supposed to be forced. Let go of her, you stupid bastard!”

The person who said that was Nakajima Yuto.

I finally freed myself from Ren’s tight grip. He turned to Yuto and said, “Hey you! Do you want to have a fight?”

Yuto folded his arms and said, “Fine. Just make sure you’ll win.”

I want to stop them. Fighting in this very late hour is not a very good sight. Yuto doesn’t know that Ren is a master in karate. What if something bad will happen to him?

They started the fight. Yuto said, “Hayashi, don’t worry, I won’t let this guy come near you again.”

Ren’s eyebrows met as he said “Don’t be too overconfident, rich boy.”

They started to fight. At first, they were equal. They both hit each other and receive blows.

All the maids ran going outside to see what exactly was going on. Saki saw Ren. Her eyes were full of anger. She hated Ren too.

The fight continued on and on. After that, Yuto was the winner. Ren walked away without saying a thing. I exclaimed, “Don’t ever show you face to me again, Ren!”

Yuto’s face was full of bruises. I understand that Ren is not an easy opponent.

Risako, holding some bandages and ice said, “Nakajima, come inside for a minute. Your wounds look bad.”

We all went inside. All the other maids went home. Risako, Saki, Yuto, and I were the only ones left.

As what I expected, Risako put medications on Nakajima’s wound. She said, “You’re Nakajima Yuto right? You went here a while ago and introduced yourself as Yuti.”

Yuto replied, “Yes. I don’t want to create a huge commotion. Maybe someone will hear me.”

Saki pathetically said, “Or you just want to see Sawa-chan?”

Yuto didn’t say anything. He just smiled widely.

Risako asked, “What were you doing outside in this very late hour? Someone might mistake you as a stalker!”

My eyebrows met and said, “He is a stalker indeed!”

Yuto seem to disagree with my statement and said, “If I wasn’t there, look what will happen to you! That boy could do something bad.”

Saki smiled maliciously and said, “Hohohoho, Yuti-sama is concerned with our Sawa-chan!”

I was really bothered. I was guilty of keeping a very big secret from Risako and Saki. I finally decided that I’m going to tell them my living conditions.

“Risako, Saki, I actually live…”

My sentence was cut because Yuto covered my mouth. He said, “She actually lives near my house that is why I’ll drive her home tonight.”

Saki said, “That’s such a relief! I worry about Sawako living alone. You’re his classmate aren’t you? Do you know about her…”

“Disguises? Yes, I figured it out a few days ago,” Yuto said.

How foolish am I. I didn’t realize that he already knew about it.

Risako firmly said, “Don’t let anyone know all about it. It will lead Sawako to trouble.”

Yuto replied, “I know. I promise not to tell anyone.”

I said, “Oi, Nakajima, why didn’t you tell me that you already knew about it?!”

He smirked and said, “It was fun watching you make an effort of hiding it. The giraffe mask was very entertaining!”

He did it for pure fun. How annoying.

I finally said, “Well, you know, you look like a giraffe. With a long neck like that, and a towering height, people will mistake you as a giraffe.”

He really looked annoyed with what I said. He exclaimed, “Eh? A giraffe?! I look nothing like a giraffe!”

Saki asked Sawako, “I wonder if they are friends or foes.”

Sawako replied, “It’s hard to tell… Well, let’s just see. Things are getting more interesting.”

After talking with Saki and Risako inside the maid café, I changed into my uniform and wore my disguises once more. We left and rode his car.

While we were inside the car, it was a silent awkward moment. I asked him, “Why did you stop me from telling the truth?”

He replied, “Well, if they knew, it will add to your troubles right?”

I realized that he was right. I suddenly remembered about my disguises.

“Hey, since when did you know about my disguises?”

He replied, “Since the ghost incident.”

I placed my face on my palms and asked, “So, you didn’t believe my excuse?”

With hands on the steering wheel, he said, “Obviously no. It was obvious that the things that came off from that facial are prosthetics.”

I whispered to myself, “Damn ghost.”

Maybe he noticed that I was troubled. He then said, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone about your disguise. By the way, why did you have to go all through this?”

There were many reasons, my work and Ogawara Ren. I chose not to tell him about it, so I said, “Well, you don’t need to know. I have my personal reasons.”

He didn’t say anything in return. We were already in his house.

I remembered that Yuto didn’t go home and eat dinner so I asked him, “Hey, did you eat dinner?

His stomach grumbled. That sound means that he still hasn’t eaten.

I brought something from the Maid Café. I told him, “Here, I brought this from the maid café, Maybe this suits your taste.”

He ate it all without any complaint. Maybe he was really hungry.

I finally told him, “Nakajima, ano…thank you!”

I immediately ran going upstairs. I felt awkward and shy at the same time.

As soon as I reached my room, I didn’t understand what I felt. Why did he do those things? Why was he outside the maid café?

Maybe he purposely waited for me outside the café, or maybe he was not there on purpose, or maybe… I can’t think of any reasons anymore.

After lying in my bed, I did my homework. After that, I decided to go down and drink some water.

I saw Nakajima drinking juice. He said, “Hayashi.”

I looked and told him, “What?”

He asked, “It is okay if you don’t tell me anyway, I just want to know the reason of your disguise…”

I was surprised. He was actually curious all about it. It’s the second time that he asked me. I decided not to tell him, so I said, “Well, I have my own personal reasons for it, and I guess it’s not the time to let you know right now, sorry.”

He replied, “Its okay. Would you like to have some juice?”

I decided to take his offer. He told me to sit down.

He opened a topic. He asked me, “Do you miss your father?”

I replied, “Yes. He’s only the family member I know. I don’t know any cousins, or any family members. How about you? Do you miss your parents and your brother?”

He replied to me, “Yes. It’s quite lonely without that silly old man. And I miss my brother too. We play musical instruments together. I play the drums, and he plays the guitar. Now, I have to play drums alone.”

I realized that Nakajima and I are in the same situation. We were left alone by our parents. I asked him about his mother. He said, “I only see her few times a year, on New Year and on Christmas.”

I sadly said to him, “I never tried to hang out with my mom. She’s gone.”

Nakajima asked, “What do you mean by gone?”

I replied, “She’s not dead, she left us.”

Nakajima apologetically said, “Sorry for that…”

I took a sip from my juice and told him, “It’s okay.”

I saw an album on the table and was intrigued of it. Yuto noticed it and said, “My dad called me a while ago. He said that you can take a look of that.”

I opened the photo album pages. I saw child pictures of myself with Nakajima.

I don’t remember playing with Yuto before. We were like, the best of friends when we were young.

As I flipped to the next page, guess what I saw? I saw a very embarrassing picture indeed. It was Nakajima and I taking a bath together, naked! I think we were three years old in that picture for goodness sake!

I totally freaked out and he asked me what was wrong. I quickly got the picture and hid it somewhere in the pockets of the photo albums. I told him that it was nothing.

I looked at the last page. It consisted of Yuto, his mother and father, me and my mother and father.

I really didn’t bother to look at the photo albums inside my house. It’s my first time seeing my mother’s appearance. I said to myself, “So this is how she looks like…”

Nakajima said to me, “She looks a like you right?”

I slowly replied, “Yes, she does.”

He crossed his legs while putting down the glass of juice and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your work and your disguise.”

I just nodded at him and left after drinking my glass of juice. I asked Nakajima if I could use the computer and he allowed me. I checked my email to see if my father left me some mail. He did send me an email.



Jiro told me that you’re living alone with his son. Well, he assured me safety while you are there. Well, I know his son well, and I know that he’s not going to do something to you.

I realized of being very selfish of not listening to you. I didn’t ask whether you wanted to stay or not.

Just reply to this email of what your decision may be. Anything is okay with me.

If you chose to move here, I’m going to send you a plane ticket.

I love you my daughter. Take Care.


That was what he wrote. Now I thought about it. Would I leave, or would I stay?

To be continued…

Author’s Note:

SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE! I’ve been lazy to write these past few days. >.<

Would you like Sawako to leave or to stay?

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