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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Fifteen)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 15

The Bottle

I’m really bad at horror movies. It stays on my mind and gets traumatized by it for how many days.

But I guess I’m not that coward as Saki and Mika, they were already hiding under the blanket and covering their eyes with it.

They pressed the play button and the movie started…

The title flashed and a blood curdling scream as a sound effect startled me.

It was a girl full of blood.

Blood, my greatest phobia ever…

I just screamed, “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

I immediately covered myself with a pillow. I’m quite okay with ghosts, but please; just don’t let me look at blood.

I kept on peeking and peeking at the huge plasma screen. I was hoping that the movie would end up real fast. Mika and Saki were covering themselves very tightly with a blanket. Hana and Risako were screaming on the top of their lungs. Hana hid with me and Risako’s eyes were still glued on the screen.

After how many minutes, the movie ended. Much to my dismay, it was very bloody. I must do something tonight to erase the horrid graphics on my mind.

We turned on all the lights. Hana and I stood up. We went to Mika and Saki. They were still shivering under the sheets. Hana said, “It’s over, you can stop hiding now…”

They quickly stood up with scared faces painted across them. Mika became paranoid and started to look around places and keep herself safe from the “so-called” monsters.

Risako saw a bottle and said, “Hey! Let’s play spin the bottle!”

I thought to myself, “Mrs. Nakajima is really ready for this.”

Hana started to spin the bottle. I hope it won’t point on me.

The bottle spun slowly. It stopped pointing on… Risako-senpai!

I asked her, “Is it a truth or a dare?”

With quite a troubled expression, Risako-senpai said, “Truth…”

I was grinning devilishly and asked, “Do you like Yabu-senpai?”

Risako-senpai turned red and confessed, “I like him alright?! He’s just too expressive and he’s acting like an idiot.”

We all teased Risako senpai because her confession. We were all squealing like what fangirls do when they see Hey! Say! JUMP.

We spun the bottle again.

It stopped to… Mika-chan.

We let her choose between truth or dare. It was Risako-senpai’s choice as to what dare Mika will do. Her expression seems to tell me that she is plotting revenge.

After thinking, she finally said her dare.

“Okay Mika, go to the boys’ bedroom door and knock. Say out loud the name ‘Ryutaro-cchi’ in a very cute and lovey-dovey manner and run back going here.

Mika’s face looked like it can’t be drawn anymore and said, “Why Ryutaro?”

Risako grinned and said, “You must do it, Mika. You have no choice.”

With a hopeless face, Mika ran towards the boys’ door and did as what Risako told her.

We were peeking to see if Ryutaro-kun heard her. As what we expected, Ryutaro opened the door and checked if who the person who called her was. Seeing nobody was outside the door, Ryutaro closed the door and went inside their room.

Mika was panting very hard because she ran very fast to make sure that Ryutaro doesn’t find out.

We all laughed at Mika and she just pouted her lips at us. She spun the bottle and it pointed to… Saki.

She chose truth. Mika asked her, “If Daiki-kun and Yamada-kun would court you at the same time, who would you choose among them?”

Saki’s eyes enlarged. She exclaimed, “Eeh?! What a hard question is that!”

Hana smiled and said, “Just choose one…”

With a troubled and nervous face, Saki said, “Okay, I-I-I would choose Daiki-kun since I knew him for quite a longer time…”

We all teased Saki while she hid her face with her hands.

Once again, the bottle was spun. It pointed to Hana-chan. Hana chose dare.

It was Saki’s chance to decide on what Hana would do. Since Saki wasn’t that harsh, she asked Hana to sing outside an advance happy birthday song to herself.

Hana then went outside while we watched her. She sung very loud indeed that the guys went out of their rooms and look at what the commotion is all about.

After singing, Hana went in immediately. We all laughed and recalled the blank faces that the HSJ guys were wearing as they watch her sing.

I was very happy, assuming that they already forgot about me.

Hana said, “Sawako’s not yet done with our game!”

So they all remembered after all.

Hana asked me, “Truth or dare?”

I thought very deeply on what to choose. I think that choosing truth would be better.

Hana asked me, “Have you hug a guy except for your father? Who was it?”

As I recall, the only guy that did that to me was Nakajima Yuto.

Taking a deep breath, I reluctantly said, “Alright, it was Nakajima….”

They all squealed again. I reasoned out, “But you know, it was not the romantic type you’ve all been expecting.”

Risako-senpai grinned and said, “Liar. Hahahahaha.”

Then, the make-up set attracted Hana’s attention. Much to our surprise, the room also had a closet, from Lolita fashion, cosplay, formal, and fashionable clothes were all there.

Hana and Mika became all hyper seeing the mass amounts of clothes and make-up. So is Risako-senpai. Saki and I were just staring the pretty things, scared to touch it.

The three of them did what they loved to do. They tried on many clothes and took pictures. In the end, we were all exhausted and changed back to our sleepwear.

I was really feeling very sleepy and I rolled myself on my bed. Hana and Mika decided to prepare some desserts. Risako-senpai and Saki decided to read some fashion magazines.

The last thing I remember was sleeping, but then the loud volume of the television awaken me. I checked out the time. It was already 1 AM and they were still awake.

I looked at the television and saw Yuto first. He was dancing and singing along with the other familiar faces of his friends. Maybe, these are all they Hey Say Jump.

I went to Mika and asked her, “Hey Mika, what’s that?”

She told me, “This is the DVD of Hey! Say! Jump’s concert last year at the Tokyo Dome.”

There were so many people watching their show. I was surprised because I didn’t know that they had these many fans.

I asked Mika, “I thought they were only a group within the school?”

She answered me, “Yes they are, but they got super famous, like the level of a celebrity. Once a year, when they’re complete, they hold a concert and donate it to the charity. They really don’t need the money since all of them are already rich.”

The bad image they had on me seemed to lessen. They do something good and beneficial to those who had less after all…

And I’ve got to admit, they have great talent that everyone can boast of. They’re just like professionals.

Going back to my own self, I asked them, “Hey, why are you watching that?”

Saki said, “We were curious, and it was lying on the ground, so we decided to watch it.”

While standing up to stretch, Mika said, “Hana, your birthday would be next week already ne?

Hana nodded and said, “And Yuri would be my escort. You know, it’s still very awkward between us.”

Risako-senpai suggested, “I guess the two of you need to talk.”

Mika added, “And you need to confirm if you love him back the same way as he does to you.”

Hana just remained silent and looked as though she is in her deepest thoughts.

After all the secrets sharing, music jamming, singing, and all of the other crazy things we’ve done, we all slept. We were all on low battery.

I woke up first among all of us. I brushed my teeth first and decided to go out of the room to have a morning walk.

As I was walking along the streets, I saw a guy looking at me. He was hiding under the tree. I felt a little freaky and didn’t bother to give attention to him. He patted my shoulder and realized that he was just a normal guy.

He asked me, “Excuse me, do you live in that mansion? My ball flew inside and I need your help to get it.”

I smiled and said, “Okay, it’s no big deal.”

I went inside the mansion gates and saw the ball immediately. Fortunately, it didn’t roll on the farther part of the house.

I handed him the ball and thanked me. He smiled and introduced himself.

“I am Yoshida Sho.”

I bowed to him and realized that I am not wearing my disguise. I decided to introduce myself as ‘Sawa’ instead of ‘Sawako’.

He smiled and said, “Hajimemashite Sawa-san.”

Yoshida Sho walked away with his ball in hand. I also went inside the mansion.

I walked going to the room where we had our sleepover and Saki was the only one sleeping. I laughed to myself knowing that Saki is bad at waking up.

Mrs. Nakajima opened our door and asked, “Had a goodnight sleep, girls?”

We all smiled and nodded at Mrs. Nakajima.

By the way, that bottle in your room last night is a secret recording device. It recorded all your conversations.

We all panicked and looked for the bottle. Mrs. Nakajima laughed and said, “I secured it while you’re sleeping. It’s too late now girls. I’m also leaving now. My flight will be in one hour. Adieu!”

Mrs. Nakajima suddenly vanished. Mika said, “I should have thought of that! Mrs. Nakajima is a mischievous woman.”

We all put our heads down in embarrassment.

We walked towards the kitchen to have breakfast. The guys seemed very down too.

Mika asked, “She did the same to you?”

Yuto said, “Unfortunately, she did.”

We were all victimized by Mrs. Nakajima.

We all ate breakfast with mixed emotions. I myself do not know what exactly to feel right now. Mrs. Nakajima knows all of our secrets. It’s so embarrassing.

In the middle of our silent and awkward breakfast, Mika’s phone rang.

She stood up and excused herself from the table.

After a few minutes, she came back to us, running.

“SiWan onii-san is outside!”

I thought, “Who is SiWan?”

To be continued…

Author’s Note:

I apologize for not updating fast. Hontou ni GOMENASAI!!! I had a lot of quizzes, assignments, exams and projects.

Who do you think is Siwan and Sho? ^_^

Also, please look forward to Hana’s birthday party!

What can you say about this chapter? Good? Bad? Average?

By the way, I don’t accept requests for now. As much as I want to write for all of you, my schedule is forbidding me. T_T

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I hope you liked this chapter! Please look forward to Chapter 16! ^_^

Thank you for patiently waiting! ^_^



I do not own HEY SAY JUMP.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sige lang promise, promise, promise, HINDI NAMAN TINUTUPAD.

Hindi lang ngayon. Simula pa yan nung pagkabata ko.

Walang mga word of honor. Kung may sasabihin, pinapaasa ka lang. Hindi naman tinutupad sa huli.
haaaay nako. Bakit ba laging ganito nalang?


AAARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Fourteen)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 14

Mrs. Nakajima and the Sleepover

Yuto went out for a while. He said he was going to buy Nikuman.

Hana gave invitations to Risako and Saki. She said, “I like the two of you! Please go to my birthday party! Sawako will be there too!”

Risako and Saki were thrilled. They said that they would attend.

I can’t believe how the four of them got along pretty quick. Indeed, it is true that the birds of the same feather flock together.

Risako asked Saki who she’s e-mailing with.

Saki said…

“Arioka Daiki…”

We were like, “What?!”

Risako was in her fast-paced talking robot mode and asked, “When did that happen?! How did he get your number?! Did he treat you badly?!...”

While slightly laughing, I told her, “Relax Risako. Let’s hear the story first.”

Risako said, “Okay. I’ll relax for now.”

Hana was laughing hard and said, “You’ll get high blood pressure if you’re always like that, senpai!”

Mika and Saki just giggled. Saki said, “Okay, I will now narrate the story…”

“During the day that Nakajima-san brought Daiki-kun in here, I realized that he is the online friend I’ve been chatting with all along. We play this online RRG game and we decided to see each other in a social networking site.

“When he asked me about my personal life, I didn’t answer him and he respected my decision, but he said that we would meet when the right time comes.

“We saw pictures of each other but I didn’t expect him to be a member of Hey Say Jump.

Then the day came. The two of us met. He asked for my number and asked if we could be personal friends. He seems nice and he seems have no bad intentions, so I agreed. Right now, we are always mailing each other…”

Mika and Hana were like bitten by a love bug. I was blank for a moment. Risako’s look was like that of a concerned mother. She said, “If something bad happens, just tell me okay?”

Reassuring us with a smile, Saki said, “Daiki-kun is nice. I think he won’t do something bad.”

Mika told us that Daiki is a nice person and a gentleman. We don’t need to worry about him.

Then, Yuto arrived bringing a paper bag. He said, “The nikumans are here!”

We then sat down on the table and got our nikuman buns. It was hot and it smelled very good.

Together, we said, “Itadakimasu!”

It tasted really delicious. We enjoyed Yuto’s treat to all of us. He wasn’t really that bad after all…

After we finished our nikuman, Yuto dragged me along and said, “We’re going home now! Bye bye!”

Risako, with a loud voice declared, “Hey! They told us about the house check! Don’t pretend we forgot about it!”

With a silly smile, Yuto said, “Kekeke, I’m sorry, I forgot about it.”

Without further delay, we all went inside Yuto’s car. He started the engine and started to drive. He turned on the radio. The song, “Ai-ing Aishiteru,” played. Mika said, “Oh, Yuto-kun, isn’t that your song? Even if you’re group is only for the school, your song got popular in the whole country! Congratulations!”

Yuto smiled and replied, “Thank you Mika! Now Hayashi, did you finally realize how angelic my voice can be?”

I just rolled my eyes at him. I admit that it was a good song and I recognized his voice. I just lied said to him, “Tell me, how I can recognize your voice? There are so many of you singing.”

Looking quite disappointed, Yuto said, “Eh? You don’t recognize my voice? How mean of you! I am the one singing the lines, “Mirai made… Aishiteru!”

I pouted my lips and said, “Okay fine! You have a nice voice.”

He just laughed at me and said, “Now you know about my beautiful voice…”

One adjective: He is a narcissist.

Hana said, “Keito-kun is in abroad right now ne? Did he record there?”

Yuto replied, “Yup. It was just sent to our mixer.”

Risako and Saki altogether said, “Sugoi.”

Hana added, “Daiki-kun and Yabu-kun were also singers in that song…”

Risako exclaimed, “That womanizer freak? Ha-ha. He has a nice voice, but still, he is a womanizer.”

After a how many minutes, we arrived at the Nakajima Mansion.

Much to my surprise, it was very bright. The mansion looked more beautiful than it already is. All the decoration lights were on.

Yuto exclaimed, “This could only mean one thing. My mother is home.”

We were all like, “Eeeeehhhh??!!”

I panicked and said, “Nakajima, maybe I could stay in another person’s house for now! I will just leave and get my things tomorrow okay?”

Yuto replied, “Don’t worry. My mother knows all about you. Indeed, she wants to see you already.”

As what I saw in the pictures, Mrs. Nakajima was a really pretty woman. Yuto got most of his facial features from her. I guess she was very good friends with my mother.

Mika added, “Oh, Sawako. You better remove your disguises. She’ll force you to use many facial care products that you don’t really need. Yuto’s mother is so concerned with a girl’s appearance.

Yuto giggled and said, “When she saw Mika having many pimples, she gave her many anti-pimple product and kept talking about how to avoid pimples.”

Hana laughed very hard. She said, “That happened during a concert of a great pianist. Mika and the other JUMP families went there. It so happened that we encountered Mrs. Nakajima at the ladies comfort room.”

Then, we went out of the car. The colored fountains were on. I was mesmerized by its beauty.

When we entered the room, a woman wearing very beautiful clothes welcomed us.

“Welcome my dear son and friends!”

She was really so beautiful. I’m not exaggerating, but she really is very beautiful.

Mrs. Nakajima went to Yuto and hugged her. She said, “It’s been a long time, Yuto.”

After hugging her son, she turned to us and said, “Girls, we are having a sleepover party today! It is Friday and it’s the perfect day for parties like this! And Sawako, you look like your mother so much.”

I just smiled at her and noticed the melancholic tone of her voice. Maybe she missed my mother already. I didn’t ask her about additional information about my mother. As to where she is now, I hope she’s happy.

We just stood there blank-faced. It was just a simple plan to have a house check, but now, we end up having a sleepover party.”

Mrs. Nakajima said, “Of course, I would leave you young girls your privacy. I just set up a big room for all of you to enjoy…”

Saki asked, “How about our parents?”

Mrs. Nakajima replied, “I told them two hours earlier, and its okay for them.”

I was amazed of how she predicted that there will be five of us who are coming today. Well, the Nakajima family is powerful and has their connections…”

She led us blissfully into a room. She opened the doors and….

WOW. It was so amazing. It had a big plasma screen TV with many DVDs, many make-ups and beauty products, five beautiful and big beds, a popcorn maker, and many foods.

The place was full of balloons and it was very girly. Five cute sleep wears were waiting for us.

Mrs. Nakajima told us to enjoy the rest of the night and said that the room is soundproof. We can scream all we want during the duration of the party.

We went to the sleep wears. I was attracted to the heart patterned one. I immediately got it and went to take an afternoon bath.

After we all took a bath and changed to our sleep wears, we all went down to have dinner with Nakajima and his mom.

Much to our surprise, the JUMP guys were also there. They were dressed in their pajamas. Mrs. Nakajima had food ordered because she said that she wasn’t really a good cook.

Yabu said, “Hey! We meet again baby!”

Risako just rolled her eyes and said, “BEHAVE.”

Daiki simply greeted Saki and Saki did the same. Chinen Kaichou, Yamada, and Ryutaro were the other members who were there. Mrs. Nakajima set another room for them.

We all ate our fast food dinner and was really noisy. Mrs. Nakajima didn’t really mind. She finished ahead of us and told us that she’ll already be sleeping upstairs.

After we ate, we fixed all of our mess. The guys went to their room and we went to ours.

When we reached our room, I was still amazed of how beautiful it is. I was wondering how Mrs. Nakajima did this all by herself.

The patterns of our sleep wears were different too. I had the heart one, Saki had the flowery one, Risako-senpai’s was full of butterflies, Mika had the one with stars and Hana had the clovers.

We all decided to watch a movie. Because there were different titles that we chose, we decided to do it by draw.

Unfortunately, the one that Risako-senpai chose was the one selected: A horror movie.

I’m really bad at horror movies. It stays on my mind and gets traumatized by it for how many days.

But I guess I’m not that coward as Saki and Mika, they were already hiding under the blanket and covering their eyes with it.

They pressed the play button and the movie started…

The title flashed and a blood curdling scream as a sound effect startled me.

It was a girl full of blood.

Blood, my greatest phobia ever…

I just screamed, “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

To be continued…

Author’s Note:

I apologize for not updating for 3 weeks Hontou ni GOMENASAI!!! I had a lot of quizzes and projects. I will also have an exam this Monday. College life is so busy. T____T

Did you ever have a sleepover before? What did you do? Was it fun?

What can you say about this chapter? Good? Bad? Average?

By the way, I don’t accept requests for now. As much as I want to write for all of you, my schedule is forbidding me. T_T

If you want to leave some comments, suggestions, criticisms, or whatsoever, please leave them in the comment box!

I hope you liked this chapter! Please look forward to Chapter 15! ^_^

Thank you for patiently waiting! ^_^



I do not own HEY SAY JUMP.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still Doll (Kanon Wakeshima) Cover

I really looked teary-eyed on some parts because I felt that my contacts were like falling off (even though it really wasn't) . LOL. :)))

btw, enjoy :)

Monday, August 1, 2011


Please, be good to me.

I'm gonna study now.