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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chinen Yuri Hanako Translation 08/10

Chinen Yuri Hanako Translation 08/10

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Chinen Yuuri

Chinen-kun, known for having that lovable smile, is already 16 years old. He has become a bit adult-like. “Compared to 2 years ago, I’ve grown taller. The last time we did SUMMARY, it felt as if something was missing and I couldn’t quite get to the top. So this year, I plan to power up more. I want to show everybody all the things that I’ve experienced and all the things that I’ve learned. Each of the members has skilled up in their own way, so our plot has rose 3, 4 levels. I’m in charge of flying for SUMMARY, so I bet there’ll be loads of times when you think ‘you’re going to do this?’ or ‘you’re also going to come here?’ Please come and watch!
For his first album solo song “Smile Song” he wrote the lyrics. Looking from a woman’s p.o.v, the message seems to pierce her heart. “ ‘The message is to stop copying people and do something original.’ I bet the fans who comes to see us in the concerts has a lot of déjà vu moments. Our costumes or our make up are always the same. I wanted to put more of myself out there, and show what I could do. What can I do? …. I wonder (laughs). I’ll never lose in acrobatics though. I never want to lose against any of the members! JUMP’s strong point is how friendly we are to each other. Regardless of our age, we all like the same things,” says Chinen-kun.
Recently, he says that he has felt a strong bond with the other members. “Before I arrived at the meeting stop that Keito and I had planned, he brought me a drink that he thought I would like. Maybe we like similar things? He had apparently remembered the drink that we had drank when we were together the last time. Knowing that he’s part of JUMP really relieves me and now I know that I can rely on him!”

TO: Ryosuke Yamada
Dear Yamachan. When you use your hair spray in our backstage room, please don’t use as much~! I think everybody likes them more natural Yamachan.

TO: Yuto Nakajima
Yuto is always running around outside of the concert hall looking for insects in the grassy fields so I think you should start walking around with a magnifying glass! I’ll look for them with you again this year.

TO: Keito Okamoto
Since Keito’s a crybaby, make sure you drink lots of water. You cry really easy and when we try to cheer you up, you cry even more (laughs). Drink lots of water!

TO: Ryutaro Morimoto
Dear Ryutaro. I really have no recollection of being with you! Stop going to the Jr.’s backstage room and stay in JUMP’s room, at least for this year.

TO: Yuri Chinen
To myself. During the concert tours, you get too excited and don’t eat as much but since you use up so much energy, make sure you eat a lot!

What made your heart flutter recently that was caused by a girl?
I don’t really hear a girl’s cute singing voice so it was really new. Also is their arm’s thinness. Different from a guy, a girl’s arm and wrist’s thinness is really pretty and I think it’s really cute. I want to protect them but… will I be able to? (laughs).

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