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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cosplay Before and After :)

Yes, these two pictures are just one person. XD

Hi there, I just wanna share my cosplay before and after. I saw some friends doing it here on Facebook. I thought, “Hey, why not post my own?” This is quite a long post. :D


I started cosplaying during 2008, though I wasn’t really that active. I had no connections and I didn't attend conventions because I didn't know any that were being held before in Davao. I didn't really get to go out that much because my parents didn't allow me to. At that time, cosplaying was not yet mainstream as it is now. I also had very limited allowance that's why I don't get to produce costumes immediately. Still, it was fun looking at myself in the mirror, alone in my room wearing my cosplay. From year 2008-2010, I just managed to produce one to two costumes a year. I was that poor (lol).

Little by little, at the start of 2011, I bought my first wig. I was in college already that’s why my meager allowance can somehow manage. I also gained a little freedom. It was not easy at first. I had no friends in the cosplay community, I only had my best friends (whom I influenced to cosplay later on) to relate my cosplay endeavours with. (I don’t know why I didn’t gain any friend in the cosplay community. Maybe I’m just not an active congoer, or I look scary T_T). I am also very shy and socially awkward, especially in person. My best friends and I didn’t go to events that much either. We just had “noob” photoshoots at our friend’s house. Our cosplays were really not the best (no wig, no proper makeup, no lenses, no HQ camera, etc..), but we had fun times.

I faced a lot of issues, weight was one of those. It was because I was overweight. People also said things like, “Di bagay sa’yo yan” (That character doesn’t suit you) or “You are not really fit for cosplay”. Those words even came from some of my friends and schoolmates. It's really disheartening. Plus, I was the person who believed that I am not pretty, or even decent looking. My confidence was of the level of worms (quoted by my classmate XD). Nevertheless, I still continued to cosplay. I strived hard to improve. I also didn’t know a thing about makeup, contact lenses, and etc... I was really bad at makeup, but I watched countless of tutorials (thanks Michelle Phan) and improved throughout the years (or do so I believe. Hahahaha)

Cosplay did a lot of good things to me. It made me improve myself. I also had an outlet for being a manga and anime addict. I also discovered that I had hidden artistic talents within me (My course is more on the Science and logical side of life XD). It made me increase my self-confidence. If you love what you are doing, never give up. Always do your best. Do not try please anyone because some people will naturally find faults in you. You'll just be dissapointed if you do cosplay for fame and never be truly happy. In the end, their opinions doesn't make them a better person. It's only what you believe in that matters. :)