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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey yo people~

How's your life goin'?

Life's been really tough right now. Projects, assignments, exams left and right. I feel like dyinggg.

Thank God that we already finished shooting our movie for one of our subject. I never thought that I can direct. Well, I also had a co-director who helped me that was why I made it. I hope that the outcome would be great. Well, I'm not really aiming to win but at least, I hope that it can convey a message to the viewers.

Also, there are really some annoying people. Someone said that I had no respect. The heck?! Please define respect before you say it. Maybe you are the one who doesn't have any respect. Imagine telling your girlfriend not to drink milk because her breast will get big? What kind of a guy are you?! It is very offensive especially to a girl. If you're teasing me to someone, ang galing mo. Pero kung ikaw na ang tinutukso, aba, nagagalit?! Well if you're reading this, at least you know I'm mad at you. Naiinis talaga ako sa iyo.

There's also this one girl na feel niya close siya sa lahat. Feel niya siya ang pinakamagaling. Kung makasalita, sus nalang, hangin masyado. Gusto niya sa kanya ang spotlight. OA masyado siya and stuff. Grabe makadikta sa ibang tao pero siya naman, napakapangit ng ugali. Halos lahat girl gina-libak ka na kasi dahil sa ugali mo. HAMBUGERA kaayo ka day. Joiners pud. Kahit hindi ikaw ang tinatanong, sumasagot. Tapos binibida mo lagi ang sarili mo sa usapan. Nakakainis na talaga.

Sorry, nagpapalabas lang ng sama ng loob dito. Mas mabuti na iyon kaysa naman mag wild ako sa labas. :\\\\\\\\

Monday, March 12, 2012

Trying out prince costume. XD

Lol. right now, I'm (together with a co-director) directing a short film for our MST1 subject. There were some fairytale-ish scenes and I borrowed a costume from my friend, Karl (for the prince in the movie to wear).

For the love of costumes, I decided to try it out and see how I look like if I were a guy. I also wanna know if I could do guy cosplays in the future...

and the result?



I still looked girly. Perhaps, I'll buy a wig for guys?

Or maybe guy cosplays will never suit me. hmm...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sawako not Sadako

Hahahahhaha, I'm just testing my costume to be worn on our MST3 reporting and for the Cosplay Meet and Greet this March 10. I'll be cosplaying Sawako Kuronuma. :DD Ignore the huge eye bags. These are what you get for being a CS Student. :))))