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Friday, March 22, 2013

Makeup that I use for cosplay.

In cosplay, makeup plays an important role. So, here are the items/makeups that I use in cosplaying. Some of these products are used by me during formal events or on a daily basis :)

1.       Facial Wash
Of course, you need to have a clean face before you apply makeup. I use Ponds Clear Solutions Facial Scrub. It’s inexpensive (I forgot how much) and it works well for my oily skin type. 

2.       Facial Moisturizer
Before you start putting makeup, you need to put moisturizer so that your makeup will be easier to blend. It also eliminates dry patches that don’t look good while you are applying your foundation. I use E.L.F. Tinted moisturizer in SPF20.

3 .       BB Cream
The next product I use is BB Cream. BB Cream provides you with sun protection and some good benefits for the skin. I’m using this Etude House Magic BB Cream. It only has sheer-medium coverage though, but it doesn’t matter because I put many layers of foundation for cosplay. I use this before I go to school or mall.

4 .       Initial Powder
This is to set your makeup. I use Johnson’s baby powder for this.

5 .       Lip Balm, Lip liner, and Lipsticks
Lip Balms moisturize your lips. I’m using Chap Stick Lip Balm for this. I don’t use really dark colors of lipsticks since most of anime characters don’t have dark lips. These are the lippies I own anyways. They're from Covergirl, Nichido, L'Oreal, SanSan, and Maybelline. 

6 .       Foundation
I think that this is the most important makeup in cosplaying. It is because anime have the perfect skin and with the right foundation, that perfect skin can be achievable. I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation. It’s quite expensive for a student like me, but it’s reaaaaallllyyy good. I suggest cosplayers to invest in a good foundation. If you are on a budget, SanSan's matte liquid foundation works fine. :) 

7 .       Concealers
All of us have flaws. If you need to cover up your dark circles, pimples, etc, Use concealers. I’m using LA Colors, SanSan, and CoverGirl TruConceal in 1.

8.       Loose Powder /Pressed powder (for finishing)
For a Matte Finish, you need to set your foundations and stuff. I use Covergirl’s Loose powder for this step. I also have Nichido, Avon's Simply Pretty, and Johnson's pressed powder. 

9 .       Eyeshadows/Bronzers/Blush
You have to countour your nose, face, or add depths to your eyes. So, these products are a must for cosplayers.  I use Rimmel London Maxi Bronzer, Nichido, Careline Palette, and Gosh Blusher in Peach. 

10 .   Eyeliners/Eyebrow Pencils/ Macaras

In my opinion, this is the second most important cosplay make-up items. This helps shape your eyes into ideal character shapes and it changes your look. I use Etude House Oh m' Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner, Nichido, Estee Lauder’s Pencil Liner, Saizen liquid eyeliner, and this colored eyeliner set (bought from Cosmic Bytes Shop )

Nichido's Mascara also helps me to achieve that long lashes that anime characters have.

11 . Contact Lenses
Of course, these are important too. This helps you achieve the eyecolor that the character that your cosplaying has. I use Geo and Crystal Brands. They last for one year. 

12 . False Lashes
These help you achieve the pretty anime eyes you want. Mascara is not enough. XD 
I have Nichido’s, Saizen, and Lashes from Japan that Argenn sent me. I like thick lashes since they really look good especially in cosplays. 

13.   Green Beauty Cake
Need to be whiter for your cosplay? No problem. Just use green based foundations/cakes to achieve the fair skin look. Just don’t put too much or you’ll look like Shrek. I have this Nichido Beauty Cake in Mint.

14 .   Brushes, Eyelash curler, and tweezers.
Brushes are used to be able to apply makeup easily. Invest on good brushes and you’ll never go wrong.
I use E.L.F. , Allue, and MAC brushes. Eyelash curlers define your false lashes or your lashes alone, and tweezers helps you position your false lashes and shape your eyebrows (ouch).

15 .   Makeup Remover

Sleeping with makeup is BAD. Make sure your remove all traces of makeup or else you’ll end up with bad skin or a breakout.  I use Maybelline Makeup remover and Apollo’s Petroulem Jelly. 

This is all for now folks. Hope you learned something from this. See ya~