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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am so dead.

I know that some of my classmates (college) have already discovered this little secret place of mine and they've already analyzed the things that I've been posting here.

BSCS, Since you already know this place, here's what I can say to you...

Dear BSCS people,

Hahahahahhaa! Na discover na jud ninyo akong blog no? Gosh, I think mahibaw-an ninyo more than a half sa akong gina isip. Pero sige lang, blog ma ni cya. Kung naa man moy nalaman na secret or mga chorvaness, I-secret lang ninyo within yourselves. Ayaw i chika-chika or i-chorva. XDDD

Kay mag shift man ko next sem, adto lang mo diri sa akong blog kung gusto ninyo mahibaw-an kung naunsa na ko. :)))

Unta mag-enjoy mo sa pagbasa sa akong blog ug somehow, maka relate pud mo aning akong gamay na kalibutan. :DDDD

Akong nahibaw-an na kabalo ani akong blog kay si Henny, Loraine, Christine, Herzon, Rona, Dulce ug L.A. Kung naa pay lain na nakabalo aning lugaraha ni, pahibalo lang mo. :))))

Kung naa man tao sa reality na mag-fit sa akong gina-post, hinumdumi ninyo na coincidence ra to. XDDDDD



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Angel Make-up

I attended a Masquerade in school. It was also Dulce's (my classmate) 18th birthday and we surprised her with cake, candles, and roses.

I was the one who put make-up on myself. I don't know if it looks angelic to you but that's what my classmates are saying. Btw, here are my pictures when I arrived home. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Being vain while studying...

Pardon my stressed face. XD

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why do people cry?

People cry for many reasons. It can be because if extreme sadness, extreme happiness, or for no reason at all...

As of right now, I wanna cry but there seem to be no tears coming out from my eyes. Maybe I am already tired of crying. I'm used to being hurt and I'm used to failing already.

Maybe I've become numb.

Numb to the extent that failure doesn't scare me anymore. Failure was previously one of my greatest fear.

Still, I am determined to carry on with my life and struggle some more.