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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Morning~!

Good morning everyone~! I just woke up from my deep sleep...

I'm feeling so good after exams. My scores were satisfying, and everything is smooth sailing. :)
I'm loving God more everyday. Thanks to the people who led me closer to him. They let me realize that he is REAL. He is indeed, a living God.

I'm also congratulating Hey Say JUMP for topping the Oricon Charts. Omedetou Hey Say Jump!

Regarding about crush thing.
He's still my crush until now. I don't know what he has, or what he did to my eyes. But, I know, this can lead me to greater things in the future. He can make me overcome all boys (reality ones) and he can make me a pure woman until I get married.

In my opinion, it is better to dream a fantasy, than to expect in reality. When dreaming in fantasy, in the first place, when "that fantasy guy" gets a girlfriend or whatsoever, you'll never get hurt because you know, in the first place, that it is impossible to get him.

In reality, when that guy gets someone, it really does hurt. You were expecting to get him, and yes, you can reach him. But look at yourself now, you're crying in despair. You expected too much for nothing. Before, he liked you, and you expected. Then, he found somebody else and left you. Now, that's not fair.

But when the time comes, and that "fantasy guy" turns out to be your destiny, then you will live HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

My outlook on boys changed when I was still in third grade. I don't want to tell you the details because this is a blog. Maybe, one day he will read this and he will think that he is the one I'm talking about. PUH-LEASE, you're nothing in my life, you're just part of Earth's gases.

I'm ending my post here. Ja~!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My dog died. :(

UWAAAA. My Labrador dog, Mikan, died today, February 25, 2010 @ 8:20 PM.


Let's mourn for my dear dog. :(

I'm so sad.


My friend, Maika and I.

I'm still young in this picture. :)
Thanks for uploading this picture Maikss. Miss na kita!

She's a friend I can share my secrets with,
When I have problems, she listens to me.
We met each other since we were young,
We saw how we changed from a young child to a teen.

We've been through many circumstances,
From happy days to chaos, we experienced.
But one day she fled going to Canada,
Now, we are far apart from each other.

Even though we're miles away,
We still have this link,
And that is the link of friendship.
A strong link that no one could ever cut.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Hitomi no Screen Live Performance

Kagayaki Days Lyrics


Odorou, Odorou


Step funnde


Sono egao hajiketeru


Kirari, kirari


Kirakira kimito


Mizushibuki wo agete


Sousa kagayaku yume




Dokomade datte


Surimuita hiza


Chotto itakute


Tachi domacchau


Tokimo arukedo


Tokidokina yume ga arukara


Heiki nanda


Umaku ikanai tokidatte okay


JUMP wa mada aruyo


Odorou, odorou


Step funnde


Aozora ga arureteku


Kirari, kirari


Kirakira kyoumo


Taiyou abinagara


Sou sakirameyume


Te wo nobasou


Itsumade datte


Nai iranai monowa


Katachi ga nakute

心がキュウッと不安になるけど (?)

Kokoro ga kyuu tto fuan ni narukedo


Pika pika ni natterukara


Shinnpai naiyo


Kimi ga sobani




Gannbatte ikererunndayo


Odorou, Odorou


Step funnde


Sono egao hajiketeru


Kirari, kirari


Kirakira kimito


Mizushibuki wo agete


Sousa kagayaku yume




Dokomade datte

Credits to:

Hitomi no Screen PV

I just wanted to post this one here, and I truly admit, I love the PV.
I was wondering, where was the part when Yamada says, "I love you~!". I guess it was deleted. I was waiting for that one. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Second Encounter with God

My Second Encounter with God

Sunday, February 14, 2010, is a very special day for me. It’s not because of Valentines Day. It is because of God.

This day, I'm going to have my second Holy Spirit encounter. Ate Vanz invited us to join and marinate ourselves in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The session started but I didn’t receive a gift right away. I didn’t give up and continued to concentrate and thirst for God. Then, without noticing it, I laughed very hard. At the same time, I was also speaking in tongues.

It continued for how many minutes. Then, a certain force pushed me and it led me straight to the floor, lying down.

I continued to speak in tongues, laugh, and weep a little. I really longed for a vision. I thirsted more of God. I told him that I wanted to experience heaven and I would also like to see my future husband. I asked God to protect him from all temptations.

Then, after longing for the vision, he gave me that gift. He showed me the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I assume what I saw was heaven.

Clouds were everywhere. All the things were sparkling, even the waters. It was very bright. The main color I saw was white. It was a very happy and joyous place where problems and evil things do not exist.

Then, God led me to a beautiful rose garden. The color of the rose was silver but when it reflected, it gives off a rainbow color. I asked God if I could pick one and He nodded at me. I also said to him that I wanted my family to experience this happiness too. Then he brought forth my family. My brother, mother and father. We were all very happy.

After that, he led us to a beautiful playground. It was made of fine silvery/white stuff. I ran and hopped into the swing and God played with me. My family and I were having a very happy time at that moment.

After that, we took a slide in the rainbows. I landed on the soft clouds and laughed with God and my family.

We went to the sparkling lake next. It was so beautiful. We went swimming in that beautiful lake. I also want to show my talent to God and give him praises. He was happy with me.

There was a party in heaven. The people/souls in heaven were cheering for Jesus as he was walking in the center aisle. I was included in the choir and we sung a melody to praise him. Then, I flew in the heavens and it was a very nice feeling. I went down to the ground to reunite with my family.

Then, there were flying horses with bright chariots, which they carried. God let me and my family, enter the chariot and we had an amazing ride.

We went down to the chariot. God was ahead of me so I ran to hug him. We walked and it seemed that it was the centered aisle. Before I noticed it, he wasn’t with me anymore.

Then, my mother and father were at my side. They were smiling at me. I cannot see the spectators because it was very bright. The angels sung a very beautiful melody. My simple dress changed to a beautiful, white, wedding gown. I realized that I was the bride of that wedding. God was at the altar, and there was a man standing beside that altar. I realized it was the groom.

I continued to walk towards the altar. I can’t see the guy’s face because it was very bright. As I got at a closer distance, guess who I saw? It was Yuto Nakajima.

I asked God “Is this true Lord? Or this is just my fantasy?” I heard the Lord said, “Just wait my child…”

I looked at God and he was happy. I said to God, “Lord, I am too early for this. I promise to wait and I want to thank You for this vision.” Then, Yuto disappeared, my beautiful gown changed to the simple dress I had earlier.

Then God and my family were seated in a very sparkly chair. I said to the Lord, “I want to see what it will be like during the end of the world.” He nodded and I was now on Earth.

The skies were dark. There were no trees and the soil was so dry. I saw people being persecuted. Then, there were group of people who had the evil mark on their forehead. They were approaching me. They said, “Do not trust the Lord anymore. Come with us.” I did not believe them and I shoved them away with all my force. I said that I will still continue trusting the Lord. Little unknown creatures clung unto me. I asked the Lord to save me. A white lion/horse saved me from the evil clutches of the anti-Christ.

I was back to heaven, panting. I asked God to show me what hell was like.’

We went together and looked at the hell from an elevated place. It was very ugly. The lake of fire was burning the souls into bones. They all asked help, but I cannot do anything. I cried because I pitied them so much.

Then we went back to heaven. I saw how horrible hell was. I promised to God that I will spread His word to save my family. I wanted all of us to have eternal bliss in heaven.

I said to the Lord that I have still some things to be completed on Earth. He smiled and I went down to Earth through riding a cloud. Then I woke up and came back to my senses. I was dizzy and I felt drunk.

It’s really amazing. Even I, cannot believe, that I was given a vision. I got the message of God and I promise to do my mission here on Earth, which is, to spread His word. God’s power is undeniably spectacular.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What really is, Valentines Day?

Today, is a very special day for all people. It's the day of hearts, the Valentines Day. Today, couples have dates in parks, eat out in restaurants, or watch a movie together in cinemas. The most common thing is giving chocolates or flowers as a sign of their affection.

I've been a witness for years of what Valentines Day is. Boys give roses or chocolates to the ones they admire, even at a very young age. The girls, in return, looks very happy and very in love.

It sounds very romantic right? But I, on the other hand, don't believe in young love. I spend my Valentines Day with my family because I know, they truly love me. Valentines Day is worth spending with them. I also greet my friends and classmates, "Happy Valentines Day."

Of course, we must spend our Valentines Day to our God, who deserves all our love. He loves us unconditionally so we mustn't forget to greet God a Happy Valentines Day.

The true meaning of Valentines for me is the love of God, and the love of family. ^_^


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just blogging. :)

Hello everyone. :)

I feel like blogging this evening, so, again, here am I.

I want to share this bible verse, which really inspired me and very applicable to my situation right now.

Matthew 21:21
"Truly I say to you, If only you have faith and do not doubt, not only will you do what I did to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain,'Be lifted up and cast into the sea', it will happen."

Matthew 18:9
"It is better to enter to enter the kingdom of God one-eyed than to be thrown with two eyes in hell."

This really inspired me. I'm losing my self-confidence and my hopes are so low. I passed the first round of HCIQ (Holy Child Intelli-Quiz) and right now, I'm not reviewing nor preparing for the second round. Because of this verse, it pushes me to continue trusting God and I must do my best, with all of my capabilities, to reach greater heights.

I know I must start studying because God destined me to join this contest. I'm going to do my best for God's glory. Even if I fail to pass the second round, I know that God is happy because I did everything for His glory.


Just posting. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good news!

Minna! :)

I found my ring! I'm so happy. ^_^

Thanks to the owner of the Lomanta Store. She kept my ring. ^_^


Realizing the events during the retreat, I can't still believe myself. I spoke a different tongue. Looking at it now, It really is impossible. I realize that nothing is impossible with God. There is really power.


I'm watching the dorama, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. It's really fun to watch.
I recommend this drama to you guys. ^_^

What a great experience I had. (Retreat)

Yesterday, February 6,2010, Saturday, we had our Ignite Retreat at the G12 Campus. We have to be in school at 7:00. We were fetched by the bus and drove us to our destination.

We had to register outside the building, so we wrote our information and they gave us name tags. After that, we climbed up to the fourth floor of the building.

The place was a very nice one. It was cold, clean, and stunning. I occupied a seat from the front.

Then, we ate snacks before the retreat started.

The first session was about heaven and hell. Believe me guys, those two places are real. If you want to go to heaven, then you trust the Lord always and avoid doing things that displeases Him.

Then, the second session was about your second birth, as a true Christian. It was explained to us, that "Born Again," was not a religious group or an organization, nor a religion. It is the state of being "born" again as a child of God.

The third session was about forgiving those who have wronged you. We were to release all our anger through crying, and many more ways. I have heard many inspiring stories from the speaker.

The fourth session was the funniest one. We were discussed about the three aspects of worldliness. The speaker was very funny, and I liked the way she explained to us.

The after that, we started the most exciting part of the retreat, the encounter with God and the Holy Spirit.

The manifestations that I experienced were:

1. Falling
I felt that a certain force made me fall down. A guide catched me and let me lie down the ground safely.
2. Weeping
When I was lying down, I started weeping. I don't know why I was weeping with no reason at all.
3. Laughing
After weeping, I started laughing. I asked more of the presence of God and laughed hard.
4. Speaking tongues.
Then, when I started to speak, I spoke a different language. I didn't understand a single word I'm saying.
5. Shaking
I also experienced this gift. I felt that I was shaking.
6. Vision
Even though I shut my eyes very tightly, It was still very bright. I saw darkness and light fighting over. Then, of course, the light triumphed. I also saw a face embedded on that lightness and I know it was God.

It was a shift of gifts. I was crying again, the laughing again, then speaking in tongues again, then weeping again, laughing again, and so on and so forth. We were rolling on the ground. You may find me sounding like a crazy woman, but all of those are true to my heart. God's presence really engulfed me during that time.

I decided to rise and sit down on my chair. I felt very light during that time.

7. Drunkenness
As I rose, I felt very dizzy. My classmate Ronel and I were walking in a zigzag manner. We also helped AAA-chan to stand up.


Then, we were given our snacks. As soon as I got my bag and started to talk, I was still speaking in tongue. When I try to speak my normal language, I was speaking a different tongue. You may not believe me, but this is really true. My other classmates were laughing at me. :)

My other schoolmates were still experiencing God's presence at that time. Me, on the other hand, was still speaking an unknown language. I had to write on a paper to communicate with my classmates.

I had a schoolmate, Joanne, who received the same gift as I. We were speaking in tongues. It's like, you can't stop yourself from speaking. Your tongue moves by itself. It's hard to explain, but I am very grateful to receive that gift.

As hours passed by, the gift was still with me. I realized that God is really powerful and all-knowing. He can perform miracles, even to us, the youth.

I gained my normal speech as soon as I reached home.

It was truly, A GREAT EXPERIENCE. God is there with us always. We must know that he is all-knowing and AMAZING.


Friday, February 5, 2010

waaa. HELP ME.


The ring that I have been wearing for already four years, WAS LOST. :((

I NEED that ring. Please help me find it.



I love this song. It's so inspiring.

Here I Am lyrics

This is a crazy world
These can be lonely times
It's hard to know who's on your side
Most of the time

Who can you really trust
Who do you really know
Is there anybody out there
Who can make you feel less alone
Some times you just can't make it on your own

If you need a place where you can run
If you need a shoulder to cry on
I'll always be your friend

When you need some shelter from the rain
When you need a healer for your pain
I will be there time and time again
When you need someone to love you
Here I am, hmmm

If you have broken dreams
Just lay them all on me
I'll be the one who understands
So take my hand

If there is emptiness

You know I'll do my best
To fill you up with all the love
That I can show someone
I promise you you'll never walk alone

Well if you need a place where you can run
If you need a shoulder to cry on
I'll always be your friend

When you need some shelter from the rain
When you need a healer for your pain
I will be there time and time again
When you need someone to love you
Here I am, oooo

Everybody needs somebody who
They can pour their heart and soul into

Well if you need a place where you can run
If you need a shoulder to cry on
I'll always be your friend

When you need some shelter from the rain
When you need a healer for your pain
I will be there time and time again
When you need someone to love you
Here I am, Here I am

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What a day.

I can't understand my emotions throughout this day!

At first, I was extremely happy and joyous.
Then, something happened which led me to loneliness.

Then at the end of the day, I was still, somehow, happy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Watch this. :)!/video/video.php?v=1204038189738&ref=nf

or this link..

What a happy day...

Hello everyone!

I'm so enlightened today! We were laughing hard during dismissal time. I was so happy. Thanks to Jhie, AAA, Chime, Gui, Adkurt, Jonver, Mario, Roan, Chivy, etc. You made my day guys. Thank you for the time. ^_^

I just want to show you the best pictures of some of my greatest friends.

AAA-chan, the "My companion especially during hardships."

Chivy-chan, "The one I can truly trust."

Chime-chan, "The one who encourages me in my times of distress."

Jie-chan, "The one who gives me strength when I have none."

Pre-chan, "The one who can really understand me."

Gui-chan, "The reason why I'm smiling during times of sadness."

And, this girl is me. ^_^

This bible verse encouraged me for today...

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

Deuteronomy 31:6


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hitomi no Screen 30-second preview.

I re-posted this since I can't get enough of this. Daiki's expression was priceless. :)

In my opinion, they look matured now. ^_^

I'm just expressing my feelings...

Hello everyone.

I feel like blogging today, since I'm feeling lonely. It's just that, I noticed that my friends are changing, and that is negatively? I don't know. I feel that they don't understand me anymore, and it's quite melancholic. They diverted to a different kind of joy, which leaves me with a lot of questions in my mind.

I noticed that some of my friends (which is NOT the one I'm talking about, of course), notices that too. They seem to be far away from me.

If that is their choice, then It's not my problem anymore. I must respect their decisions and I must never force them back to the old ways. If they're happy without me, then fine. I'm happy hanging out with myself because my greatest best friend is, myself. It is I alone, who will face my future and my personal battle against the problems that life has in store for me. Everything has a purpose, nothing happens coincidentally and accidentally.

I know that God is always there for me and he will never leave me, even when it's my time of distress.

By the way, I'm loving the song, "Hitomi no Screen," more everyday. I like it so much. I can't erase it in my system.


I read from somewhere that NYC Boys and Yuto will be on Shounen Club this FEB. 7. ^_^ It's not that I'm an obsessed Yuto fangirl, it's just that, I'm happy for him. It's been a long time that he wasn't that exposed (compared to when he was younger).

Here's a 30- second preview of HSJ's latest single, Hitomi no Screen.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Planetarium Lyrics

by: Otsuka Ai

yuutsukuyo kaodasu kieteku kodomo no koe
tooku tooku konosora no dokoka ni kimi ha irun darou
natsu no owari ni futari de nukedashita kono kouen de mitsuketa
ano seiza nandaka oboeteru?

aenakutemo kioku wo tadotte onaji shiawase wo mitai nda
ano kaori to tomo ni hanabi ga patto hiraku

ikitai yo kimi no tokoro e ima sugu kakedashite ikitai yo
makkura de nanimo mienai kowakutemo daijoubu
kazoekirenai hoshizora ga ima mo zutto koko ni aru nda yo
nakanai yo mukashi kimi to mita kirei na sora datta kara

ano michi made hibiku kutsu no ne ga mimi ni nokoru
ookina jibun no kage wo mitsumete omou no deshou
chittomo kawaranai hazu nanoni setsunai kimochi fukurandeku
donna ni omottatte kimi ha mou inai

ikitai yo kimi no soba ni chiisakutemo chiisakutemo
ichiban ni kimi ga suki da yo tsuyoku irareru
negai wo nagare boshi ni sotto tonaetemitakeredo
nakanai yo todoku darou kirei na sora ni

aenakutemo kioku wo tadotte onaji shiawase wo mitai nda
ano kaori to tomo ni hanabi ga patto hiraku

ikitai yo kimi no tokoro he chiisana te wo nigirishimete
nakitai yo soreha soreha kireina sora datta
negai wo nagare boshi ni sotto tonaete mitakeredo
nakitai yo todokanai omoi wo kono sora ni...

What a wonderful day I had.

Today is such a wonderful day for me.

Factor 1: My scores in my exams are high! I can't expect the score I got in my Chemistry exam. I got a single mistake. Unfortunately, my mistake was due to obvious carelessness. :( But anyways, I'm very happy.
My Math Score was convincing. Same as my Filipino score and English. The other subject's results are not yet out. I pray that I would still feel this utmost joy when the results come.

Factor 2: Syndrome is a happy group again, like what it is before. I strongly wish that this will continue until the end. I wish that the conflict with the other two members would be resolved.

Factor 3: Many things made me laugh today. I appreciated the world and the people around me.

Factor 4: My parents seem to be happy with me. I'm proud of myself then. hehe.

These are all the factors that made my day. ^_^ They're simple, yet heartwarming. These simple things can give you unconditional happiness.

A scene from our movie, FIGHT ON.

This is a Low Quality Video, but I'll upload the High Quality Version of this for some time. Enjoy anyways. ^_^

I'm the girl in black top w/ a red skirt. The one at my left is AAA-chan, the girl in white. The boy in black, at my left is Elisha, and the one beside him is Chime-chan.

The two girls at the back is Roan-chan and Gui-chan. Roan-chan is the one wearing the purple skirt, while Gui-chan is the girl wearing a red skirt with white top.