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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cosplay Plans~

I just want to post all my cosplay plans in here.
Ranked according to priority. XDDD

Completed Costumes:

1. Sakura Mikan (uniform)- Alice Academy (no wig yet)
-In need of a decent photo shoot. XDDD

2. Enma Ai (kimono)- Jigoku Shoujo (with wig)
-In need of a photo shoot. XDDD

3. Girly Super Mario- Super Mario Bros.
-I need a girl Luigi~ and a photoshoot. XDD

On the process of completion:

1. Akiyama Mio (uniform) -K-on (with wig)
~To cosplay with Argenn as Yui Hirasawa; Chime as Azusa Nakano; Guila as Ritsu Tainaka; Marian as Tsumugi Kotobuki

-Photoshoot on 1st/2nd week of December 2011

2. Kuronuma Sawako (uniform) Kimi ni Todoke (with wig)
~(not yet confirmed) with Marian as Kurumizawa Ume

WANTED: Kazehaya Shota, Chizuru, Ayane :)

-To be worn on Deviance Day (not sure)

Future Plans (next year, earlier than that, or during the following years XD)

1. Kagamine Rin (Love Ward)- Vocaloid

~To cosplay with Argenn as Megurine Luka; Jill as Meiko; Rose as Hatsune Miku,Chime as Gumi Megpoid ; Guila as Kasane Teto (not yet confirmed)

WANTED: Gakupo, Len, and Kaito. :))))

-To be cosplayed during December next year.
2. Hey Say 7 Girl Version of Hey Say Jump's Costume in "Arigato Sekai no Doko ni Itemo"

~to cosplay with all Syndrome (if possible) XD

3. Rin Kagamine sailor outfit

[Tentative] 4. Chii (uniform) -Chobits

5. K-on Maid Costume (as Mio Akiyama)

I hope this won't remain as plans. I have to start saving A LOT now. =)))))

Thursday, October 20, 2011

News regarding my fanfics~

I transferred all of them here:

I decided to make this blog personal or HSJ related.