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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Eight)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 8

The New Customer in Kirari Haato Maid Café

Time flew quite fast. It was dismissal time. I have to go to my job, which is in the Kirari Haato Maid Café.

I made sure that no one was following me. I have to be careful, especially to that Yamada Ryosuke.

I rode the bus, full of fear and being very careful at the same time. They must not know about my secret.

They really mustn’t…

After riding the bus, I arrived at the maid café. Saki, in her habituated happy disposition said, “Sawako! I missed you so much! It’s been only days, but I really missed you! How was school?”

I couldn’t help, but beam. Saki’s blithe and cheerful attitude is something to admire. I told her, “Well, it was fine, though a few unusual things happened.”

Saki’s eyes lightened up. She asked me, “Eh? You finally fell in love with a Horikoshi guy?!”

I rolled my eyes and said, “No way!”

Then someone interrupted our conversation. “Sawako-chan, you’re a lot brighter than usual!”

Saki and I were shocked. Saki exclaimed, “Risako-san! Don’t go popping out from places!”

Risako just laughed at us and said, “That’s because you’ve been talking really privately! Sawa-chan! I heard you’ve fallen in love with a Horikoshi gentleman! Is he a bocchan, a rich heir, or an actor?”

I folded my arms and said, “The two of you have been jumping to conclusions! I didn’t fall in love for crying out loud! Instead, I’m distressed.”

Saki’s expression changed from a ‘happy-happy’ mood to an alarmed one. She asked, “What happened? Did someone upset you? I’ll beat the crap out of them!”

In a serious tone, I said, “I’ve really been bothered. I think my top secret had been found out.”

Saki looked very worried. Risako panicked. She asked, “Eh? Tell me the name of the person who discovered your secret!”

I slowly said, “Ya-ma-da Ryosuke.”

Risako transformed to a big sister image and said, “Don’t worry Sawako-chan, I’ll protect you no matter what happens!”

As weird as Saki is, she posed like Superman and declared, “I am a super hero Sawa-chan! Therfore, I’ll protect you from danger!”

All I can do was to say that they’re so hilarious and over-dramatic, but that’s what I love about my friends. They are always there for me. During troubles, they help me in the best of their abilities while looking very foolish at the same time.

Risako is well equipped with gadgets. She right away opened her laptop and researched about Yamada Ryosuke. He was such a well-known person after all. He had a page in Wikipedia.

Yamada’s picture was there. The information written was there too. We started reading.

Yamada Ryosuke

Blood Type: B

Birthday: May 9, 1993

He is the successor of the Yamada Telecommunications Group, the leading company of its kind in Japan.

He is currently a Second Year High Student in Horikoshi High School. Yamada is a part of the group, Hey Say JUMP.

We were curious of what exactly Hey Say JUMP is. Risako-san clicked the link that led us to the info about them.

Hey Say JUMP

Hey Say JUMP is the group of ten rich boys who are close to each other and often hangs out. They are considered school idols, though they aren’t really idols in the country.

Due to their popularity, looks, talent, and wealth, they are known nationally even though they never really sing, dance, or act on TV. The members have high social status and owners of the biggest companies in Japan.


(Hey Say BEST)

- Kota Yabu= leader (The Presient of the Yabu Finance Group)

- Yuya Takaki = (The Head of the Yuya Airlines and Transportations)

- Yaotome Hikaru= (The CEO of the Yaotome Music Company)

- Inoo Kei= (The president of The Inoo Construction and Architecture Company)

- Arioka Daiki = (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

(Hey Say 7)

- Okamoto Keito= (Currently in Europe for overseas studies.)

- Yamada Ryosuke= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

- Nakajima Yuto= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

- Chinen Yuri= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

- Morimoto Ryutaro= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

Hey Say JUMP is considered a school organization in Horikoshi. However, if the younger ones will graduate already, Hey Say JUMP wouldn’t be a school organization anymore. In short, it is a group exclusive for the ten of them only.

They have been offered various acting roles, but they don’t accept it. They do accept few modeling jobs though. Their photo books sell like pancakes the moment they’re out.

There were more paragraphs to be read, but we stopped there. Risako-san closed her laptop and said, “They are popular people after all. I didn’t know them before.”

Saki nodded and said, “I read about that Yamada from somewhere. I never thought that he was that popular.”

So that was the poster I saw in school before. I didn’t realize that it was them, the so-called ‘Hey Say JUMP’

Saki said in a courageous yet funny manner, “Sawako, we will do our best to help you protect your secret.”

Risako said, “Now that we know the face of Yamada Ryosuke, we should be careful of him. If he enters this café, we must do all means to drive him out.”

I said to them, “You really don’t have to do this. I’m sorry if it’s causing you trouble.”

Risako and Saki smiled at me. Saki said, “Daijoubu dayo! This is what friends are for right?”

I suddenly felt happiness. After all these years, Saki and Risako were there to support me.

A maid called us out, “Risako-san! Saki and Sawako’s masters are waiting for them!”

Risako replied, “Just wait for a while!”

I quickly changed into my maid outfit and wore a little make-up. Saki and Risako went outside to accommodate the customers.

I saw Saki with her usual master. We call him, “the eyeglasses Naruto guy” Well, he wanted us to call him Naruto. He said that he was addicted to that anime series that is why he dyed his hair yellow. This time, he was with Ran-san, the girl in red. They usually come together. I wonder if they are dating. Well, it’s really none of my business.

Ran-san is my ojou-sama, so Saki called me to greet her.

I approached the table and said, “Ojou-sama Ran and Goushoujin-sama Naruto, how have you been?”

Ran smiled at me and replied, “Arigato Sawa-chan, we’ve been doing okay. N-naruto-kun wanted to treat me chocolate cake for today.”

I said, “That’s good to hear. I wish a nice day ahead for the two of you.”

I saw Saki approach with their orders. She placed them on the table. I asked, “Ne, Ran-ojou-san, what do you want me to write on it?”

Ran said, “Please write the word, ‘Kawaii’ on it.”

In choco syrup, I wrote the word on Ran-san’s plate.

Saki smiled and asked, “Goushoujin-sama Naruto, what do you want me to write in yours?”

Naruto said, “Whatever you like, Saki-chan.”

Saki was a bit annoyed of Naruto. He was showing signs of affection, which Saki hated. As always, Saki wrote, ‘Your hair is yellow as ever.’ Regardless, Naruto seemed to be happy of it.

We went back to the counter. I said, “You still seem quite annoyed with Naruto-kun ne?”

Saki pouted her lips and said, “That yellow hair is annoying. His actions are weird. He’s quite cute though. I wonder why he makes himself funny with that hair.”

I said, “Well, we never know. Maybe he has his reasons, or he’s just too much of an otaku.”

As we were standing a new customer arrived. We haven’t encountered him before. He was wearing a hat; therefore I can’t see him properly. I looked harder. I can’t believe what I saw. Uso. He was Nakajima. I pretended to be doing something else and look at another direction, so that he can’t see my face. He will recognize me for sure because he saw me without disguises.

Risako-san will be the one to accommodate the new customers. She approached Yuto’s table. I heard her said, “Welcome to Kirari Haato Meido Café, Goushoujin-sama. I can see that you’re new. What is your name?”

He said, “Yuti desu.”

I said to myself, “It’s really him after all. He just changed the last letter of his name.”

Risako smiled and said, “Goushoujin-sama Yuti, here’s the list of our maids. Please choose the maid you would like to serve you.”

Nakajima went through the list. I was praying that he won’t choose me. He finally said, “Hmm, Sawa-chan?”

Risako bowed and said, “Sawa-chan eh? Just wait, I’ll call her for a while.”

I told Saki that I had LBM. I told her to tell Risako. That was the only thing that I could ever think of. The more disgusting the case was, the better.

I was hiding. I heard Risako said, “Goushoujin-sama Yuti, Sawa-chan seems to be unavailable now. Please choose another maid.”

Yuto insisted and said, “I wouldn’t bother waiting. I’m not in a hurry after all.”

I said to myself, “I’m doomed! I must think of something!”

Risako approached me in the back area and asked, “Are you okay, Sawako?”

I replied, “You know, that person is a part of Hey Say Jump…”

Risako said, “Eh?! I didn’t remember seeing the name ‘Yuti’ in the article.”

I replied to her, “He is actually Nakajima Yuto. He just used that nickname for reasons I don’t know.”

Risako said, “You’re wearing disguises outside this maid café, that’s why he won’t identify you for sure.”

I slowly told Risako, “Due to some incident that happened, he saw me without any disguises!”

In a brave yet funny voice, Risako said, “Then he must not know your secret then! Wear this giraffe mask so that he won’t notice you!”

So I went out wearing the giraffe mask. I approached Nakajima’s table and said, “Goushoujin-sama, what can I get you for today? I suggest our vanilla shake with choco ice cream.”

Nakajima removed his hat and said, “Yes, I would have that. By the way, why are you wearing that giraffe mask?”

I immediately hid my panicking mode and said, “W-w-well, the store owner wants me to be a giraffe maid today Goushoujin-sama.”

Yuto release a wide grin and whispered, “If you say so. By the way, I’m going to be your regular master from now on. Please expect me to be here more often.”

I felt as if thunder and lighting just stricken me. I didn’t say anything to him. I proceeded to the counter to get his order.

I gave his order to him and left. Nakajima said, “Chotto, aren’t you going to write anything in my shake?”

I thought he didn’t know anything about maid café’s. I have no choice but to write on his shake. I transformed into my innocent mode and said, “Gomen Goushoujin-sama, what do you want me to write?”

Nakajima said, “Please write ‘Master Yuti is so handsome’”

I said, “O-o-okay then.”

I wrote the words in choco syrup, with trembling hands due to great annoyance. Is this guy performing mental pressure on me? Is he simply narcissistic?

After writing the disgusting sentence, I left his table. He was smiling like an idiot.

As soon as I reached the counter, Saki said, “It looks like you’ve gained another loving master.”

I replied, “Maybe a bully master, a bored master, or a narcissistic master.”

I waited for Yuto to leave the maid café. After an hour, he did so. What was weird is that Naruto and Ran seemed to be whispering to each other for the whole time. Well, maybe they’re really a lovey dovey couple.

Time went on. Before I noticed, it was already closing time. We tidied things up. I went out to throw trash.

As I went out the door, someone said, “Sawa-chan?”

I looked back. I was scared and terrified. He was… he was….

To be continued…

Author’s Note: That’s chapter eight for you! What can you say about it?

Who is the person Hayashi saw? XD

I remembered Chinen’s nickname for Yuto, that’s why I used Yuti. XD

If you want to leave some comments, suggestions, criticisms, or whatsoever, please leave them in the comment box!

I hope you liked this chapter! Please look forward to Chapter 9! ^_^



I do not own HEY SAY JUMP.

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