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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Ten)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 10

Is it a Goodbye?


Jiro told me that you’re living alone with his son. Well, he assured me safety while you are there. Well, I know his son well, and I know that he’s not going to do something to you.

I realized of being very selfish of not listening to you. I didn’t ask whether you wanted to stay or not.

Just reply to this email of what your decision may be. Anything is okay with me.

If you chose to move here, I’m going to send you a plane ticket.

I love you my daughter. Take Care.


That was what he wrote. Now I thought about it. Would I leave, or would I stay?

“Sawako! Are you still asleep?!” Hana exclaimed.

I went back to my senses and said, “E-eh? I’m completely awake!”

I was eating lunch with Mika and Hana. Mika told me, “You know Sawako, you have been staring at your food for about five minutes now. Are you sure you’re really okay?”

I realized that what she said was right. I have been thinking of what should I choose, to stay here or leave. I also noticed that there was something unusual with our setting right now. I said to them, “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Wait a minute, why are you here with me here in the fire exit? You’re supposed to eat at the cafeteria right?”

Hana said, “I got tired of the food there. Besides, I don’t want to use so many utensils! It’s so tiring! I wanted to eat a bento too, so I commanded our maid make me one for today.”

Mika chuckled and said, “Hana, you don’t use all the utensils at all! You only use the chopsticks! Sometimes, you even use you bare hands.”

Hana looked annoyed and said, “That’s why it’s so unnecessary to put many utensils! Tell me, what am I supposed to do with four spoons, two knives, and three forks? The cafeteria makes everything complicated.”

I thought, “Even the rich kids want to eat simple food sometimes…”

Mika told me, “Sawako, you were walking like a zombie on the hallways, so we followed you here. I guess you didn’t notice us at all.”

It was true. I didn’t notice that they were following me. I was still thinking about my father’s e-mail.

After reading it last night, I was confused. I’ve been waiting to leave this house, but why do I have to be think twice right now? Finally, I won’t be living with Nakajima anymore, but why do I have to hesitate?

Right now, I already made a lot of good friends, and school is the best too. I will be sad to leave my friends and my fun job at the maid café. I will miss the fun times with Saki and Risako. I will be sad to leave Mika and Hana too, even though I just knew them for a short period of time.

Even though it’s hard to admit, I will miss Nakajima.

Honestly, he did a lot of things for me already. I can’t say he’s my friend or my enemy. I really don’t know what to assume. I kind of understand his feelings, to live alone without a parent is very lonely.

I won’t tell anyone about my father’s message yet…

“Sawako! Are you going to eat this rice ball or not?!” It was Hana’s big voice, totally awakening my half-asleep brain.

Mika asked me again, “Are you really okay Sawako? You’ve been acting like that since this morning.”

I told her, “I’m sorry, I was just thinking about things…”

Hana told me while eating my rice ball, “If you have some problems, just tell us. We will do our best to help you.”

I said, “Thanks…”

Mika hit Hana’s head and shouted, “Don’t eat another person’s food without permission!”

All I did was to laugh at them. They were shocked.

With her eyes wide open, Hana said, “It’s our first time to actually see you smile…”

Mika added, “Yes, you’re always serious you know?”

I told them, “Maybe I’ll smile more often now…”

With friends like them, it’s hard to frown…


We went back to our classroom after eating.

I sat down on my seat. Would I tell Yuto that my father will send me a plane ticket if I chose to follow him abroad?”

I realized that this is not the perfect time to tell him.

He poked my shoulder which surprised me. He said in a low voice, “Hayashi, it’s your turn to cook tonight.”

I just nodded at him and decided to read a book.

Chinen approached Yuto’s table and said, “Yuto-kun! Look, I have the latest Naruto manga! Do you want to read it?”

Yuto frankly said, “You already know that I am not interested at all, Chii Kaichou.”

Putting his palm on Yuto’s desk, he said, “I thought you were interested with anime! I saw you at the…”

Yamada ran fast and covered Chinen’s mouth. Laughing awkwardly, Yamada said, “Don’t mind him Yuto! He has a crazy sickness! Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

I didn’t know that Chinen liked Naruto. He must meet our customer, “Naruto-kun.” I know that they will get along well.

Yamada dragged Chinen away like a toy. I thought, “Chinen kaichou must be so light, and Yamada-san must be so strong.”

Our classes went on. During our homeroom time, our teacher had an activity. She said, “Okay, for today, we will have an activity about family.”

I was surprised. I was thinking about family stuffs a while ago too.

Our adviser continued to speak. She said, “For today, you will write an essay about your family. You can write anything you want to.”

We started to write my essay. I wrote about my mother, who left us, and my father who is working abroad.

I don’t know what Nakajima was writing, but he seemed to be absorbed of what he’s writing. Every time I glance at him, he covers his paper, clearly showing me that he doesn’t want me to read it.

All of us were not finished with the essay so it was made into an assignment.

After many hours, our classes ended.

Mika and Hana had photo shoot sessions for a magazine, so right now I am all alone. I decided to walk going home since I don’t have work now.

Suddenly, a person poked my back. Again, he was Nakajima. He told me, “Let’s go home together.”

I rolled my eyes again and told him, “I still want to grow old, Mr. Nakajima. I am sure that your fangirls will kill me if they see me inside your car.”

Yuto said, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m just making sure that you won’t skip your cooking job for today!”

He pulled me going into his car.

I panted and exclaimed, “Nakajima! What do you think you’re doing?! What if someone saw us?!”

He smirked and said, “No one did, right? So, you don’t need to panic and run for your dear life.”

Tch. This boy doesn’t seem to learn.

The silent moment after that was uncomfortable so I asked him, “Are you done with your essay?”

While turning the steering wheel, he said, “Almost done. You?”

I said, “Still on the first paragraph. I can’t seem to think of something to write.”

After that, we reached his house. I went straight to my room, while he went to the living room to watch a soccer game. Honestly, I can’t seem to understand why guys like sports on T.V. They seem to be boring.

After cooking, Yuto and I ate. I think that it’s the perfect time to tell him about what my father said.

While holding my chopsticks to get some food, I told him, “Nakajima, my father is planning to let me live abroad with him…”

Yuto dropped his chopsticks and asked me, “Eh? When?”

I didn’t expect that he would react that way. I said to him, “As soon as I want to.”

While looking down, he told me, “Well, whatever your decision may be, it’s okay for me.”

I was right. He doesn’t care whether I’m around or not. I realize that I’d better leave and stop being a burden to him.

I finally told him, “I’m leaving… I’ll e-mail my father tomorrow.”

The next day…

Classes were over. I went to my workplace. As soon as I arrived, Saki and Risako were running towards me, like cartoon people.

Saki exclaimed, “Sawako, you heartless girl! Why didn’t you tell us that you’re leaving?”

Putting her hand on the waist, Risako pouted her lips and said, “Can’t we do anything to change your decision? Sawako! Please don’t leave us!”

I was surprise because they knew about it. I asked them, “Who told you that?”

Together, they said, “Nakajima-kun.”

I asked them, “When?”

They told me to look outside. Saki said, “He’s waiting for you, Sawa-chan. He promised to be your regular master after all.”

Saki was right. Nakajima was there.

I approached him, forcing myself to be really nice.

“What can I get you for today, Goushoujin-sama?,” I politely asked.

Smirking, Yuto replied, “You.”

I want to scream at him and say, ‘What the heck are you talking about?’ Or maybe, ‘Do you want me to kick your face?’

But I need to maintain my composure. I told him, “We don’t serve that here. Please choose something else.”

I was really forced to smile even though I want to punch him right at that moment.

He finally said, “I’ll have omelet rice.”

I left and got his order. Risako teased me and said, “I heard that he wants you.”

I simply rolled my eyes and said, “He’s just making fun of me.”

After my duty in the café, I went home. Yuto went ahead of me. He’s assigned of the cooking for this day.

It was an awkward moment during dinnertime. None of us talked. I guess this was all caused by my departure.

After dinner and washing the dishes, I asked Yuto, “Ne, can I use the Internet in the library?”

He just nodded at me and went to his room.

So I went to the library and went to my e-mail to reply to my father’s message.



I finally decided that I am going. I’ll just wait for the plane ticket to arrive.

See you soon, Papa.



I was about to send it, but then a piece of crumpled paper attracted my attention. I opened it and read it. These words were written.

My family is a happy one even though my mother is far away from us. My father and brother live happily together in our big house. When my mother comes to visit, I feel really happy. My family was complete.

But then, a certain stuff happened which forced my father and brother to follow my mother abroad. It’s lonely to be alone.

Fortunately, I’m not alone. Someone arrived. That person didn’t make me feel lonely. It was always exciting having her around.

Sadly, she has to leave too. I wonder for how long I will be alone. I want her to stay, but I don’t want to be selfish.

Nakajima Yuto

Class 2-A

Horikoshi High

I finally realized that he wanted me around. I feel sad to leave him alone. I decided not to leave. I deleted the email that I was about to send and made a new one.

After that, I immediately ran outside. Yuto was at the coffee table. I told him, “I’m not leaving, Nakajima.”

I don’t know what had gotten into his mind. He stood up and hugged me.

My heart was throbbing fast. I don’t know what the exact reason was. His long arms were all around me.

I heard him say the word, “Thank you, Sawako…Dai-”

To be continued…

Author’s Note: Sorry for the late update!

I hope you liked it. ^_^

Sorry if it’s too cheesy. XDDD

What do you think will happen to this two people now? XD

If you want to leave some comments, suggestions, criticisms, or whatsoever, please leave them in the comment box!

I hope you liked this chapter! Please look forward to Chapter 11! ^_^



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