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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fourth Year Titus Class Prophecy


Fourth Year Titus Class Prophecy
by: Dianne D. Morales
Batch 2010-2011

A beautiful Saturday morning greeted me. I can see the beautiful birds in the skies, soaring through the feathery clouds above. I went to my balcony and basked in the astounding sunlight. Winter is over, spring is here! I thanked God for the magnificent day He gave me.
I now work as a Computer Programmer in a computer software company here in Japan. The company gave me a reward of two-month vacation with all expenses paid because of making an excellent anti-virus program. I was in high spirits because I can finally visit my home country, the Philippines. I’m quite lonely because I live alone in my house for about three years already. I am now twenty six years old and single.
I went to the living room and caught sight of the photo albums I brought with me. As I opened a photo album, it landed to the page where my fourth year class picture was placed. It’s already been ten years since my high school graduation. I never had seen any of my classmates around since that day. I really wanted to see them and talk to them already, but I think that this Saturday is not yet the time for that.
I decided to go for a walk since winter is finally over. The grass and the trees were full of life again. I went to a nearby park and sat down on one of the benches. Then, I saw a girl with a long straight hair, holding a big sketch pad and pencil in hand. I thought to myself, “I think I know that girl…” She then faced in my direction and my intuition was right! She was MERRY CHIMERA ORAIZ. I said in a loud voice, “Mer!” She looked back to me and replied, “Dianne!” Merry went in front of me and we hugged each other. I remember Merry as a very solemn person in the class, but a really amusing friend. Then, we sat in one of the benches in the park. I discovered that Merry is now a world renowned fashion designer. Her theme for her next fashion show is “Spring in Japan.” This is the reason why she is gathering ideas for her designs in the park.
As we were having a conversation, Merry’s phone rang. It was from a talent agency. They already need the clothing that she designed for their lead actress to wear in a new movie. I went with Merry in the studio because I had nothing else to do.
As we arrived, we were welcomed by the people in the studio. A person guided us to the dressing room of the actress. Merry knocked the door and the actress opened it. The actress exclaimed, “Ianne! Meroy!” I easily recognized the voice. She was IVY DELOS SANTOS. Ivy is really a compassionate friend. She always makes people giggle with her antics. The three of us held hands as we were jumping up and down due to excitement. Ivy now works as an actress and a showbiz personality. As we were talking about our new and old experiences, someone knocked on the door. Ivy said, “It must be the stylist.” She opened the door and poof! It was GUILA ROSE RUBIS. I remember Guila as a firm and brave person. Again, the four of us did the jumping up and down thing. Guila is now a famous hair stylist and make-up artist working for a famous beauty product line. The movie that Ivy is going to make is an international movie that is why it requires excellent fashion designers and make-up artists.
The director called Ivy and we followed her. Merry, Guila, and I gasped. Her leading man for the movie she’s making is one of the actors we badly want to meet. Luckily, he was with his nine co-members. Again, we were experiencing hyperventilation and too much sweating, just like what we felt in high school. Sadly, I had to go and said adieu to the Merry, Ivy, and Guila.
I left the place with a huge beam on my face. On my way to the house, I came across a woman. She was dressed in formal clothing. I asked, “Oh! Rose!” She looked and exclaimed, “Oh my! Dianne! I never thought I’d meet you here!”
ROSE ANGELIC DEE PONA is now a nutritionist in a hospital. Rose is really a person you can rely on. Back in high school, she was also a whiz in numbers. I told her, “I saw Ivy, Merry and Guila a while ago. I never thought we’d all be in the same country.” She replied, “Ah, that’s such a waste. I wanted to see them too.” After we talked, we parted our ways. She was headed to the hospital and I was heading to my abode.
I really missed my high school friends. I went back to my house because I will board the plane tomorrow and go to my first stop, the US of A. I hope to experience more good things to happen to me during my trip.
When morning came, I went to the airport and rode the airplane going to the US. I looked at my side and stared at the person with the shades and cap. The person said, “Dianne!” I looked at her for the second time. She removed her shades and cap. The person was VANESSA NACARIO. She is now working as an accountant in an American Company. I wasn’t surprised because back in our high school days, Vanessa is truly good at numbers, making her a good accountant. She was also from Japan to straighten out some financial things.
When the plane landed, Vanessa and I parted ways. She was off to Chicago and I want to go to the “Big Apple”, or the New York City.
It was already night. I was walking in the well-known Times Square in New York City. The shimmering lights flabbergasted my little eyes. Unfortunately, I was very wrapped up with the lights. A robber grabbed my bag with all my money and everything! I chased the robber and tripped. I injured my knee, and I saw two policemen chase the burglar. They retrieved my bag and the three of us went to the police station.
Then, we arrived at the police station. When it was already bright, I recognized them. They were my classmates in fourth year, CYRUS VINCENT JUABAN and JULES IAN LIMBAGA. They really became the godly policemen they promised to the class.
I thanked Cyrus and Jules for helping me catch the robber. I need to go to the hospital because I got a really unpleasant injury. I arrived at the nearest hospital and a person assisted me. I think he looks like VALENCIO MACATURAC. I remember Val as a very jolly person who is a natural comedian. He always makes the class happy by his humorous jokes. I recognized him and asked, “Val? Is that you?” Val exclaimed, “Dianne! I almost did not recognize you. What happened?” I replied, “I chased a robber and tripped. By the way, I saw some of our classmates during my travel.” Val replied, “Aya and Carla are also working in this hospital. I will call them.”
After that, the two girls arrived; CARLA MAY ALPECHE and AYA ONUMA. They exclaimed, “Dianne! It’s been a long time! How are you?” I replied, “I’m fine but at the same time, not fine.” Aya said, “Don’t worry; your injury will be okay. We’ll put some medicines to it.” Back in high school, Carla and Aya were close friends. They both try their best in their studies. It’s good to see that the close friends are still together even after ten years. I said, “Thanks.” Carla said, “I really miss the Philippines. When will you go there?” I replied, “Maybe next week.”
After the medical technologists, Aya, Valencio, and Carla put some medications, I left the hospital. As I approached the exit, someone called me. I looked and it was APPLE COLLANTES. She is now a psychologist in this hospital. During our high school, I’ve known Apple as a fun and at the same time, firm person. After talking to her, I left the hospital and proceeded to my hotel room. I thought, “The class picture had some kind of enchantment. After looking at it, I saw my classmates that I was looking forward to meet once more.”
The next morning, I was too lazy to cook. I went out of my hotel room to check out the food in the restaurant downstairs. There was a glass in the kitchen. I recognized the chef. He was FEDERICO FLORO. I waved to him and he waved back. He was cooking some delicious food for the customers.
After eating the delicious food Federico made, I went back to my room and turned on the television. It was on the Sports Channel. It was the end of a soccer game. The telecaster said, “The last goal was made by JULIO SOBREPENA, our star player.” I said to myself, “Wow, JU is now a eminent soccer player.
I rode the elevator and went downstairs to pay for my lodging in the hotel. By the way, this hotel is the largest one in the United States. As I arrived at the front desk, a man was supervising the counters. I didn’t recognize him at first. The person called me. I looked at him and realized he was ADRIANNE KURT SABATE. He is now the accountant of this hotel in the USA. Adrianne was a very good mathematician and a job as an accountant fits him faultlessly.
My boss called me and said that I must attend an exhibit about computers. I agreed and went there. When I arrived, I saw some computer programs and robots that are very superior. Someone called me, “Dianne!” I looked back and it was LORAINE RUTH LUMEN. She was also my classmate in high school. She also works as a Computer Scientist and is the spokesperson of the exhibit. After we talked about our experiences, I said goodbye to Loraine, left the exhibit and went back to my hotel room.
I was already staying for two weeks in the US and have to go to Korea. I boarded the airplane and just slept because I was so worn-out.
When I arrived in Korea, I heard someone call me from afar. I looked at that person. She said, “Dianne, It’s me, Rika!” It was RIKA MARIA ROCERO. She is now working as an accountant in a bank in Korea. I recall Rika as a very talented and confident person back in high school. I replied, “Hello Rika! It’s been long!”
After talking to Rika, I saw a person holding a blueprint in his hand. I looked closely and I realized that he was CHRISTIAN MARK CLEMENTE. He is now an architect and is constructing this gigantic building I see in front of me. I bade goodbye to Christian after chatting with him.
I suddenly felt hungry. I saw a restaurant and it was named, “Cheonsaui Leseutolang.” I don’t really understand what it meant but I entered because I was really hungry. A woman approached me and took my order. The menu was all Korean food. I asked the woman if they serve other kind of food. She said yes. I saw Carbonara Pasta and ordered it. I looked at the counter and recognized ANGELIC JAN RAMOS. I called her, “Angel!” She looked at me and approached me. Angel said that the restaurant’s name means “Angel’s Restaurant.” She is the owner of the restaurant and the head chef at the same time.
My next stop is Thailand! I boarded the plane during the afternoon and arrived in Thailand in the evening.
I stayed at a hotel to rest. Tomorrow, I will be a speaker for the students in Thailand. The topic will be about computers.
The next morning, I woke up early. I went to that certain high school. As I was walking along the corridor, I saw a tall woman holding a book in hand. I waited until she will face me. When she did, I recognized her. She is JOSIE ESCABARTE. Jojo was a new student from Thailand during our fourth year. I recall her as a really nice person. I exclaimed, “Jojo!” She also called me and we talked to each other. I learned that Jojo already works as a Math teacher here in Thailand.
After talking to Jojo, I went inside the classroom of the high school students. They were very good listeners indeed. After my talk, I bade the students a goodbye and walked going back to the hotel.
As I was walking along the streets, I saw a very cute dog. I know it has an owner because it had a dog collar. I picked it up and I saw that it had a very large wound. What a poor dog.
I looked around for any veterinary clinic. Luckily, I saw one immediately. I went inside and people were speaking Thai. I can’t understand anything. Suddenly someone said, “Oi Dianne!” I looked and recognized PAUL CHRISTIAN ALBARAN. Paul was a very funny comedian back in high school. He is now an animal doctor or a veterinarian.
It seems that the dog’s owner didn’t show up yet. I have no choice but to bring the dog with me. I named the dog Tamu. Fortunately, pets are allowed inside the hotel I’m staying at, but they have a special corner.
I decided to go sightseeing around Thailand for a while. I saw their most beautiful places there is to see. I took pictures of the place.
Suddenly, someone poked my shoulder. I looked back. They were two boys. I looked at them closely and they laughed. I finally said, “Oh! I didn’t recognize the two of you.”
The two boys were DAN GABRIEL MAJOMOT and KEITH ENRIC TAOY. They were already Computer Engineers in a computer software company. They were having their business trip here. I was bringing Tamu and Dan claimed it has his. He said that it ran away from him. I said that it acquired a wound that is why there are bandages around its leg. After returning the dog to Dan, I said goodbye to them.
Finally, tomorrow, I will go to the Philippines! I will board the evening plane and arrive during the morning.
As I stepped inside the plane, a voice said, “Please turn off your electronic devices like cell phones.” I turned it off and wore earplugs. I hold on tightly to my seat as the plane took off. I still have a little fear even though I traveled several times already.
I saw a stewardess pushing a cart with some goodies. I was quite hungry so I decided to get food. I looked at the stewardess and was surprised. I asked, “Joanne?” She replied, “Dianne! Yes, it’s me.”
JOANNE CLARISSE VILLAFUERTE is now a flight attendant in an international airline company. Joanne was a very artistic person and an approachable one too.
The plane landed in NAIA. My family is in Davao so I have to stay in a hotel for one day.
As I entered the hotel, I went to the front desk to get my key card. Surprisingly, someone called me from afar. I looked back and was shocked. She was a dressed in a military outfit. I gave her a confused look and she said that she was MARIA MIANNE BABAYEN-ON. She is now one of the militaries in our country.
After I talked with Mianne, I rode the elevator and saw a very familiar face. I disregarded him and I thought that I’m just mistaken. The person called, “Dianne!” I gave a second look and I realized that he was LEOMAR TAYAO. I learned that he is now a seaman. After reaching the floor of my room, I bade Leomar a goodbye.
The Next Day, I rode the airplane going to my hometown, Davao City. I was feeling excited to go back and see my family and friends.
Finally, I reached Davao City! The thing is, bad news greeted me. My nephew was admitted in the hospital. After putting my things inside my house, I directly went to the hospital since my mother, father and brother were there. As I entered the elevator, I saw a nurse who looks very familiar to me. I looked twice, and she was RONEL JANE ALMINE. I exclaimed, “Ronx!” She replied, “Dianne! Long time no see! How are you now?” I replied, “I work as a computer programmer already. I can see you’re now a nurse.”
After reaching the third floor, I bid goodbye to Ronel. I walked going to my nephew’s room and a guy was also walking in an opposite direction. The guy said, “Dianne!” I looked for the second time and realized that he was ELISHA IMMANUEL CASTRO. He is now working as a lawyer. After we talked, I said goodbye and proceeded to my nephew’s room.
When I finally arrived in my nephew’s room, they hugged me because they haven’t seen me for three years already. I also gave my “pasalubong” to them and of course, to my sick nephew.
I decided to go out for a while and buy some food. As I was walking along a hallway, someone was staring at me. I looked into that person. The person said, “Dianne, it’s me, Honey!” I looked twice and indeed, she was HONEY LEIGH APUD. Honey invited me to her clinic for a while because she was not busy.
Then we arrived at her clinic. As we entered, I saw KIRK CLYDE ANDEE RETES inside. Kirk was already a computer programmer in a certain computer company.
I went home with my family after we visited my nephew. My family and I had a bonding because it’s already been long since we saw each other. As we were watching television, I recognized a man who was performing a rap. I couldn’t determine who he was at first, but after the performance, the TV host said he was “K.Thugs” Right! He’s KENNETH BYRON TOMAS. He is now a famous rapper and a showbiz personality.
My family and I decided to go to the mall after my nephew was discharged from the hospital. I decided to split with them for a while. I realized that it had been a long time since I last went to this mall. Now, it’s much bigger and better. I saw a very cute shop of clothes and other accessories, I decided to enter. The shop sells really nice things. As I was looking around, a person greeted me, “Hello ma’am, welcome to my shop.” I looked closely, “Mel?” The girl looked at me with a confused face and asked, “Eh? How come you know my… oh! Dianne! It’s you!”
The girl is MELJEAN MARIE CARLOS is now a businesswoman and a shop-owner. She said she co-owns the shop with her business partners, GIESSELL CASTANEDA and LOUELA MARIE GEPONIA. The three of us talked each other for a while. MARIO YANEZ was also there. He was an asset in their shop that suggests ideas to make their shop grow and make good products.
After talking to Meljean, I left her shop. Then, my cousin called me and invited me to have dinner in their house. I immediately went and rode a taxi going to their house.
Then, I arrived at my cousin’s house. She was an architect. She had a party because of the success of their company. There were also other architects in the party.
I looked around and saw a familiar face. I approached her and said, “Toni!!” The woman looked back and replied, “Dianne!” We talked about our experiences and TONI ANNE TRINIDAD is now an architect. Toni was a very good friend of mine back in high school. She told me to look at the next table and said that JAN VANDYKE UY is now an engineer in the same company Toni and my cousin is working at.
After the party in my cousin’s house, I rode a taxi and decided to drop by my former school, the Holy Child School of Davao. I went inside to see my former teachers: Sir Chris, who was our fourth year class adviser and Math teacher; Teacher Mary, our English and Values teacher; Teacher Vivian, our Filipino Teacher; Sir Lhester, our Physics teacher; Teacher Ria, our Social Studies teacher; Teacher Sheila; Teacher Dianne, our computer teacher; Teacher Joey, Teacher Anne, and Teacher Fe.
These people helped us to become what we are right now. We are indebt to them and they deserve all of our thanks.
I left my former school with a huge grin on my face. I rode a taxi again on the way to my house. I have five days left to stay here in the Philippines and I must make the most out of it. Strangely, as I opened my planner, my fourth year class picture which I saw on the way back in Japan was there. I looked at it and stared at each of my classmate’s faces. I thanked God for giving me a chance to travel to see them. I’m happy for our class because all of us became successful individuals in different fields. Our days spent together in our high school years really meant a lot for all of us. I closed the planner with the class picture inside and stared at the view outside the taxi window. I realized that the surroundings had changed, and the fourth year Titus as well, in the span of ten long years.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lord, how am I gonna surpass all of these? I failed a million times already. I’m losing my hopes. I tried my best, but I still fail. Am I made for failure? Am I here on Earth to let others see how I FAIL? I really want to succeed Lord, but then I don’t know where to start. Everything is shattered into a million pieces already. IT’S TOO LATE. I can’t do anything to change the things or make my failures a success. I need a MIRACLE. I need inspiration and drive. HELP ME. I BADLY NEED HELP. I want to be the same person I was before. Please turn me back. Just, please.