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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Second Encounter with God

My Second Encounter with God

Sunday, February 14, 2010, is a very special day for me. It’s not because of Valentines Day. It is because of God.

This day, I'm going to have my second Holy Spirit encounter. Ate Vanz invited us to join and marinate ourselves in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The session started but I didn’t receive a gift right away. I didn’t give up and continued to concentrate and thirst for God. Then, without noticing it, I laughed very hard. At the same time, I was also speaking in tongues.

It continued for how many minutes. Then, a certain force pushed me and it led me straight to the floor, lying down.

I continued to speak in tongues, laugh, and weep a little. I really longed for a vision. I thirsted more of God. I told him that I wanted to experience heaven and I would also like to see my future husband. I asked God to protect him from all temptations.

Then, after longing for the vision, he gave me that gift. He showed me the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I assume what I saw was heaven.

Clouds were everywhere. All the things were sparkling, even the waters. It was very bright. The main color I saw was white. It was a very happy and joyous place where problems and evil things do not exist.

Then, God led me to a beautiful rose garden. The color of the rose was silver but when it reflected, it gives off a rainbow color. I asked God if I could pick one and He nodded at me. I also said to him that I wanted my family to experience this happiness too. Then he brought forth my family. My brother, mother and father. We were all very happy.

After that, he led us to a beautiful playground. It was made of fine silvery/white stuff. I ran and hopped into the swing and God played with me. My family and I were having a very happy time at that moment.

After that, we took a slide in the rainbows. I landed on the soft clouds and laughed with God and my family.

We went to the sparkling lake next. It was so beautiful. We went swimming in that beautiful lake. I also want to show my talent to God and give him praises. He was happy with me.

There was a party in heaven. The people/souls in heaven were cheering for Jesus as he was walking in the center aisle. I was included in the choir and we sung a melody to praise him. Then, I flew in the heavens and it was a very nice feeling. I went down to the ground to reunite with my family.

Then, there were flying horses with bright chariots, which they carried. God let me and my family, enter the chariot and we had an amazing ride.

We went down to the chariot. God was ahead of me so I ran to hug him. We walked and it seemed that it was the centered aisle. Before I noticed it, he wasn’t with me anymore.

Then, my mother and father were at my side. They were smiling at me. I cannot see the spectators because it was very bright. The angels sung a very beautiful melody. My simple dress changed to a beautiful, white, wedding gown. I realized that I was the bride of that wedding. God was at the altar, and there was a man standing beside that altar. I realized it was the groom.

I continued to walk towards the altar. I can’t see the guy’s face because it was very bright. As I got at a closer distance, guess who I saw? It was Yuto Nakajima.

I asked God “Is this true Lord? Or this is just my fantasy?” I heard the Lord said, “Just wait my child…”

I looked at God and he was happy. I said to God, “Lord, I am too early for this. I promise to wait and I want to thank You for this vision.” Then, Yuto disappeared, my beautiful gown changed to the simple dress I had earlier.

Then God and my family were seated in a very sparkly chair. I said to the Lord, “I want to see what it will be like during the end of the world.” He nodded and I was now on Earth.

The skies were dark. There were no trees and the soil was so dry. I saw people being persecuted. Then, there were group of people who had the evil mark on their forehead. They were approaching me. They said, “Do not trust the Lord anymore. Come with us.” I did not believe them and I shoved them away with all my force. I said that I will still continue trusting the Lord. Little unknown creatures clung unto me. I asked the Lord to save me. A white lion/horse saved me from the evil clutches of the anti-Christ.

I was back to heaven, panting. I asked God to show me what hell was like.’

We went together and looked at the hell from an elevated place. It was very ugly. The lake of fire was burning the souls into bones. They all asked help, but I cannot do anything. I cried because I pitied them so much.

Then we went back to heaven. I saw how horrible hell was. I promised to God that I will spread His word to save my family. I wanted all of us to have eternal bliss in heaven.

I said to the Lord that I have still some things to be completed on Earth. He smiled and I went down to Earth through riding a cloud. Then I woke up and came back to my senses. I was dizzy and I felt drunk.

It’s really amazing. Even I, cannot believe, that I was given a vision. I got the message of God and I promise to do my mission here on Earth, which is, to spread His word. God’s power is undeniably spectacular.

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