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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nakajima Yuto Hanako 08/10 Translation

Nakajima Yuto Hanako 08/10 Translation

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Nakajima Yuto
For his first album, he attempted at writing lyrics, and he showed us a new side of him. He was so glad about the first album, he said this about his joy: “ ‘It’s as if the ‘doko demo door’ has come to real life! I’m that glad!” Doko demo door= a gadget that Doraemon produces. It’s a door and if you say to it, “I want to go ___”, then it’ll take you there.
His innocent smile is lovable. But his voice is husky and it’ll make any girl’s heart flutter. The most impressionable thing he does is during concerts, when he gets hyped up and does everything as if it’s the end of the world. We asked Nakajima-kun what his most charming point was… “Maybe how energetic I am. I always want the people around me to be happy and laugh. I want to be helpful to other people. Before when somebody told my palm fortune, they said, ‘You want to do things for completely strangers.’ (laughs). That’s how I’ll live I guess.”
Currently, they are in the middle of “SUMMARY.” Within the 2 years, has his maturity grown? “I don’t know if I’ve grown so I want the fans to tell me. They watch me very closely so. In a good way. I want to watch my fans closely as well. At the concerts, I really do think, “That fan has come again!” or “S/He brought that fan again!”
His emotions towards his fans are, well, hot. We tried asking him questions about love. He told us that he admires those very dramatic first-encounters. “I really do fall in love at first sight (laughs). Walking around town, I’m doing that constantly. I like cool women too.” Nakajima-kun will be turning 17 in August, and he’s currently taking steps towards adulthood so we asked him about it. “Already 17 huh. (Paused for a moment and with an adult-like voice says) That’s so fast! I don’t want to become an adult. I don’t want to lose my childish self! (laughs).
Straightforward and his core never changes. His never-ending growth makes us excited for what is to come.

TO: Ryosuke Yamada
Yamachan eats too many cold things during the summer so his stomach always gives in. I understand what you’re trying to do, but don’t eat too much ice cream!

TO: Keito Okamoto
I want Keito to watch out for what he does to his body, like his injuries. There are people admiring you so take care of yourself. Also, I want to learn to become like Keito when he does his homework!

TO: Yuri Chinen
Sometimes Chinen eats so little it surprised me. So let’s continue to eat with all the members and let’s all develop lots of physical strength.

TO: Ryutaro Mormito
You’re always getting scolded by Yamachan because you’re always fooling around (laughs). Freshen yourself up so that you don’t get scolded again!

TO: Yuto Nakajima
My safety is my top priority. You use your feet a lot because you do tap and drums so watch out for any injuries. Make sure you eat a lot, sleep early and take care of your body.

What made your heart flutter recently that was caused by a girl?
One time when I got sick, this one girl in my class worried about me and asked me if I was alright. I felt really happy. I want to become like that.

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