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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nakajima Yuto Hanako 08/10 Translation

Nakajima Yuto Hanako 08/10 Translation

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Nakajima Yuto
For his first album, he attempted at writing lyrics, and he showed us a new side of him. He was so glad about the first album, he said this about his joy: “ ‘It’s as if the ‘doko demo door’ has come to real life! I’m that glad!” Doko demo door= a gadget that Doraemon produces. It’s a door and if you say to it, “I want to go ___”, then it’ll take you there.
His innocent smile is lovable. But his voice is husky and it’ll make any girl’s heart flutter. The most impressionable thing he does is during concerts, when he gets hyped up and does everything as if it’s the end of the world. We asked Nakajima-kun what his most charming point was… “Maybe how energetic I am. I always want the people around me to be happy and laugh. I want to be helpful to other people. Before when somebody told my palm fortune, they said, ‘You want to do things for completely strangers.’ (laughs). That’s how I’ll live I guess.”
Currently, they are in the middle of “SUMMARY.” Within the 2 years, has his maturity grown? “I don’t know if I’ve grown so I want the fans to tell me. They watch me very closely so. In a good way. I want to watch my fans closely as well. At the concerts, I really do think, “That fan has come again!” or “S/He brought that fan again!”
His emotions towards his fans are, well, hot. We tried asking him questions about love. He told us that he admires those very dramatic first-encounters. “I really do fall in love at first sight (laughs). Walking around town, I’m doing that constantly. I like cool women too.” Nakajima-kun will be turning 17 in August, and he’s currently taking steps towards adulthood so we asked him about it. “Already 17 huh. (Paused for a moment and with an adult-like voice says) That’s so fast! I don’t want to become an adult. I don’t want to lose my childish self! (laughs).
Straightforward and his core never changes. His never-ending growth makes us excited for what is to come.

TO: Ryosuke Yamada
Yamachan eats too many cold things during the summer so his stomach always gives in. I understand what you’re trying to do, but don’t eat too much ice cream!

TO: Keito Okamoto
I want Keito to watch out for what he does to his body, like his injuries. There are people admiring you so take care of yourself. Also, I want to learn to become like Keito when he does his homework!

TO: Yuri Chinen
Sometimes Chinen eats so little it surprised me. So let’s continue to eat with all the members and let’s all develop lots of physical strength.

TO: Ryutaro Mormito
You’re always getting scolded by Yamachan because you’re always fooling around (laughs). Freshen yourself up so that you don’t get scolded again!

TO: Yuto Nakajima
My safety is my top priority. You use your feet a lot because you do tap and drums so watch out for any injuries. Make sure you eat a lot, sleep early and take care of your body.

What made your heart flutter recently that was caused by a girl?
One time when I got sick, this one girl in my class worried about me and asked me if I was alright. I felt really happy. I want to become like that.

Morimoto Ryutaro Hanako 08/10 Translation

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Morimoto Ryutaro Hanako 08/10 Translation

Morimoto Ryutaro
“We just completed our 1st album and it turned out amazing,” said Morimoto-kun, his big black eyes glistening. “Especially “Ganbaretsugo” which Hey! Say! 7 sang, it depicts our personality really well. Whether you listen to it or sing it, you become really energetic. Also, the song “AiScream” that Hikaru-kun composed is really impressionable. The lyrics are really unusual so at first I had no idea what he was trying to say. But that itself is really Hikaru-kun like. I love that song.”
His expression on his face when we first asked him about “SUMMARY” was really eager. “It’s finally here~! When I first went on SUMMARY with KAT-TUN and NewS, I was still 9 years old and I had no idea what was going on. I’ve become a bit older and a bit adult-like but irregardless, this will be the best one yet. I’ll be flying all around.” From the first SUMMARY he was in, he has grown an astounding 30cm. When we asked him about his ideal summer date, he gave a very adult-like answer. “If this were possible I would try to make my partner’s wish come true. If she says ‘I don’t know where I want to go~’ then it’ll be kinda hard but if she clearly says, ‘I want to go there!’ then I’ll try my hardest. I’ll try to spoil her as much as possible!” He gave a very honest and personal answer!
How does Morimoto-kun think of his relationship with the other members? “When we first debuted, I was only in 6th grade so I thought of everybody as ‘sempai.’ Of course I was the one being ‘bullied’ and even if they said something that made me angry, I couldn’t say anything back to them. But now, it’s completely different. I can say anything I want at them. That’s how close we are. Before I realized, it had become like that.”
His interest right now, hip hop music, is being fueld by Arioka-kun, who is apparently very knowledgeable. “Daichan really knows a lot about it. He recommends me all these songs. Whenever I have time, I’m listening to it. I love the hip hop rhythm. I feel really good when I listen to it. Some day, it would be awesome if I get to make music like that.”

TO: Ryosuke Yamada
You love sweet things, don’t you. Especially strawberries! You really love it. But I think it’s bad for you if you keep on eating sweet things. You’ll get fat so be careful.

TO: Yuto Nakajima
You said that you wanted to catch bugs right… Catching bugs is fine but make sure you don’t get stung by them. If your eyes ever got stung, that’ll be a huge mess!

TO: Keito Okamoto
You eat so much I think you’re a bit crazy. I’m surprised your stomach isn’t bulging out and I’m a bit worried for you.

TO: Yuri Chinen
I can really feel the “I love Arashi! Arashi’s the best!” emotions from you. But this summer, make that “I love SUMMARY! SUMMARY is the best!”

TO: Ryutaro Morimoto
You also stop eating so much! You ate a meal of cow tongue that was supposed to feed 10 people… Whichever way you think about it, it’s too much. You’re growing too…. You’ll get fat~!!

What made your heart flutter recently that was caused by a girl?
The back of the neck… the nape? That’s the best. When they’re in traditional clothes and they have their hair tied up. I love it when that kind of atmosphere fits a girl. But when they play, they play. I want a girl who is really energetic.

Chinen Yuri Hanako Translation 08/10

Chinen Yuri Hanako Translation 08/10

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Chinen Yuuri

Chinen-kun, known for having that lovable smile, is already 16 years old. He has become a bit adult-like. “Compared to 2 years ago, I’ve grown taller. The last time we did SUMMARY, it felt as if something was missing and I couldn’t quite get to the top. So this year, I plan to power up more. I want to show everybody all the things that I’ve experienced and all the things that I’ve learned. Each of the members has skilled up in their own way, so our plot has rose 3, 4 levels. I’m in charge of flying for SUMMARY, so I bet there’ll be loads of times when you think ‘you’re going to do this?’ or ‘you’re also going to come here?’ Please come and watch!
For his first album solo song “Smile Song” he wrote the lyrics. Looking from a woman’s p.o.v, the message seems to pierce her heart. “ ‘The message is to stop copying people and do something original.’ I bet the fans who comes to see us in the concerts has a lot of déjà vu moments. Our costumes or our make up are always the same. I wanted to put more of myself out there, and show what I could do. What can I do? …. I wonder (laughs). I’ll never lose in acrobatics though. I never want to lose against any of the members! JUMP’s strong point is how friendly we are to each other. Regardless of our age, we all like the same things,” says Chinen-kun.
Recently, he says that he has felt a strong bond with the other members. “Before I arrived at the meeting stop that Keito and I had planned, he brought me a drink that he thought I would like. Maybe we like similar things? He had apparently remembered the drink that we had drank when we were together the last time. Knowing that he’s part of JUMP really relieves me and now I know that I can rely on him!”

TO: Ryosuke Yamada
Dear Yamachan. When you use your hair spray in our backstage room, please don’t use as much~! I think everybody likes them more natural Yamachan.

TO: Yuto Nakajima
Yuto is always running around outside of the concert hall looking for insects in the grassy fields so I think you should start walking around with a magnifying glass! I’ll look for them with you again this year.

TO: Keito Okamoto
Since Keito’s a crybaby, make sure you drink lots of water. You cry really easy and when we try to cheer you up, you cry even more (laughs). Drink lots of water!

TO: Ryutaro Morimoto
Dear Ryutaro. I really have no recollection of being with you! Stop going to the Jr.’s backstage room and stay in JUMP’s room, at least for this year.

TO: Yuri Chinen
To myself. During the concert tours, you get too excited and don’t eat as much but since you use up so much energy, make sure you eat a lot!

What made your heart flutter recently that was caused by a girl?
I don’t really hear a girl’s cute singing voice so it was really new. Also is their arm’s thinness. Different from a guy, a girl’s arm and wrist’s thinness is really pretty and I think it’s really cute. I want to protect them but… will I be able to? (laughs).

Friday, July 30, 2010

7/20 Johnny's Summary Report

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Seats were on the third floor in the second level a little off center (toward the right). the fence in front of the third level was a bit high so we had to lean pretty far forward to see anyone on the main stage. If they were on the back stage it was okay, but when they came forward it was hard to see them...not very good planning.

When we came into the area, we were all handed pink 3D glasses. There was a VTR intro that was 3D with all the members representing different areas of the world. Okamoto was - of course - england. Nakajima was Italy and he was wearing a chef's outfit. Yabu was wearing a yellow soccer uniform. I think Arioka was in Africa on like a safari or something.

The show started with some standard flying - nothing out of the ordinary. Okamoto introduced the members in English (we noticed that he mumbles a lot). Nakajima played the drums, and he lost a drumstick while playing. Well, it's only the second day so they're bound to make mistakes. Okamoto had to adjust his mic one time.

This was new - all the members had dogs that kind of resembled them. The dogs all did tricks...or at least they were supposed to. A couple of the dogs (like nakajima's) were just jumping around and didn't properly do their tricks. The dogs also jump roped and did like a conga line and one of the dogs navigated around little poles while rolling on an inflatable soccer ball (it knocked one of the poles over). The dogs were very cute though - it must be a new johnny's trend with live animals...horses in KAT-TUN and now dogs in summary!?

There were assorted "themed" songs for different parts of the world. I think in the china area they sang Your Seed. At one point they were dancing in the "airport" and police Yabu got angry at them for dancing. He asked where Okamoto wanted to go and he said "England." and yabu's like "...huh?" and he said "England." and Yabu's like "ohhh, Igirisu!" I think sometime after he finds Hikaru with a dog and he's like "what's that!?" and Hikaru's like "ワンちゃんっぽい...お父さん" and Yabu let him go HAHA. After that it's actually a blur until they got to the America part. In accordance with being in new york, they sang NYC. I'm not a huge fan of NYC Boys but I love that song and the bunny ears dance. Then it was over...first we look over and see Hikaru on the third level in the aisle, and he asks people where they're from. Then before I knew it, Nakajima was walking down our aisle. I screamed without even anticipating screaming. He turned to face us, but didn't ask his "what kind of food do you like?" to us (even though we were screaming his name and AMERICA KARA!!). I was shaking when he left because he was SO CLOSE. The girl he ended up asking answered (very timidly) that she liked strawberries.

So then all the members were in assorted aisles (maybe making up for the fact that the view from the seats SUCKED). One girl said she was from tokyo and Chinen was like "that's close! oh wait, that's here!" and then another member said "We're in New York!" and he's like "oh. that's FARRR!"

They had a Hey! Say! 7 versus Hey! Say! BEST part. It was red versus blue (I remember this because someone said "It's like Pokemon!" and I laughed). I think it was mostly just dancing/singing battle. OH DID I MENTION? OKAMOTO'S ARMS ARE PRETTY BUFF NOW.

Then Arioka and Yamada did tightrope walking (successfully). Chinen did some acrobatics with professionals but one time he fell when he was trying to be caught by the other guy. The professionals did some more swinging and then chinen went back up and did it successfully. yay Chinen :]

More blur...lots of lasers. they sang hitomi no screen - I remember that. Then toward the end they all came up flying, 'cept they were like, a little higher than the second level so a bit low for us...we couldn't see them if they were directly in front of us. But we WERE near the aisle, so if we looked diagonally down the aisle we could see their faces. Nakajima came by from the left, and we were screaming his name and waving the i-love-you hand signal at him. He was busy singing (I don't even remember what oh geez) and then he looked straight at us and kept singing. and then he signed back and grinned and pointed at us and I DIED INSIDE hahaha. I freaked out and actually had a couple tears down my face.

More blur after that and then it ended. The fans cheered for an encore but they just came out and said bye. The fans cheered more and the security tried to get people out. This is the least specific of my reports but I blame the randomness of Summary...and Nakajima :P

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Only Hope Cover

Another cover from me~!


Goodbye Days Cover

I made another cover of Goodbye Days since I'm not satisfied with the first one.

Bear with me :D


Random Pawikan Sanctuary Pictures.

Friday, July 9, 2010

No one likes FAVORITISM

URGHH. I've been really feeling bad this week. Someone whom we must look up to, showed FAVORITISM. I thought that it was just I who thinks that he showed favoritism. A while ago, during our cell group, I opened up to my friends AAA, Chime, Gui, and Jojo, and they strongly agreed with me. Other than favoritism, he does stuffs like giving unclear instructions, over demanding, disciplining the wrong way, being irresponsible, etc.

I hope that he would change himself. I hope that he would realize that many of us are starting to hate him. He must change for the better because our future partly lies in him. I hope that God will change him and let him realize his wrongdoings and bias attitude.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke Cover

I'm really troubled so I made another cover. I made a lot of mistakes. T_T. Sorry about that.

I hate my allergies! It's been two days yet they aren't dissapearing! It's on my face. This is worse! T_T. I know God will heal me ASAP. :D

Here's the covers.

DUET. (I just combined the original version w/ my version so don't blame me when it gets off tune. The two voices are singing in different pitches.)