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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lucaille wig Review

Hey~ I'm doing another wig review of one of the many famous wig brands~ Lucaille~!

This wig was pre-ordered from OujiHime Shop on Facebook. They were really friendly. I used this wig for my Mirai Suenaga cosplay. :)


With Flash: 

w/o Flash:

Pictures when worn:

The Positives:
  1. It's soft and smooth
  2. Many styles available in the Lucaille brand
  3. Quite thick
  4. Not easily tangled 
  5. Not shiny 
  6. Heat resistant 

The Negatives:
  1. Quite pricey
I hope this was helpful~ Jaaaa! :D 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2013

Hey guys~

I just joined the Otaku House Cosplay Idol Contest. I'm just trying my luck and hoping (not expecting) to win too. ^__^

Please vote for me. :)

Akashi Seijuro Cosplay is my entry for the contest :)

(Click the G+1 above the pic and the Facebook like)
Thanks, I appreciate it so much ^___^

Like and share this photo here:
Thaaaank you ~

I am not expecting to win, but I want to have more experience as a cosplayer. :)


Monday, May 20, 2013

Akashi Seijuro and Satuki Momoi Cosplay

Last May 18, 2013, my friend, Argenn just arrived from Japan! It's been two years since she left Philippines.

We decided to have a photoshoot right away~ hahahahaha!

Akashi Seijuro Cosplay

It's me as Captain Creepeehhhhh~ I mean, Akashi Seijuro. XDD

Since I always win, I'm always right. 

It was so freaking hot during that day that all of our makeup just melted off. Nevertheless, it was successful and 'twas fun. :)

Satsuki Momoi Cosplay 

Here's Argenn as Satsuki Momoi. Soooo pretty right? Tetsuya will fall for her for sure. XD

Satsuki Momoi, The Analyst.

"I will imagine that this ball is Tetsu-kuuunnnnn~"

We'll have another photoshoot on the 29th of this month with our other friends~ I'm looking forward to that. :)

'Till next time! Jaa~

Monday, May 13, 2013

GEO Mimi Cafe Contact Lens Review


Today I'll be doing a review for a contact lens. It's GEO Mimi Cafe in Waffle Gray. I was supposed to get the Princess Mimi in Bambi Gray but it was out of stock. T_T I got this one instead.

I bought these lenses from Rainbow Project or GEO Contact Lenses (Official Distributor in Philippines) [HOK] (Facebook Shop) 

Here are the pictures~
As you can see, it's 15 mm in Diameter

 Without Flash

With Flash

Pictures when worn :)

The Positives:

  1. Eye enlarging
  2. Nice design (3-toned)
  3. Comfortable to wear
The Negatives:
  1. Color is not that vivid (especially in dark eyes)
  2. May get uncomfortable with longer hours of wear
That would be all for now~ JA-NE! ^_^ 


Friday, May 10, 2013

Doll Makeup Look

Hey everyone~ I had a makeup trial (not a tutorial yet) of a doll look inspired by Anastasiya Shpagina. I hope you'll like it. Maybe I'll create a tutorial once I master this look. :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

L-Email Wig Review

Hey People~

I'm doing this wig review again, from L-Email brand. I bought this from Oi Tara Shop on Facebook (Last 2012). The owner is really nice. I claimed my wig via meet-up because we're both from Davao City. I used this wig for my L Lawliet/Sasuke and random guy trial cosplays.

Okaaays, on to the review!

The wig was really spiky and nice. It's also easy to style because it's not overly soft. It's also manageable (because it's short of course).


Without Flash:

With Flash

Pics when worn: 


  1. Easy to style and create spikes
  2. Thick enough
  3. Not shiny
  1. Quite pricey (compared to VRC and Misaki), but still affordable.
  2. Rough-ish and hard
  3. Frizzy on the scalp area (I guess this is also to create the volume of the wig)  
Will I repurchase?
Maybe yes, if I see something I like from their brand.

Will I recommend this?
Yes, for their short wigs. I haven't tried their long wigs yet. I heard they have good long wigs though.I would also recommend this for wigs that needs lots of styling. It's easy to work with.

That would be all~
Jaaaa-ne~! :D

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crystal Animation Lens Review

Hello Everyone~

I'm doing another review again and this time, it's a contact lens brand. It's Crystal Animation Lens in A6. I bought from the Rainbow Project shop in GMall, but they also have a Facebook online shop, Geo Lenses Official Distributor (HOK).

As you can see, it is 14.2 mm in diameter. 

Pictures taken w/o flash

Pictures when worn (w/ flash)

Taken using camera phone 

The Positives:
  1. The lens is really pigmented. 
  2. It is comfortable to wear
  3. It really brings out the anime look in your cosplays

The Negatives:
  1. Not enlarging (I believe this size is better for cosplaying guy characters). 
  2. Looks unnatural (If used as a daily lens). 

I hope this helped you in choosing your next lens purchase.

Sore ja~! ^__^ 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Female Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

I made a makeup tutorial again~ See what boredom can do to me. XD Check it out~

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simple Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

Seijuro Akashi Cosplay~


This is my first Vlog in a cosplay (and in my new channel too). Check it out. ^__^


Crystal Contact Lens Peridot Green Review


I'm reviewing another style from the Crystal Brand of Contact Lens. It's the Peridot Green. I bought this from Rainbow Project too. :)

Here are the pictures of the lenses.

As you can see, it's 15 mm in Diameter

 W/o flash

W/ Flash

Pics when worn:
The positives:

Comfortable to wear
  1. Affordable
  2. Eye enlarging

The Negatives
  1. Not that pigmented

That would be all for now~ Byebye! :D