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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Arashi Ranking

True. :)

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My HSJ Ranking

It's shockingly correct. Try it at

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Black Saturday,

I'm just staying in my room for today, surfing the net. I suddenly felt the need to blog so, here I am.

I really like the weather today. It's really cool and relaxing. The weather speaks of the occasion today, our Lord, Jesus Christ, died. Coldness means sadness and loneliness, that's what I feel when Jesus died for us.

Many young people engage to romantic relationships right now and I oppose to that. Call me a KJ, that's okay for me, and as if I care . As long as my views are right and just, I won't back down or deny it.

I know there will be a time in which my voice will be heard. I feel that I keep my feelings inside of me, due to the fact that what I believe is contradicting to the other people's beliefs. Well, I respect everyone's views and I know I mustn't argue with them. It'll create chaos, and chaos is Satan's work.

By the way, enough for those serious matters.

I'm looking forward to our MV shooting, our first step. Just look forward to it. ^_^...soon. :)