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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Morimoto Ryutaro Hanako 08/10 Translation

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Morimoto Ryutaro Hanako 08/10 Translation

Morimoto Ryutaro
“We just completed our 1st album and it turned out amazing,” said Morimoto-kun, his big black eyes glistening. “Especially “Ganbaretsugo” which Hey! Say! 7 sang, it depicts our personality really well. Whether you listen to it or sing it, you become really energetic. Also, the song “AiScream” that Hikaru-kun composed is really impressionable. The lyrics are really unusual so at first I had no idea what he was trying to say. But that itself is really Hikaru-kun like. I love that song.”
His expression on his face when we first asked him about “SUMMARY” was really eager. “It’s finally here~! When I first went on SUMMARY with KAT-TUN and NewS, I was still 9 years old and I had no idea what was going on. I’ve become a bit older and a bit adult-like but irregardless, this will be the best one yet. I’ll be flying all around.” From the first SUMMARY he was in, he has grown an astounding 30cm. When we asked him about his ideal summer date, he gave a very adult-like answer. “If this were possible I would try to make my partner’s wish come true. If she says ‘I don’t know where I want to go~’ then it’ll be kinda hard but if she clearly says, ‘I want to go there!’ then I’ll try my hardest. I’ll try to spoil her as much as possible!” He gave a very honest and personal answer!
How does Morimoto-kun think of his relationship with the other members? “When we first debuted, I was only in 6th grade so I thought of everybody as ‘sempai.’ Of course I was the one being ‘bullied’ and even if they said something that made me angry, I couldn’t say anything back to them. But now, it’s completely different. I can say anything I want at them. That’s how close we are. Before I realized, it had become like that.”
His interest right now, hip hop music, is being fueld by Arioka-kun, who is apparently very knowledgeable. “Daichan really knows a lot about it. He recommends me all these songs. Whenever I have time, I’m listening to it. I love the hip hop rhythm. I feel really good when I listen to it. Some day, it would be awesome if I get to make music like that.”

TO: Ryosuke Yamada
You love sweet things, don’t you. Especially strawberries! You really love it. But I think it’s bad for you if you keep on eating sweet things. You’ll get fat so be careful.

TO: Yuto Nakajima
You said that you wanted to catch bugs right… Catching bugs is fine but make sure you don’t get stung by them. If your eyes ever got stung, that’ll be a huge mess!

TO: Keito Okamoto
You eat so much I think you’re a bit crazy. I’m surprised your stomach isn’t bulging out and I’m a bit worried for you.

TO: Yuri Chinen
I can really feel the “I love Arashi! Arashi’s the best!” emotions from you. But this summer, make that “I love SUMMARY! SUMMARY is the best!”

TO: Ryutaro Morimoto
You also stop eating so much! You ate a meal of cow tongue that was supposed to feed 10 people… Whichever way you think about it, it’s too much. You’re growing too…. You’ll get fat~!!

What made your heart flutter recently that was caused by a girl?
The back of the neck… the nape? That’s the best. When they’re in traditional clothes and they have their hair tied up. I love it when that kind of atmosphere fits a girl. But when they play, they play. I want a girl who is really energetic.

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