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Friday, July 30, 2010

7/20 Johnny's Summary Report

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Seats were on the third floor in the second level a little off center (toward the right). the fence in front of the third level was a bit high so we had to lean pretty far forward to see anyone on the main stage. If they were on the back stage it was okay, but when they came forward it was hard to see them...not very good planning.

When we came into the area, we were all handed pink 3D glasses. There was a VTR intro that was 3D with all the members representing different areas of the world. Okamoto was - of course - england. Nakajima was Italy and he was wearing a chef's outfit. Yabu was wearing a yellow soccer uniform. I think Arioka was in Africa on like a safari or something.

The show started with some standard flying - nothing out of the ordinary. Okamoto introduced the members in English (we noticed that he mumbles a lot). Nakajima played the drums, and he lost a drumstick while playing. Well, it's only the second day so they're bound to make mistakes. Okamoto had to adjust his mic one time.

This was new - all the members had dogs that kind of resembled them. The dogs all did tricks...or at least they were supposed to. A couple of the dogs (like nakajima's) were just jumping around and didn't properly do their tricks. The dogs also jump roped and did like a conga line and one of the dogs navigated around little poles while rolling on an inflatable soccer ball (it knocked one of the poles over). The dogs were very cute though - it must be a new johnny's trend with live animals...horses in KAT-TUN and now dogs in summary!?

There were assorted "themed" songs for different parts of the world. I think in the china area they sang Your Seed. At one point they were dancing in the "airport" and police Yabu got angry at them for dancing. He asked where Okamoto wanted to go and he said "England." and yabu's like "...huh?" and he said "England." and Yabu's like "ohhh, Igirisu!" I think sometime after he finds Hikaru with a dog and he's like "what's that!?" and Hikaru's like "ワンちゃんっぽい...お父さん" and Yabu let him go HAHA. After that it's actually a blur until they got to the America part. In accordance with being in new york, they sang NYC. I'm not a huge fan of NYC Boys but I love that song and the bunny ears dance. Then it was over...first we look over and see Hikaru on the third level in the aisle, and he asks people where they're from. Then before I knew it, Nakajima was walking down our aisle. I screamed without even anticipating screaming. He turned to face us, but didn't ask his "what kind of food do you like?" to us (even though we were screaming his name and AMERICA KARA!!). I was shaking when he left because he was SO CLOSE. The girl he ended up asking answered (very timidly) that she liked strawberries.

So then all the members were in assorted aisles (maybe making up for the fact that the view from the seats SUCKED). One girl said she was from tokyo and Chinen was like "that's close! oh wait, that's here!" and then another member said "We're in New York!" and he's like "oh. that's FARRR!"

They had a Hey! Say! 7 versus Hey! Say! BEST part. It was red versus blue (I remember this because someone said "It's like Pokemon!" and I laughed). I think it was mostly just dancing/singing battle. OH DID I MENTION? OKAMOTO'S ARMS ARE PRETTY BUFF NOW.

Then Arioka and Yamada did tightrope walking (successfully). Chinen did some acrobatics with professionals but one time he fell when he was trying to be caught by the other guy. The professionals did some more swinging and then chinen went back up and did it successfully. yay Chinen :]

More blur...lots of lasers. they sang hitomi no screen - I remember that. Then toward the end they all came up flying, 'cept they were like, a little higher than the second level so a bit low for us...we couldn't see them if they were directly in front of us. But we WERE near the aisle, so if we looked diagonally down the aisle we could see their faces. Nakajima came by from the left, and we were screaming his name and waving the i-love-you hand signal at him. He was busy singing (I don't even remember what oh geez) and then he looked straight at us and kept singing. and then he signed back and grinned and pointed at us and I DIED INSIDE hahaha. I freaked out and actually had a couple tears down my face.

More blur after that and then it ended. The fans cheered for an encore but they just came out and said bye. The fans cheered more and the security tried to get people out. This is the least specific of my reports but I blame the randomness of Summary...and Nakajima :P

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