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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Ten)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 10

Is it a Goodbye?


Jiro told me that you’re living alone with his son. Well, he assured me safety while you are there. Well, I know his son well, and I know that he’s not going to do something to you.

I realized of being very selfish of not listening to you. I didn’t ask whether you wanted to stay or not.

Just reply to this email of what your decision may be. Anything is okay with me.

If you chose to move here, I’m going to send you a plane ticket.

I love you my daughter. Take Care.


That was what he wrote. Now I thought about it. Would I leave, or would I stay?

“Sawako! Are you still asleep?!” Hana exclaimed.

I went back to my senses and said, “E-eh? I’m completely awake!”

I was eating lunch with Mika and Hana. Mika told me, “You know Sawako, you have been staring at your food for about five minutes now. Are you sure you’re really okay?”

I realized that what she said was right. I have been thinking of what should I choose, to stay here or leave. I also noticed that there was something unusual with our setting right now. I said to them, “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Wait a minute, why are you here with me here in the fire exit? You’re supposed to eat at the cafeteria right?”

Hana said, “I got tired of the food there. Besides, I don’t want to use so many utensils! It’s so tiring! I wanted to eat a bento too, so I commanded our maid make me one for today.”

Mika chuckled and said, “Hana, you don’t use all the utensils at all! You only use the chopsticks! Sometimes, you even use you bare hands.”

Hana looked annoyed and said, “That’s why it’s so unnecessary to put many utensils! Tell me, what am I supposed to do with four spoons, two knives, and three forks? The cafeteria makes everything complicated.”

I thought, “Even the rich kids want to eat simple food sometimes…”

Mika told me, “Sawako, you were walking like a zombie on the hallways, so we followed you here. I guess you didn’t notice us at all.”

It was true. I didn’t notice that they were following me. I was still thinking about my father’s e-mail.

After reading it last night, I was confused. I’ve been waiting to leave this house, but why do I have to be think twice right now? Finally, I won’t be living with Nakajima anymore, but why do I have to hesitate?

Right now, I already made a lot of good friends, and school is the best too. I will be sad to leave my friends and my fun job at the maid café. I will miss the fun times with Saki and Risako. I will be sad to leave Mika and Hana too, even though I just knew them for a short period of time.

Even though it’s hard to admit, I will miss Nakajima.

Honestly, he did a lot of things for me already. I can’t say he’s my friend or my enemy. I really don’t know what to assume. I kind of understand his feelings, to live alone without a parent is very lonely.

I won’t tell anyone about my father’s message yet…

“Sawako! Are you going to eat this rice ball or not?!” It was Hana’s big voice, totally awakening my half-asleep brain.

Mika asked me again, “Are you really okay Sawako? You’ve been acting like that since this morning.”

I told her, “I’m sorry, I was just thinking about things…”

Hana told me while eating my rice ball, “If you have some problems, just tell us. We will do our best to help you.”

I said, “Thanks…”

Mika hit Hana’s head and shouted, “Don’t eat another person’s food without permission!”

All I did was to laugh at them. They were shocked.

With her eyes wide open, Hana said, “It’s our first time to actually see you smile…”

Mika added, “Yes, you’re always serious you know?”

I told them, “Maybe I’ll smile more often now…”

With friends like them, it’s hard to frown…


We went back to our classroom after eating.

I sat down on my seat. Would I tell Yuto that my father will send me a plane ticket if I chose to follow him abroad?”

I realized that this is not the perfect time to tell him.

He poked my shoulder which surprised me. He said in a low voice, “Hayashi, it’s your turn to cook tonight.”

I just nodded at him and decided to read a book.

Chinen approached Yuto’s table and said, “Yuto-kun! Look, I have the latest Naruto manga! Do you want to read it?”

Yuto frankly said, “You already know that I am not interested at all, Chii Kaichou.”

Putting his palm on Yuto’s desk, he said, “I thought you were interested with anime! I saw you at the…”

Yamada ran fast and covered Chinen’s mouth. Laughing awkwardly, Yamada said, “Don’t mind him Yuto! He has a crazy sickness! Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

I didn’t know that Chinen liked Naruto. He must meet our customer, “Naruto-kun.” I know that they will get along well.

Yamada dragged Chinen away like a toy. I thought, “Chinen kaichou must be so light, and Yamada-san must be so strong.”

Our classes went on. During our homeroom time, our teacher had an activity. She said, “Okay, for today, we will have an activity about family.”

I was surprised. I was thinking about family stuffs a while ago too.

Our adviser continued to speak. She said, “For today, you will write an essay about your family. You can write anything you want to.”

We started to write my essay. I wrote about my mother, who left us, and my father who is working abroad.

I don’t know what Nakajima was writing, but he seemed to be absorbed of what he’s writing. Every time I glance at him, he covers his paper, clearly showing me that he doesn’t want me to read it.

All of us were not finished with the essay so it was made into an assignment.

After many hours, our classes ended.

Mika and Hana had photo shoot sessions for a magazine, so right now I am all alone. I decided to walk going home since I don’t have work now.

Suddenly, a person poked my back. Again, he was Nakajima. He told me, “Let’s go home together.”

I rolled my eyes again and told him, “I still want to grow old, Mr. Nakajima. I am sure that your fangirls will kill me if they see me inside your car.”

Yuto said, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m just making sure that you won’t skip your cooking job for today!”

He pulled me going into his car.

I panted and exclaimed, “Nakajima! What do you think you’re doing?! What if someone saw us?!”

He smirked and said, “No one did, right? So, you don’t need to panic and run for your dear life.”

Tch. This boy doesn’t seem to learn.

The silent moment after that was uncomfortable so I asked him, “Are you done with your essay?”

While turning the steering wheel, he said, “Almost done. You?”

I said, “Still on the first paragraph. I can’t seem to think of something to write.”

After that, we reached his house. I went straight to my room, while he went to the living room to watch a soccer game. Honestly, I can’t seem to understand why guys like sports on T.V. They seem to be boring.

After cooking, Yuto and I ate. I think that it’s the perfect time to tell him about what my father said.

While holding my chopsticks to get some food, I told him, “Nakajima, my father is planning to let me live abroad with him…”

Yuto dropped his chopsticks and asked me, “Eh? When?”

I didn’t expect that he would react that way. I said to him, “As soon as I want to.”

While looking down, he told me, “Well, whatever your decision may be, it’s okay for me.”

I was right. He doesn’t care whether I’m around or not. I realize that I’d better leave and stop being a burden to him.

I finally told him, “I’m leaving… I’ll e-mail my father tomorrow.”

The next day…

Classes were over. I went to my workplace. As soon as I arrived, Saki and Risako were running towards me, like cartoon people.

Saki exclaimed, “Sawako, you heartless girl! Why didn’t you tell us that you’re leaving?”

Putting her hand on the waist, Risako pouted her lips and said, “Can’t we do anything to change your decision? Sawako! Please don’t leave us!”

I was surprise because they knew about it. I asked them, “Who told you that?”

Together, they said, “Nakajima-kun.”

I asked them, “When?”

They told me to look outside. Saki said, “He’s waiting for you, Sawa-chan. He promised to be your regular master after all.”

Saki was right. Nakajima was there.

I approached him, forcing myself to be really nice.

“What can I get you for today, Goushoujin-sama?,” I politely asked.

Smirking, Yuto replied, “You.”

I want to scream at him and say, ‘What the heck are you talking about?’ Or maybe, ‘Do you want me to kick your face?’

But I need to maintain my composure. I told him, “We don’t serve that here. Please choose something else.”

I was really forced to smile even though I want to punch him right at that moment.

He finally said, “I’ll have omelet rice.”

I left and got his order. Risako teased me and said, “I heard that he wants you.”

I simply rolled my eyes and said, “He’s just making fun of me.”

After my duty in the café, I went home. Yuto went ahead of me. He’s assigned of the cooking for this day.

It was an awkward moment during dinnertime. None of us talked. I guess this was all caused by my departure.

After dinner and washing the dishes, I asked Yuto, “Ne, can I use the Internet in the library?”

He just nodded at me and went to his room.

So I went to the library and went to my e-mail to reply to my father’s message.



I finally decided that I am going. I’ll just wait for the plane ticket to arrive.

See you soon, Papa.



I was about to send it, but then a piece of crumpled paper attracted my attention. I opened it and read it. These words were written.

My family is a happy one even though my mother is far away from us. My father and brother live happily together in our big house. When my mother comes to visit, I feel really happy. My family was complete.

But then, a certain stuff happened which forced my father and brother to follow my mother abroad. It’s lonely to be alone.

Fortunately, I’m not alone. Someone arrived. That person didn’t make me feel lonely. It was always exciting having her around.

Sadly, she has to leave too. I wonder for how long I will be alone. I want her to stay, but I don’t want to be selfish.

Nakajima Yuto

Class 2-A

Horikoshi High

I finally realized that he wanted me around. I feel sad to leave him alone. I decided not to leave. I deleted the email that I was about to send and made a new one.

After that, I immediately ran outside. Yuto was at the coffee table. I told him, “I’m not leaving, Nakajima.”

I don’t know what had gotten into his mind. He stood up and hugged me.

My heart was throbbing fast. I don’t know what the exact reason was. His long arms were all around me.

I heard him say the word, “Thank you, Sawako…Dai-”

To be continued…

Author’s Note: Sorry for the late update!

I hope you liked it. ^_^

Sorry if it’s too cheesy. XDDD

What do you think will happen to this two people now? XD

If you want to leave some comments, suggestions, criticisms, or whatsoever, please leave them in the comment box!

I hope you liked this chapter! Please look forward to Chapter 11! ^_^



I do not own HEY SAY JUMP.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Gift from my Best Friend, Isabel


On the day of May 27, 2011, my best friend and I met. It's almost a year since we last saw each other personally. I really missed her a lot. We have been best friends for for seven years already.

She also gave me a gift for my birthday. It was a "Best Friend Award."


"Best Friend Award"

Even when you're busy, you still find time to be my friend.
You always listen to me and inspire me. You are sincere and caring. You are a friend that I never want to be without. You're worth your weight in gold!


I thought that it was just a medal inside a frame, but it was a true medal! You can wear it around your neck.

I love my best friend and I am happy to meet someone like her.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Nine)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 9

Leave or Stay?

Time went on. Before I noticed, it was already closing time. We tidied things up. I went out to throw trash.

As I went out the door, someone said, “Sawa-chan?”

I looked back. I was scared and terrified. He was… he was….

He was Ren. Yes, the thick faced Ogawara Ren. How dare he call me Sawa-chan? I pretended not to see him and continued throwing the trash.

“Sawako, please listen to me. I actually loved you. When you were gone, I couldn’t think straight. I kept on finding you.”

I felt pure disgust and angst. This is the person I loathe the most. The person who made me lose my confidence.

“Sawako? Who are you calling Sawako?”

I was ready to go back inside the maid café. Ren grabbed my arms and said, “Sawako, I know that it’s you. I know you loved me too.”

I felt ashamed of myself. I felt ashamed because Ren simply touched me. I didn’t really like it. I removed his hand on my arms with my pure force.

“Don’t hold me! I don’t love you! Don’t pretend, Ren! Everything is over between us!”

Ren insisted and held me even tighter right now. I didn’t like it.

“Are you doing this because I’m pretty now?! I’m sorry Ren, but I cannot forgive you! Please let go of me! It really hurts!”

Ren didn’t do it. He held me closer to him and said, “Please love me back, Sawako.”

I started to cry, not because of happiness, but because of pure disgust, hate, and anger.

A voice suddenly said, “Love is not supposed to be forced. Let go of her, you stupid bastard!”

The person who said that was Nakajima Yuto.

I finally freed myself from Ren’s tight grip. He turned to Yuto and said, “Hey you! Do you want to have a fight?”

Yuto folded his arms and said, “Fine. Just make sure you’ll win.”

I want to stop them. Fighting in this very late hour is not a very good sight. Yuto doesn’t know that Ren is a master in karate. What if something bad will happen to him?

They started the fight. Yuto said, “Hayashi, don’t worry, I won’t let this guy come near you again.”

Ren’s eyebrows met as he said “Don’t be too overconfident, rich boy.”

They started to fight. At first, they were equal. They both hit each other and receive blows.

All the maids ran going outside to see what exactly was going on. Saki saw Ren. Her eyes were full of anger. She hated Ren too.

The fight continued on and on. After that, Yuto was the winner. Ren walked away without saying a thing. I exclaimed, “Don’t ever show you face to me again, Ren!”

Yuto’s face was full of bruises. I understand that Ren is not an easy opponent.

Risako, holding some bandages and ice said, “Nakajima, come inside for a minute. Your wounds look bad.”

We all went inside. All the other maids went home. Risako, Saki, Yuto, and I were the only ones left.

As what I expected, Risako put medications on Nakajima’s wound. She said, “You’re Nakajima Yuto right? You went here a while ago and introduced yourself as Yuti.”

Yuto replied, “Yes. I don’t want to create a huge commotion. Maybe someone will hear me.”

Saki pathetically said, “Or you just want to see Sawa-chan?”

Yuto didn’t say anything. He just smiled widely.

Risako asked, “What were you doing outside in this very late hour? Someone might mistake you as a stalker!”

My eyebrows met and said, “He is a stalker indeed!”

Yuto seem to disagree with my statement and said, “If I wasn’t there, look what will happen to you! That boy could do something bad.”

Saki smiled maliciously and said, “Hohohoho, Yuti-sama is concerned with our Sawa-chan!”

I was really bothered. I was guilty of keeping a very big secret from Risako and Saki. I finally decided that I’m going to tell them my living conditions.

“Risako, Saki, I actually live…”

My sentence was cut because Yuto covered my mouth. He said, “She actually lives near my house that is why I’ll drive her home tonight.”

Saki said, “That’s such a relief! I worry about Sawako living alone. You’re his classmate aren’t you? Do you know about her…”

“Disguises? Yes, I figured it out a few days ago,” Yuto said.

How foolish am I. I didn’t realize that he already knew about it.

Risako firmly said, “Don’t let anyone know all about it. It will lead Sawako to trouble.”

Yuto replied, “I know. I promise not to tell anyone.”

I said, “Oi, Nakajima, why didn’t you tell me that you already knew about it?!”

He smirked and said, “It was fun watching you make an effort of hiding it. The giraffe mask was very entertaining!”

He did it for pure fun. How annoying.

I finally said, “Well, you know, you look like a giraffe. With a long neck like that, and a towering height, people will mistake you as a giraffe.”

He really looked annoyed with what I said. He exclaimed, “Eh? A giraffe?! I look nothing like a giraffe!”

Saki asked Sawako, “I wonder if they are friends or foes.”

Sawako replied, “It’s hard to tell… Well, let’s just see. Things are getting more interesting.”

After talking with Saki and Risako inside the maid café, I changed into my uniform and wore my disguises once more. We left and rode his car.

While we were inside the car, it was a silent awkward moment. I asked him, “Why did you stop me from telling the truth?”

He replied, “Well, if they knew, it will add to your troubles right?”

I realized that he was right. I suddenly remembered about my disguises.

“Hey, since when did you know about my disguises?”

He replied, “Since the ghost incident.”

I placed my face on my palms and asked, “So, you didn’t believe my excuse?”

With hands on the steering wheel, he said, “Obviously no. It was obvious that the things that came off from that facial are prosthetics.”

I whispered to myself, “Damn ghost.”

Maybe he noticed that I was troubled. He then said, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone about your disguise. By the way, why did you have to go all through this?”

There were many reasons, my work and Ogawara Ren. I chose not to tell him about it, so I said, “Well, you don’t need to know. I have my personal reasons.”

He didn’t say anything in return. We were already in his house.

I remembered that Yuto didn’t go home and eat dinner so I asked him, “Hey, did you eat dinner?

His stomach grumbled. That sound means that he still hasn’t eaten.

I brought something from the Maid Café. I told him, “Here, I brought this from the maid café, Maybe this suits your taste.”

He ate it all without any complaint. Maybe he was really hungry.

I finally told him, “Nakajima, ano…thank you!”

I immediately ran going upstairs. I felt awkward and shy at the same time.

As soon as I reached my room, I didn’t understand what I felt. Why did he do those things? Why was he outside the maid café?

Maybe he purposely waited for me outside the café, or maybe he was not there on purpose, or maybe… I can’t think of any reasons anymore.

After lying in my bed, I did my homework. After that, I decided to go down and drink some water.

I saw Nakajima drinking juice. He said, “Hayashi.”

I looked and told him, “What?”

He asked, “It is okay if you don’t tell me anyway, I just want to know the reason of your disguise…”

I was surprised. He was actually curious all about it. It’s the second time that he asked me. I decided not to tell him, so I said, “Well, I have my own personal reasons for it, and I guess it’s not the time to let you know right now, sorry.”

He replied, “Its okay. Would you like to have some juice?”

I decided to take his offer. He told me to sit down.

He opened a topic. He asked me, “Do you miss your father?”

I replied, “Yes. He’s only the family member I know. I don’t know any cousins, or any family members. How about you? Do you miss your parents and your brother?”

He replied to me, “Yes. It’s quite lonely without that silly old man. And I miss my brother too. We play musical instruments together. I play the drums, and he plays the guitar. Now, I have to play drums alone.”

I realized that Nakajima and I are in the same situation. We were left alone by our parents. I asked him about his mother. He said, “I only see her few times a year, on New Year and on Christmas.”

I sadly said to him, “I never tried to hang out with my mom. She’s gone.”

Nakajima asked, “What do you mean by gone?”

I replied, “She’s not dead, she left us.”

Nakajima apologetically said, “Sorry for that…”

I took a sip from my juice and told him, “It’s okay.”

I saw an album on the table and was intrigued of it. Yuto noticed it and said, “My dad called me a while ago. He said that you can take a look of that.”

I opened the photo album pages. I saw child pictures of myself with Nakajima.

I don’t remember playing with Yuto before. We were like, the best of friends when we were young.

As I flipped to the next page, guess what I saw? I saw a very embarrassing picture indeed. It was Nakajima and I taking a bath together, naked! I think we were three years old in that picture for goodness sake!

I totally freaked out and he asked me what was wrong. I quickly got the picture and hid it somewhere in the pockets of the photo albums. I told him that it was nothing.

I looked at the last page. It consisted of Yuto, his mother and father, me and my mother and father.

I really didn’t bother to look at the photo albums inside my house. It’s my first time seeing my mother’s appearance. I said to myself, “So this is how she looks like…”

Nakajima said to me, “She looks a like you right?”

I slowly replied, “Yes, she does.”

He crossed his legs while putting down the glass of juice and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your work and your disguise.”

I just nodded at him and left after drinking my glass of juice. I asked Nakajima if I could use the computer and he allowed me. I checked my email to see if my father left me some mail. He did send me an email.



Jiro told me that you’re living alone with his son. Well, he assured me safety while you are there. Well, I know his son well, and I know that he’s not going to do something to you.

I realized of being very selfish of not listening to you. I didn’t ask whether you wanted to stay or not.

Just reply to this email of what your decision may be. Anything is okay with me.

If you chose to move here, I’m going to send you a plane ticket.

I love you my daughter. Take Care.


That was what he wrote. Now I thought about it. Would I leave, or would I stay?

To be continued…

Author’s Note:

SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE! I’ve been lazy to write these past few days. >.<

Would you like Sawako to leave or to stay?

If you want to leave some comments, suggestions, criticisms, or whatsoever, please leave them in the comment box!

I hope you liked this chapter! Please look forward to Chapter 10! ^_^



I do not own HEY SAY JUMP.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Seventeen Years here on EARTH.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to reach seventeen years. I'm very lucky because I was given a chance to live, to breathe, to love, and to toil.

I know that I still have a long way to go to reach my dreams, but I believe that I can make them happen.

Thank you to all my family and friends who was always there to support me.

I will live my life to the fullest and enjoy being a teenager (in a good way).


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Love is Like a Cotton Candy [HSJ One-shot Story]

Love is Like a Cotton Candy [HSJ One-shot Story]

Morimoto Ryutaro X Inoo Kairi

(Requested by: Micah Garcia Pablico)

I remember the first time I saw him. It happened when we were kids, during my brother’s tenth birthday party. Obviously, he was my brother’s friend, even though they have five years gap.

He was very striking, handsome, and dazzling. I don’t know what has gotten in to me, but he’s just different. I think I love him, or maybe not?

This guy I’m talking about is Morimoto Ryutaro.

We are in the same level in high school. He is the popular actor, while I am the unpopular painter. He is someone that girls would drool over, while I was the loner type. Well, you get the picture. The scenario is just like a normal high school setting.

When we were still kids, we always play with each other. My brother, Kei, would always watch over us. Every afternoon was a trip in the park while eating cotton candy.

I thought that love is like a cotton candy. Love is sweet and soft. Well, when I was younger, I didn’t think that love was all about boys. Cotton Candy was my definition of love.

There was a time when I was feeling very sad. I lost my set of crayons. I really loved to draw and do art. I sulked the whole day. Ryutaro asked me what was wrong.

“I lost my box of crayons…”

He sympathized with me.

“Wait for a minute. I’ll buy something.”

Ryutaro ran away. I was left alone in the bench.

I saw him coming back. He was holding something in his hand.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t buy you a new box of crayons, Kairi-chan. I can only afford to buy this cotton candy…”

I looked at the cotton candy. It had a very pretty color. It had a heavenly feeling. I don’t know what happened but it brightened up my mood instantly.

I started to hold the cotton candy. It was very soft. I placed it inside my mouth. It melted and disappeared right away. Even though it disappeared, it left a happy feeling on me. I ate more and placed it inside my mouth. It disappeared…

My point here is love disappears like a Cotton Candy. It can make you happy, but not forever.

As I grew older, the way I felt about Ryutaro changed. Whenever he’s near, I feel shy. I just don’t know what exactly the reason was. Maybe it is the thing they call “Love”?

Love is like a cotton candy,

It’s sweet, yet it disappears.

Love makes you happy,

But time will come that it will fade.

The cotton candy is soft,

But it hardens as time passes.

The heart too, is ready to love,

But time will come that it won’t remember how.

I know that I’m in love with Ryutaro Morimoto.

“Kairi! It’s time for dinner!”

My brother called me. I stopped writing in my diary. I placed it inside my bag and went downstairs.

My brother said, “Tomorrow, I’m going out with Hey Say JUMP. It will be a two-day trip. Do you want to come with me? Ryutaro-kun will be there too!”

I pouted my lips and said, “I never asked! Of course I’ll go! Ayumi will be there.”

Hey Say JUMP is a ten-member idol group, which my brother, Inoo Kei and Ryutaro are members. They are really popular in Japan. Ayumi is Hikaru Yaotome’s sister. She’s my best friend too.

By the way, Ryutaro and I don’t talk as much compared before. As we grew older, our worlds were just so different. He’s busy with the entertainment industry, while I was focused on the arts.

My brother Kei said, “Ah, I know how much you missed Ryutaro-kun! You want to hug him, kiss him…”

My brother was demonstrating the actions. It was so disgusting. He was pouting his lips. He was shaking his booty. He was acting like a girl. His fans should see him acting very gay. I’m sure they would be happy.

“Stop it onii-chan! At the second thought, continue what you’re doing. I’m taking a video of you.”

Onii-chan’s face changed from a happy one to a distressed one. He pleaded me.

“Kairi, I know you’re a very good girl. Please delete that!”

I just laughed at him and said, “Don’t tease me or else, I’ll post this on Youtube! Your fangirls’ noses would bleed! They’ll love you more!”

There was never a quiet dinner for us. Kei onii-chan is a really fun brother. He’d do very random things during very random moments.

After eating our dinner, I went back to my room. I was thinking of what may happen tomorrow. I will hang out with Ryutaro again. My emotions are actually mixed right now. I was feeling excited, scared, happy, and nervous at the same time. How complicated could human beings get?

Finally, I decided to sleep.


Morning came. It’s the DAY.

Our mother packed us bentos. My mother prepared a lot, enough for all of us to share. My brother would be the one to drive. Actually, I don’t trust him fully. He got his liscence two months ago.

“Onii-chan, I’m going to ride the train instead. I’m scared of your driving!”

My brother said, “Eh? Don’t you trust me Kairi? My fellow members don’t trust my driving either… I’m such a pitiable human being…”

He was putting the puppy dog look with the beautiful eyes scene. I on the other hand, had no choice, but to ride with him. He’s so helpless, I know.

Our trip for today is in the hot springs. The Yamada Family owns it. It was exclusive just for us today.

The hot spring resort is located on the uptown. My brother had a hard time getting up the high places.

As we were driving, there was a cow blocking our way. I humorously told onii-chan, “How lucky we are today. A cow is blocking our way!”

“Don’t worry Kairi! I’ll get it out of the way!”

My onii-chan went out of the car. Suddenly he screamed in pure disgust.

“AAAH! I stepped on cow droppings!”

How unlucky this day is. The cow just left and we were free to go. One bad thing just happened. My brother stepped on cow’s droppings. It smelled very revolting.

We opened the car windows to lessen the bad smell. Honestly, I covered my nose during the entire trip.

Finally, we arrived. My brother asked for spare shoes. The rest of the members were laughing at him non-stop. Yuto laughed at him and said, “You would drive away all you fans with that smell!”

Hikaru was on the floor, laughing hardly. Takaki said, “Inoo, you’ve been very careless! Of all the things, it was cow droppings? I feel sorry for Kairi-chan who endured with that smell for the whole time!”

I looked around. Ryutaro was there. He was busy playing his PSP. I can’t see Ayumi around. I asked his brother about it.

“Hikaru onii-chan, where is Ayumi?”

Hikaru replied, “She had a sudden fever this morning, and she can’t go.”

OH MY GOSH. I’m completely doomed. I’m the only girl among these ten boys!

Suddenly, a pretty woman approached us. Good thing Yamada-kun’s mom will be staying with us!

The JUMP members decided to do their own things. I, on the other hand, went under a beautiful tree and write on my journal.


I didn’t notice the time. I was called out for dinner.

It was a very delicious meal. Yamada-kun’s mom is a very good cook. Ryutaro was missing though. Chinen-kun was sent out to find him.

After a few minutes, they arrived. Looking at Ryutaro was really awkward. I don’t know what the exact reason was.

I didn’t talk to him since morning. He was busy doing his own thing. Besides, I don’t think he’s interested in me.

After dinner, we played games, but I still feel lonely. I want to tell Ryutaro how I feel. It’s just that, everything changed. I wish I could turn back the time. I wish I was still close to him. I wish he was the same nice person I knew before. Right now, he’s just too cold and emotionless. He barely laughs or smiles.

After the games, I decided to go to my room and rest. I looked into my bag. My journal was gone!

I immediately ran going back to the tree. Good thing I found it right away! Well, it was actually very easy because it was entirely white leather.

I went back to my room. My journal is where my heart is. I mostly write about Ryutaro. It’s really shameful, but my feeling for him is complicated.

I decided to listen to my Ipod first. I had such a good time and I did it for almost an hour.

When it was almost midnight, I decided to write in my journal.

Much to my surprise, it wasn’t my writing on it. Instead of the tiny neat writings, it was replaced with messy and big letters.

I read what was written on it.


I saw Kairi-chan today. She was so beautiful, as what she always is. It’s been a while since we talked. I wonder why she avoids me. Have I done something wrong against her?

Well, I better not approach her. Maybe she will be bothered of my presence.

I always see her paintings. They are so amazing. Kairi-chan never fails to amaze me, even until now.

I want to let her know how much I love her, but I’m not yet ready. Maybe, Kairi-chan likes another guy. I must not confuse her feelings any further. I must not be very selfish.

Still, my heart is still madly beating because of her.

I miss our younger years. We always play in the park and I give her cotton candy. She really liked it. I was proud of myself for making her happy.

I’m certain about it. She is the person I love the most. I can’t afford to see her sad and hurt.


Tears couldn’t stop falling out of my eyes. I knew the owner of this journal. It’s not mine. It was Ryutaro’s.

I didn’t know he was thinking like that. I’m not mad at him. I just felt awkward and unpopular for him.

I directly went outside. I looked for Ryutaro. He was at the hallway, holding my journal.

He directly hugged me. I couldn’t stop crying. He whispered, “Kairi, I love you.”

I couldn’t say anything in return. I just hugged him tighter, never letting go of him. He understood that I was feeling the same way too. I said, “Ryutaro, You’re such an idiot.”

He broke the hug and looked at me directly in the eyes. He kissed my forehead and said, “I know.”

Morning came. Of course, JUMP knew what happened. Onii-chan suddenly transformed to his big brother mood and said, “If you ever hurt my sister, I’ll throw you into the cow droppings!”

All of us laughed. Ryutaro held my hand tightly. It’s his way of telling me that he’ll never let me go again. He gave me cotton candy. He said, “You can have as much as you want. If it fades, I’ll supply you with more, to the extent that it will never disappear.”

Indeed, love is like a cotton candy…

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The Great Disguise (Chapter Eight)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 8

The New Customer in Kirari Haato Maid Café

Time flew quite fast. It was dismissal time. I have to go to my job, which is in the Kirari Haato Maid Café.

I made sure that no one was following me. I have to be careful, especially to that Yamada Ryosuke.

I rode the bus, full of fear and being very careful at the same time. They must not know about my secret.

They really mustn’t…

After riding the bus, I arrived at the maid café. Saki, in her habituated happy disposition said, “Sawako! I missed you so much! It’s been only days, but I really missed you! How was school?”

I couldn’t help, but beam. Saki’s blithe and cheerful attitude is something to admire. I told her, “Well, it was fine, though a few unusual things happened.”

Saki’s eyes lightened up. She asked me, “Eh? You finally fell in love with a Horikoshi guy?!”

I rolled my eyes and said, “No way!”

Then someone interrupted our conversation. “Sawako-chan, you’re a lot brighter than usual!”

Saki and I were shocked. Saki exclaimed, “Risako-san! Don’t go popping out from places!”

Risako just laughed at us and said, “That’s because you’ve been talking really privately! Sawa-chan! I heard you’ve fallen in love with a Horikoshi gentleman! Is he a bocchan, a rich heir, or an actor?”

I folded my arms and said, “The two of you have been jumping to conclusions! I didn’t fall in love for crying out loud! Instead, I’m distressed.”

Saki’s expression changed from a ‘happy-happy’ mood to an alarmed one. She asked, “What happened? Did someone upset you? I’ll beat the crap out of them!”

In a serious tone, I said, “I’ve really been bothered. I think my top secret had been found out.”

Saki looked very worried. Risako panicked. She asked, “Eh? Tell me the name of the person who discovered your secret!”

I slowly said, “Ya-ma-da Ryosuke.”

Risako transformed to a big sister image and said, “Don’t worry Sawako-chan, I’ll protect you no matter what happens!”

As weird as Saki is, she posed like Superman and declared, “I am a super hero Sawa-chan! Therfore, I’ll protect you from danger!”

All I can do was to say that they’re so hilarious and over-dramatic, but that’s what I love about my friends. They are always there for me. During troubles, they help me in the best of their abilities while looking very foolish at the same time.

Risako is well equipped with gadgets. She right away opened her laptop and researched about Yamada Ryosuke. He was such a well-known person after all. He had a page in Wikipedia.

Yamada’s picture was there. The information written was there too. We started reading.

Yamada Ryosuke

Blood Type: B

Birthday: May 9, 1993

He is the successor of the Yamada Telecommunications Group, the leading company of its kind in Japan.

He is currently a Second Year High Student in Horikoshi High School. Yamada is a part of the group, Hey Say JUMP.

We were curious of what exactly Hey Say JUMP is. Risako-san clicked the link that led us to the info about them.

Hey Say JUMP

Hey Say JUMP is the group of ten rich boys who are close to each other and often hangs out. They are considered school idols, though they aren’t really idols in the country.

Due to their popularity, looks, talent, and wealth, they are known nationally even though they never really sing, dance, or act on TV. The members have high social status and owners of the biggest companies in Japan.


(Hey Say BEST)

- Kota Yabu= leader (The Presient of the Yabu Finance Group)

- Yuya Takaki = (The Head of the Yuya Airlines and Transportations)

- Yaotome Hikaru= (The CEO of the Yaotome Music Company)

- Inoo Kei= (The president of The Inoo Construction and Architecture Company)

- Arioka Daiki = (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

(Hey Say 7)

- Okamoto Keito= (Currently in Europe for overseas studies.)

- Yamada Ryosuke= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

- Nakajima Yuto= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

- Chinen Yuri= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

- Morimoto Ryutaro= (Currently a Second Year Horikoshi High Student)

Hey Say JUMP is considered a school organization in Horikoshi. However, if the younger ones will graduate already, Hey Say JUMP wouldn’t be a school organization anymore. In short, it is a group exclusive for the ten of them only.

They have been offered various acting roles, but they don’t accept it. They do accept few modeling jobs though. Their photo books sell like pancakes the moment they’re out.

There were more paragraphs to be read, but we stopped there. Risako-san closed her laptop and said, “They are popular people after all. I didn’t know them before.”

Saki nodded and said, “I read about that Yamada from somewhere. I never thought that he was that popular.”

So that was the poster I saw in school before. I didn’t realize that it was them, the so-called ‘Hey Say JUMP’

Saki said in a courageous yet funny manner, “Sawako, we will do our best to help you protect your secret.”

Risako said, “Now that we know the face of Yamada Ryosuke, we should be careful of him. If he enters this café, we must do all means to drive him out.”

I said to them, “You really don’t have to do this. I’m sorry if it’s causing you trouble.”

Risako and Saki smiled at me. Saki said, “Daijoubu dayo! This is what friends are for right?”

I suddenly felt happiness. After all these years, Saki and Risako were there to support me.

A maid called us out, “Risako-san! Saki and Sawako’s masters are waiting for them!”

Risako replied, “Just wait for a while!”

I quickly changed into my maid outfit and wore a little make-up. Saki and Risako went outside to accommodate the customers.

I saw Saki with her usual master. We call him, “the eyeglasses Naruto guy” Well, he wanted us to call him Naruto. He said that he was addicted to that anime series that is why he dyed his hair yellow. This time, he was with Ran-san, the girl in red. They usually come together. I wonder if they are dating. Well, it’s really none of my business.

Ran-san is my ojou-sama, so Saki called me to greet her.

I approached the table and said, “Ojou-sama Ran and Goushoujin-sama Naruto, how have you been?”

Ran smiled at me and replied, “Arigato Sawa-chan, we’ve been doing okay. N-naruto-kun wanted to treat me chocolate cake for today.”

I said, “That’s good to hear. I wish a nice day ahead for the two of you.”

I saw Saki approach with their orders. She placed them on the table. I asked, “Ne, Ran-ojou-san, what do you want me to write on it?”

Ran said, “Please write the word, ‘Kawaii’ on it.”

In choco syrup, I wrote the word on Ran-san’s plate.

Saki smiled and asked, “Goushoujin-sama Naruto, what do you want me to write in yours?”

Naruto said, “Whatever you like, Saki-chan.”

Saki was a bit annoyed of Naruto. He was showing signs of affection, which Saki hated. As always, Saki wrote, ‘Your hair is yellow as ever.’ Regardless, Naruto seemed to be happy of it.

We went back to the counter. I said, “You still seem quite annoyed with Naruto-kun ne?”

Saki pouted her lips and said, “That yellow hair is annoying. His actions are weird. He’s quite cute though. I wonder why he makes himself funny with that hair.”

I said, “Well, we never know. Maybe he has his reasons, or he’s just too much of an otaku.”

As we were standing a new customer arrived. We haven’t encountered him before. He was wearing a hat; therefore I can’t see him properly. I looked harder. I can’t believe what I saw. Uso. He was Nakajima. I pretended to be doing something else and look at another direction, so that he can’t see my face. He will recognize me for sure because he saw me without disguises.

Risako-san will be the one to accommodate the new customers. She approached Yuto’s table. I heard her said, “Welcome to Kirari Haato Meido Café, Goushoujin-sama. I can see that you’re new. What is your name?”

He said, “Yuti desu.”

I said to myself, “It’s really him after all. He just changed the last letter of his name.”

Risako smiled and said, “Goushoujin-sama Yuti, here’s the list of our maids. Please choose the maid you would like to serve you.”

Nakajima went through the list. I was praying that he won’t choose me. He finally said, “Hmm, Sawa-chan?”

Risako bowed and said, “Sawa-chan eh? Just wait, I’ll call her for a while.”

I told Saki that I had LBM. I told her to tell Risako. That was the only thing that I could ever think of. The more disgusting the case was, the better.

I was hiding. I heard Risako said, “Goushoujin-sama Yuti, Sawa-chan seems to be unavailable now. Please choose another maid.”

Yuto insisted and said, “I wouldn’t bother waiting. I’m not in a hurry after all.”

I said to myself, “I’m doomed! I must think of something!”

Risako approached me in the back area and asked, “Are you okay, Sawako?”

I replied, “You know, that person is a part of Hey Say Jump…”

Risako said, “Eh?! I didn’t remember seeing the name ‘Yuti’ in the article.”

I replied to her, “He is actually Nakajima Yuto. He just used that nickname for reasons I don’t know.”

Risako said, “You’re wearing disguises outside this maid café, that’s why he won’t identify you for sure.”

I slowly told Risako, “Due to some incident that happened, he saw me without any disguises!”

In a brave yet funny voice, Risako said, “Then he must not know your secret then! Wear this giraffe mask so that he won’t notice you!”

So I went out wearing the giraffe mask. I approached Nakajima’s table and said, “Goushoujin-sama, what can I get you for today? I suggest our vanilla shake with choco ice cream.”

Nakajima removed his hat and said, “Yes, I would have that. By the way, why are you wearing that giraffe mask?”

I immediately hid my panicking mode and said, “W-w-well, the store owner wants me to be a giraffe maid today Goushoujin-sama.”

Yuto release a wide grin and whispered, “If you say so. By the way, I’m going to be your regular master from now on. Please expect me to be here more often.”

I felt as if thunder and lighting just stricken me. I didn’t say anything to him. I proceeded to the counter to get his order.

I gave his order to him and left. Nakajima said, “Chotto, aren’t you going to write anything in my shake?”

I thought he didn’t know anything about maid café’s. I have no choice but to write on his shake. I transformed into my innocent mode and said, “Gomen Goushoujin-sama, what do you want me to write?”

Nakajima said, “Please write ‘Master Yuti is so handsome’”

I said, “O-o-okay then.”

I wrote the words in choco syrup, with trembling hands due to great annoyance. Is this guy performing mental pressure on me? Is he simply narcissistic?

After writing the disgusting sentence, I left his table. He was smiling like an idiot.

As soon as I reached the counter, Saki said, “It looks like you’ve gained another loving master.”

I replied, “Maybe a bully master, a bored master, or a narcissistic master.”

I waited for Yuto to leave the maid café. After an hour, he did so. What was weird is that Naruto and Ran seemed to be whispering to each other for the whole time. Well, maybe they’re really a lovey dovey couple.

Time went on. Before I noticed, it was already closing time. We tidied things up. I went out to throw trash.

As I went out the door, someone said, “Sawa-chan?”

I looked back. I was scared and terrified. He was… he was….

To be continued…

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My Dearest Bench Friend [HSJ One-Shot Story]

My Dearest Bench Friend [HSJ One-Shot Story]

(Requested by: Dyan Patricia Ponce Pamatmat)

Yamada Ryosuke X Seiko Sato


I’m Seiko Sato, currently in my last year in senior high school. I still remember everything that happened. Even though the incident happened years ago, I still remember everything. I remember my first love, my bench friend, Yamada Ryosuke.

As I was walking going to my school, I caught sight of the bench under the Sakura Tree. This bench is very memorable to me since this is where we met.


When I was still in middle school, I was always bullied. I don’t know what the exact reason was. I was nice to these people, but they weren’t nice to me. It was already dismissal time. I ran onto that bench under the Sakura Tree to cry. I never cried in front of the bullies. I never cried at home. I wanted to appear strong, but I wasn’t indeed. The truth is I am really weak.

I kept on crying and crying. Suddenly, someone tapped my back. I was startled. I immediately stood up and put the ‘do you want a fight’ expression.

He gently said, “I’m not going to hurt you. Here, wipe your tears with this handkerchief.”

I received the handkerchief from him. It was very soft. I gently wiped my tears.

He asked me, “Why were you crying? Did someone hurt you?”

I narrated everything: my everyday experiences of bullying and how I dreaded to go to school.

He said, “You must fight back. Be strong.”

With tears in my eyes, I said, “It’s hard…”

He looked at his watch and said, “Gomene, but I have to go home now. What’s your name?”

I replied to him, “Seiko, Sato Seiko desu! Anata?”

He said, “Yamada Ryosuke, yoroshiku.”

He walked away after that. I exclaimed, “Ne, Yamada-san, your handkerchief!”

He replied to me, “You can keep it.”

I asked him, “Am I going to see you tomorrow?”

Looking at me, he said, “Yes, I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow, here in this bench…”

Everyday in school, I wasn’t afraid of the bullies anymore. Yamada-kun’s words made me strong. I didn’t let the bullies hurt me.

When school was over, I was very excited to leave. I wanted to see Yamada-kun. I wanted to hear his voice, his jokes, and his laugh.

One day, I asked him, “Yamada-kun, what school do you go to?”

Crossing his legs, he said, “I’m home-schooled. I am really sickly and my body can’t manage to go to school everyday. I’m quite envious of you. I want to live a normal life too…”

I felt sorry for Yamada-kun. I thought of something that would make him happy. I think he has less friends and no one gave him nicknames, so I decided to give him one.

I said, “Ne, Yamada-kun, from now on, can I call you Yama-chan?”

He released a very wide grin. He replied, “Hai. From now on, I’ll call you Sei-chan ne?”

We were both happy. We received our very first nicknames. I didn’t really have many friends in school, and everyone just calls me Sato-san.

We continued on like that for years. Everyday, he would wait for me on the bench. We went together during festivals, we go boating together, and we do almost everything together. Yama-chan was my best friend. He said he liked strawberries so much. We knew all about each other.

As we grew up, my feelings for Yama-chan changed. I don’t want to destroy our friendship that’s why I kept quiet about my feelings.

During my last year in junior high, I never thought that it would be the last time I’m going to see Yama-chan. As what I would do everyday, I will go directly to the bench and see him. Instead of seeing his beautiful eyes and radiant smile, I saw an envelope. It was addressed to me. The letter was from Yama-chan. I directly opened it and started to read.


To Seiko Sato,

Sei-chan, I am sorry for not telling you this. I know it would really hurt if I say it in front of you. I can’t do it. I’m really weak, both physically and emotionally. Gomene Sei-chan.

I’m going to America and pursue my studies there. I never wanted to, but my father forced me. I really want to stay, but I can’t do anything.

Sei-chan, please don’t be mad at me. Enclosed in this envelope is a golden heart locket. Please don’t open it until I come back. Just wait for me. Let’s open it together.

You know, I want to say this but I don’t have the courage. I just want to say that I love you more than a friend. I loved you starting the first day I saw you. Do you reciprocate my feelings? Whatever you answer will be, I will humbly accept it. Please tell me what it is when I come back.

Please wait for me, in this same bench, under the Sakura Tree, Sei-chan. Watashi wa anata ga suki desu.


Yamada Ryosuke


I looked inside the envelope. A big heart locket was on it. Tears were flowing out from my eyes. I don’t know what emotion I should feel. I was happy, mad, and sad at the same time. It was a complicated feeling.

I sat down on the bench and shouted at the top of my lungs, with tears still flowing out from my eyes, “BAKA YAMA-CHAN!!!”

I still keep his promise until now. The golden heart locket still remained unopened. I wonder when Yama-chan will come back. He never called me or sent me a letter all these years.

But I still believe in him. I may sound very stupid, but I’m still waiting for him. Three years had passed since he left, yet here I am, still waiting for his return.

Everyday, I still go to the bench and just sit there. Yama-chan’s memories are still very alive to me.

One day, a foreign exchange student arrived. Teacher said that he was from America. As the person entered, I discovered that he was Yama-chan!

I was quite nervous. Today is the day that I will reply to him. Today is the day I’ll tell him that I loved him too.

Throughout the day, Yama-chan didn’t approach me or talk to me. It felt very odd. Naturally, he would put his arms on my back as the both of us walk together. He would tell me jokes and maybe, tell stories about America. I felt really sad.

Dismissal time came. I ran towards him and said, “Yama-chan, welcome back!”

He just stared at me and asked, “Who are you?”

My body couldn’t move. He was gone for only three years and now, he doesn’t even know who I am?

I didn’t say anything in return. I cried and ran. I went to the bench and still cried.

I decided to forget about Yama-chan. To help me forget about him, I decided to continue my school in Kyushu and live there. My parents keep on convincing me to live with them there. I think that today is the time to do that.

I left the golden locket on the bench and decided to leave a letter for Yama-chan, in case he sees this.


Dear Yama-chan,

I don’t know why you forgot all about me, but whatever it is, I’ll accept. In case you see this letter, enclosed to this envelope is the golden heart locket you gave me. I kept the promise of not opening it, and I know it will remain unopened forever.

I’m moving to Kyushu tomorrow. Goodbye, Yama-chan.

Seiko Sato.


After writing the letter, I left the bench with tears in my eyes. I told my grandmother that I’ll be going to Kyushu to live with my parents. It was a sad farewell for us too.

I started to pack my things. Tomorrow, I’ll leave and go to Kyushu.

I also told my teachers about it. My classmates gave me farewell gifts. Yama-chan didn’t do anything.

I went home and stared at the bench for the very last time. The golden locket and the letter were still there. He didn’t come after all.

I went home and slept. It was already 8 PM.

Morning came, the day of my departure.

I waited for the bus to take me to the train station. The bus arrived and I went inside.

I was looking outside the window, looking at my hometown for the very last time.

Suddenly, someone was running outside. He was Yama-chan! I was surprised. He was saying something. I was thinking whether to continue to go to Kyushu or get off the bus and talk to him. He fell down and I felt pity on him. I decided to get off the bus in the end.

He was on the floor, panting. I said, “What do you want?”

He stood up and said, “I’m sorry, Seiko. I was such a fool.”

I asked him, “What do you mean?”

Yama-chan started to narrate the things that happened to him in America. He had partial amnesia.

When he was strolling, he sat on the bench and saw the golden locket. His head ached badly and he remembered me.

I felt embarrassed of acting very selfish.

He asked me, “What would your answer be?”

I said, “Suki desu.”

He reached out something from his pocket. He brought out the golden heart locket I left on the bench. He told me to open it and said, “It won’t remain unopened forever, Sei-chan.”

And guess what’s inside it? It was a ring.

Yama-chan asked, “Will you marry me?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I’ll think about it. Ha-ha, joudan baka! I’ll marry you after I graduate.”

Yama-chan hugged me. Then, he touched my chin and leaned in closer to my face. He touched his lips against mine.

He asked, “Strawberry flavored eh? It tastes great. You prepared very well for this day, Sei-chan…”

I can’t do anything but blush. My dearest bench friend, whom I truly loved, is right here in front of me, proposing.

We walked holding hands as he carried my luggage bag…


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