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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My friend, Maika and I.

I'm still young in this picture. :)
Thanks for uploading this picture Maikss. Miss na kita!

She's a friend I can share my secrets with,
When I have problems, she listens to me.
We met each other since we were young,
We saw how we changed from a young child to a teen.

We've been through many circumstances,
From happy days to chaos, we experienced.
But one day she fled going to Canada,
Now, we are far apart from each other.

Even though we're miles away,
We still have this link,
And that is the link of friendship.
A strong link that no one could ever cut.



  1. finally nakapagcomment na rin ako! haha

    awww. you're my oldest friend and I hope we'd stay friends for many more years to come. :)
    i miss you too dianne :)

  2. hehehe. ^_^

    I know we'll be friends till the end. :D

    IMYSM! :) ILY!