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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a great experience I had. (Retreat)

Yesterday, February 6,2010, Saturday, we had our Ignite Retreat at the G12 Campus. We have to be in school at 7:00. We were fetched by the bus and drove us to our destination.

We had to register outside the building, so we wrote our information and they gave us name tags. After that, we climbed up to the fourth floor of the building.

The place was a very nice one. It was cold, clean, and stunning. I occupied a seat from the front.

Then, we ate snacks before the retreat started.

The first session was about heaven and hell. Believe me guys, those two places are real. If you want to go to heaven, then you trust the Lord always and avoid doing things that displeases Him.

Then, the second session was about your second birth, as a true Christian. It was explained to us, that "Born Again," was not a religious group or an organization, nor a religion. It is the state of being "born" again as a child of God.

The third session was about forgiving those who have wronged you. We were to release all our anger through crying, and many more ways. I have heard many inspiring stories from the speaker.

The fourth session was the funniest one. We were discussed about the three aspects of worldliness. The speaker was very funny, and I liked the way she explained to us.

The after that, we started the most exciting part of the retreat, the encounter with God and the Holy Spirit.

The manifestations that I experienced were:

1. Falling
I felt that a certain force made me fall down. A guide catched me and let me lie down the ground safely.
2. Weeping
When I was lying down, I started weeping. I don't know why I was weeping with no reason at all.
3. Laughing
After weeping, I started laughing. I asked more of the presence of God and laughed hard.
4. Speaking tongues.
Then, when I started to speak, I spoke a different language. I didn't understand a single word I'm saying.
5. Shaking
I also experienced this gift. I felt that I was shaking.
6. Vision
Even though I shut my eyes very tightly, It was still very bright. I saw darkness and light fighting over. Then, of course, the light triumphed. I also saw a face embedded on that lightness and I know it was God.

It was a shift of gifts. I was crying again, the laughing again, then speaking in tongues again, then weeping again, laughing again, and so on and so forth. We were rolling on the ground. You may find me sounding like a crazy woman, but all of those are true to my heart. God's presence really engulfed me during that time.

I decided to rise and sit down on my chair. I felt very light during that time.

7. Drunkenness
As I rose, I felt very dizzy. My classmate Ronel and I were walking in a zigzag manner. We also helped AAA-chan to stand up.


Then, we were given our snacks. As soon as I got my bag and started to talk, I was still speaking in tongue. When I try to speak my normal language, I was speaking a different tongue. You may not believe me, but this is really true. My other classmates were laughing at me. :)

My other schoolmates were still experiencing God's presence at that time. Me, on the other hand, was still speaking an unknown language. I had to write on a paper to communicate with my classmates.

I had a schoolmate, Joanne, who received the same gift as I. We were speaking in tongues. It's like, you can't stop yourself from speaking. Your tongue moves by itself. It's hard to explain, but I am very grateful to receive that gift.

As hours passed by, the gift was still with me. I realized that God is really powerful and all-knowing. He can perform miracles, even to us, the youth.

I gained my normal speech as soon as I reached home.

It was truly, A GREAT EXPERIENCE. God is there with us always. We must know that he is all-knowing and AMAZING.


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  1. Wow, wow, wow!
    Thank you for sharing this experience. You must be now a cell leader since you attended Ignite last February pa :)