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Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing around with makeup...

For me, make-up is a form of art. It's just like painting or drawing but on the face instead of a canvas or paper.

I really don't know anything about makeup until I reached college. (It's less than a year since I started putting makeup) During my vacation before entering college, I kept on watching make-up tutorials on Youtube, namely those by Bubz Beauty, Michelle Phan, Ekimura, Promise Phan, and many other makeup gurus.

I didn't have any makeup at the beginning. I started to buy an eyeliner and as time passed by, I have a complete set using my own savings to buy them.

I'm perfectly fine by the way I look without makeup. I know I'm not pretty, but I'm contented with my looks. In fact, I don't wear any at school or any normal days. I just wear them when there's a special occasion and during cosplays.

I also wear circle lenses, but not all the time. I love how it changes your look. I'm contented with my eye color, but lenses gives a certain sparkle and difference in your eyes. I also need these things because I am an amateur cosplayer. :DD


Me without makeup and circle lenses. I wear no make-up in here. Super bare face. (Average looking Asian-girl) :D

Here are my pictures with circle lenses and the makeup I've done on myself so far... It goes from very light ones (only eyeliner and lenses) to quite heavy ones (with blush, eyeshadow, or foundation). I don't wear really heavy make-up. Well, it depends on the occasion. I think it's the circle lenses that creates the big difference since I'm "chinita".

Others have negative comments about wearing make-up. They say that natural beauty is better and other blablablahs. Well, I believe everyone is pretty but society has this kind of "standard". Other girls are picked on and they're told that they are ugly (well, I was told that I was ugly too). I know how painful it is to be judged because of your looks... Putting make-up increases the self confidence of these girls and make them feel good about themselves even just for a short while. Well, putting makeup is better than getting a plastic surgery in my opinion.

I also received comments from people asking me, "Why do you wear circle lenses? Aren't you contented with your eyes?"

This is art. People really need to open their minds or what. And I also cosplay so I need those sparkly pairs of lenses.

Also, people ask me why do I wear makeup.

It is also a form of art. If I wear makeup, they don't have any business regarding that matter. I also need it for my cosplays. And, hello? would you like to look pale on formal events? Match your face with your dress. Also, an average-looking girl like me would like to look pretty even just for a while. ;)

And for the girls out there, don't wear it everyday or all the time. It will damage your skin.
Or if you really need to wear it because of some matters, make sure to have a good skin regimen. :)

This is a long post. I'm ending it here. Byee~ :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This really happened. It was during our NSTP work in UM.

*Justin Bieber music plays from afar*

Classmate one: Justin Bieber really sounds like a girl.

Classmate two: Oh? I thought it was a girl singing his song.

Classmate one: No, that's really Justin Bieber.


Me: What's the difference anyway?

(Sorry JB fans if I offended you or something. We have our own opinions and our own freedom.)

random post. :DDDDDDDD

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nung pumasok ako sa college...

1. Feel ko na ang bobo ko pala. Nung high school ako, I was quite confident of myself. Nakakakuha ako ng spot sa top 3 or sa honors list pero sa college, it's not easy.

2. Marami akong hindi alam sa buhay.

3. May mga bagay pa na importante kaysa sa grades. Though importante ang mga grades, socialization is important rin.

4. Learn how to balance your time.

5. Avoid cramming if possible (though hindi ko parin naiiwasan and procrastination). T_T

6. Teamwork tuwing assignments! But make sure na naintindihan mo. :)

7. Failing is NORMAL. It teaches you a lesson and motivates you to do better next exam.

8. Make friends and magtulungan kayo. Don't be "high school-ish" ika nga. Wala ng competition sa college. Dapat magtulungan talaga kayo.

9. Learn how to diskarte.

10. And most importantly, Grades are not the measure of your intelligence.

Ito ang pinaka-importante kong natutunan:
Study your hardest. Try your best. If you fail, never lose hope. Become stronger every after failure you have.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

While I was wandering around the internet world...

I came across my old fanfiction account! hahahaha~

I wrote an Alice Academy fanfic but then I never finished it. XDD
I was still in first year high school back then. My writing style is soo different. :))

I will not finish the fanfic though...


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Lately, my life had really been in its lowest points. But then, I realized that I mustn't lose hope. I'm going to give myself a second chance, or if not, a third, fourth or fifth chance.. If it won't work, then maybe ComSci is really not for me.

I'm learning how to balance my time and control this emotions inside of me. I'm going to graduate and get a degree. I'm going to work and visit other countries. \O/

For now, I have an inspiration. Yuto~ (as always.)

He's the perfect megane shounen! Guys who wear eyeglasses sometimes is a turn-on for me. It adds to the cool and mysterious look. ;)

Yuto is going to play Koji Kobayashi in his new drama Risou no Musuko (Perfect Son) with a Hey Say Jump member, Yamada Ryosuke and Kis-my-Ft member, Fujigaya Taisuke.

It's gonna air on Jan.14, 2012 in NTV.

I can't wait to watch it! <3

Gotta study and code some things now. :)

Byeeee ^_^

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My college life so far...


I just want to post about what I'm going through right now...

I'm attending the University of the Philippines in Mindanao. The University of the Philippines or UP is known as the country's premiere university. I'm not bragging, but it's really the truth. Google it if you're not convinced. ;)

The course I'm taking is BS Computer Science and it is very hard. Just so you know, it is full of maths and it is not my forte.

Attending this university, you are expected to be the best. Sometimes, I really feel so dumb compared to my other classmates. I'm having a hard time in one of my majors. I failed my first exam and I don't know if I will be able to pass the subject.

I still have four more exams to go and I have to work hard to get a high grade on those.

After this semester, If I fail my majors, I'm going to shift to the course Agri-buisness Economics.

For now, I'm going to work very very very very very very hard. I will work hard as I ever worked before.


Super Delicate (Hey Say JUMP) Lyrics

Super Delicate (Hey Say JUMP) Lyrics


Aa~ boku ni wa kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru?

Hito no mae de wa kuuki wo yonde

Tsukuri warai wo tsuzuketeru

Motto ganbare to iwaretara

Sunao ni unazui tari mo suru

Kodomo no koro wa shiranakatta

Jibun ga konna ni okubyou da nante

Nakitai yo, nakenai yo

Kono mune ga harisake sou sa~~

Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru

Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru

Daijoubu to waratte kureta

Aa~ boku ni wa kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru

Otona ni naru to gakushuu wo shite

Guuzen nanka ni tayoranai

Dakedo moshikashitara sore wa

Kiseki dattari shinai darou ka

Fushigi na chikara ga waitekuru

Kimi ga yuuki wo kuretanda ne

Aishiteru, aishiterun da

Kono mune ga harisake sou sa~~

Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru

Boku ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru?

Itsumade mo itsumade mo

Te wo tsunaide ita

Aa~ boku ni wa kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru

Kodomo no koro wa shiranakatta

Jibun ga konna ni okubyou da nante

Nakitai yo, nakenai yo

Kono mune ga harisake sou sa~~

Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru

Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru

Daijoubu to waratte kureta

Aa~ boku ni wa kimi ni shika miserarenai kao ga aru


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Based on a true story...

Kaninang morning, ginising ako ni mama. Tanong niya, "Anong oras ang klase mo?"

Nakagising ako at nakatingin sa aking cellphone. 7:50 na!

Nagpa-alarm naman ako sa aking cellphone, pero bakit hindi tumunog?!!!

Oh my gosh! Ang klase ko pa naman ay 8:00...

Kahit na masyado na akong late, nagbihis pa rin ako at naligo sa aking paraan na napakabilis. Nagsipilyo rin ako pagkatapos.

Nagpahatid nalang ako kay papa para naman mablis bilisan ang aking pagbiyahe paputang paaralan. Mga 7 minutes ride lang naman papuntang school galing bahay.

Tumingin ako sa orasan. 8:10 na. Wala na akong pag asa.

Pagkababa ko sa sasakyan, nakita ko pa ang aking mga kaklase sa mga upuan. Nagtaka ako kung bakit. Tulad ko, abala rin sila sa pagtapos ng aming assignment. Ang assignment na iyon ay siayng dahilan kung bakit matagal ako nakatulog (mga 3:40 or 4:00 am na 'yon).

Sinagutan namin ang mga assignment. Akala ko wala ang aking professor.

Nung umakyat na kami, mga 8:27 na iyon. Nagtaka ako kung bakit nagpa-late sila. Nagtanong ako, "Bakit tayo papasok? 30 minutes late na si sir!"

Biglang sabi ng kaklase ko, "8:30 mag start ang klase natin ui!"

At ito ang dala ng break sa akin. Nagkapartial-amnesia ata ako, kahit schedule ko nakalimutan ko na. :)))

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post for the Year 2012~

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm gonna write in my native language. :)

Ang 2011 at talagang naging napakamabuti sa akin at sa aming pamilya. Biniyayaan kami ni Lord ng marami at hindi niya kami pinabayaan. Kahit mahirap na ang buhay ngayon, swerte kami kasi nakakakain pa kami ng tatlong beses sa isang araw, at sobra pa dun. Nabibigay pa nga ang higit pa sa aking mga pangangailangan. May ibang mga pamilya na kahit kumain ng isang beses sa isang araw ay mahirap na para sa kanila.

Salamat sa mga taong naging parte ng aking buhay. Salamat unang-una, kay Lord. Kung hindi dahil sa kanya, malamang ay hindi ko na alam kung saan ako pupuluting eskinita ngayon. Maraming salamat din sa aking mga magulang na matiyagang nagtatrabaho para sa kapakanan naming magkapatid, sa aking kapatid, mga "relatives", mga kaibigan, mga kaklase, at ang aking mga guro. Salamat sa mga taong laging nandyan para sa akin. Salamat sa mga magagandang mga bagay na inyong ibinahagi sa akin. Salamat sa pagbibigay kulay sa aking buhay.

Napakasaya ng aming pagsalubong sa bagong taon, maraming masasarap na pagkain at masasayang mga gawain.

Alam kong hindi lahat ay masaya ang pagdiwang ng Bagong Taon (at Pasko rin). May nasalanta ng bagyong Sendong sa CDO, Iligan at sa ibang parte ng Mindanao. Maraming pamilya ang nawalan ng ama, ng ina, ng anak, o ng kaibigan. Nawalan rin sila ng hanapbuhay. Ipinapanalangin ko po ang mga taong ito na sana po ay huwag Niyo Po silang pabayaan.

Pinapanalangin ko rin ang mga matatandang malungkot at mag-isa lamang, mga taong nasa kulungan, mga taong hindi nabigyan ng hustisya, mga taong "depressed" at iniisip na ang magpakamatay, mga taong nasa ospital at nag-aagaw buhay, at ang mga taong naghihirap para mabuhay lamang ang kanilang pamilya. Nawa po'y bigyan niyo sila ng kaliwanagan at lakas para magpatuloy sa buhay at hindi mawawalan ng pag-asa.

Ipinapanalangin ko rin ang aming mga pambansang lider na sana gabayan niyo sila sa pamumuno ng ating bansa.

Ngayong 2012, sana ay malampasan ko ang lahat ng pagsubok na darating sa akin. Alam kong magiging okay lang ang lahat kasi nandyan si Lord. Sana ay mabiyayaan din ang ibang tao at maging masagana ang kanilang buhay.

Manigong Bagong Taon sa lahat. Nawa'y pagpalain kayo ng Maykapal.