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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vogue Royal Cosplay Wig Review

Hi guys~

I'm doing another review for a wig brand called Vogue Royal Cosplay (VRC Wigs), from Vogue Royal Le Croix Shop.

Disclaimer: I am not paid in any way in doing this review. 

I was really amazed at how affordable their wigs are. I read a lot of positive feedbacks from other cosplayers and I decided to give it a try. :)

Transaction was really fast and smooth. Thumbs up to Royal Cosplay owner. :)

On to the wig itself~

I ordered an Ulzzang wig from them that I could use for daily fashion looks or fashion photoshoots. Here are pictures of the wig.

Without Flash:

With Flash:

I wore it to a shoot and it was amazing, given that the day was quite windy at that time. It can easily be untangled using the hands, and it is so smooth. I wore a long Grand Young wig (100 or 120 cm I think) in a shoot before, and it was disastrous. The wig was tangling here and there. It was a nightmare (I am not exaggerating). For long wigs, I will buy VRC wigs from now on. :) 

Pics when worn. Such a pretty and behaved wig, I wanna cry TT__TT

  1. Easy to manage
  2. Very smooth fibers
  3. Does not tangle easily
  4. Can easily be untangled
  5. Good brand for long wigs (based on experience).

  1. Not that thick
  2. Thin fibers

Will I repurchase? 
Yes! I'll buy another wig from them next month. :D

Will I recommend this?
Yes, especially their long wigs. 

I hope this helped you out. Jaaaa~ ^_^

Misaki Wig Review

Hi guys~ This is my first wig review ever. These wigs are from the Ashley Misaki Wig Brand from Cosmic Bytes Shop. (Click the link to go to their shop). ^_^

Disclaimer: In any way, I am not paid to do this review. I spent my own money in these wigs. 

So, let's start!

I was randomly searching for Facebook cosplay shops around the internet and came across with Cosmic Bytes. I looked at their catalog and their prices were really cheaper compared to other brands such as Lucaille, Grandyoung, L-email, or Fantasy Sheep. I decided to order some wigs from them. I got a Seijuro Akashi wig and a Morgiana wig.

The transaction was really smooth and fast. The shop owner replies really fast. I like their service. :)

On to the wigs~

(with flash)

 (without flash)

(1) Morgiana from Magi 

(with flash)

 (without flash)

 When worn

(2) Seijuro Akashi from Kuroko no Basket

 (without flash)
(with flash)

Pics when worn:

Styled (waxed, hair-sprayed, and trimmed)

 I really like these wigs. It's so smooth and does not tangle easily. The shine is just like that of my Lucaille wig. It's not so thick like Grandyoung but it's just enough to cover your scalp well.

  1. Affordable
  2. Smooth strands
  3. Can be easily untangled
  4. Not shiny (w/o flash of course)
  5. Really easy to manage

  1. Fibers are pretty thin
  2. Not that thick (Like Ayanamisatoru or GY)
Will I repurchase?
Definitely yes. I am a cosplayer in a tight budget.You really get a high quality wig (comparable to that of the more expensive brands) for an affordable price!

Will I recommend this?
Yes. I recommended their wigs to my cosplayer friends too. :)

I hope this review helped you.  :)

Akashi Seijuro Makeup Tutorial

I made this video out of boredom. I hope this could help you out somehow in your cosplays. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Misa Amane Gwiyomi

I was bored, then suddenly... GWIYOMI!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Cosplay Changed my Life

Hi there~

I feel like writing a blog post tonight.
It is about one of the most misunderstood hobbies. It's all about cosplay.

Cosplaying, according to other people, is a waste of time and money. Even my parents think the same. I, on the other hand, continue to cosplay because I really love this craft. I found myself in cosplay.

I started this hobby last  2008 or 2009 (I was in my second year in high school). I was a noob back then, but I really wanted to try out this craft because I love watching anime and wearing costumes. I discovered about cosplay when I was in my first year high school and wanted to try it out, but I have no money for a costume. When I finally persuaded my mother to buy me cloth, I had my first costume made by a seamstress. The costume was Mikan Sakura from Gakuen Alice. I also didn't go to conventions because I have no connections to other cosplayers and updates regarding events. I was "closet-cosplaying" for around three years. :))

Behold, my Sakura Mikan cosplay "noob" pic~ XD

Supposed to be Enma Ai, but so out-of-character. hahaha!

As I continued my journey in cosplay, I learned make-up, doing small props, and the like. Also, as a teenager, I was overweight. My heaviest was 63 kilograms for a 5'2 girl. I was inspired to diet and make my cosplays as accurate as possible. My diet paid off and now I weigh 53 kilograms. :)

 This is me at my fattest during my "teen" years. (I'm still in my -teen years now btw). I have some fat kid pictures, but lets not get into that. hahaha!

I also learned how to save money to be able to acquire costumes and wigs (which are pretty expensive for a student like me). I am not a rich girl. I actually deprive myself from snacks so that I'll be able to save. Not that I hate it, it helped me with my diet actually. :)) 

Cosplaying also gave me the confidence. Having your face exposed to people while wearing costumes is no joke. It takes courage and confidence to be able to pull it off. I can now say na "makapal na ang aking mukha". lol. :)))

My Recent cosplay pics. :)  

Without this hobby, I wouldn't be where I am right now. I can say that it had made me a better person.

I would also like to thank the cosplayers who were the ones who inspires me to cosplay. They're my cosplay idols. (Jin Joson (behindinfinity) and the Tuxedo Team, Kaname, Yuegene Fay, Kaika, Jesuke, Saya (RIP), Reika, Kipi, Zhel Guiral, Ikumi Ces, Jaroukasama, and Archira) You guys may not know me, but I just want to let you know that your cosplays inspires me a lot. I would like to meet you all in person someday.^_^

I don't know until when I'll continue cosplaying, but I am happy right now. I have friends who cosplay with me and we are very happy and fulfilled doing our craft. They're not just my cosplay buddies but some are also my also my best friends :D

 Some of our convention pics~

My recent fashion photoshoot (Just this month).

If you have dreams, try your best to reach it. Don't give up and muster some confidence. Follow your heart. Set high ambitions and goals. I still have many cosplans and I still have to improve :D

Friday, April 5, 2013

Misa Amane Cosplay Trial


Lately I've been very bored with my summer vacation, aaaaand that means~~ more time for cosplay trials!

After I've completed all materials for my Seijuro Akashi cosplay, I want to try cosplaying Amane Misa from Death Note. I just tried on my old wig for this. I still have to buy the proper Misa wig and of course, her costume.

I have to save up for that skirt I've been aiming for weeks already. hahaha!

Anyways, here's pictures from my makeup trial. :)

 Misa Amane Cosplay
Best pic from this set (in my opinion). :D

I really have to start saving for the skirt and the wig. hahahaahha :D