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Monday, February 1, 2010

What a wonderful day I had.

Today is such a wonderful day for me.

Factor 1: My scores in my exams are high! I can't expect the score I got in my Chemistry exam. I got a single mistake. Unfortunately, my mistake was due to obvious carelessness. :( But anyways, I'm very happy.
My Math Score was convincing. Same as my Filipino score and English. The other subject's results are not yet out. I pray that I would still feel this utmost joy when the results come.

Factor 2: Syndrome is a happy group again, like what it is before. I strongly wish that this will continue until the end. I wish that the conflict with the other two members would be resolved.

Factor 3: Many things made me laugh today. I appreciated the world and the people around me.

Factor 4: My parents seem to be happy with me. I'm proud of myself then. hehe.

These are all the factors that made my day. ^_^ They're simple, yet heartwarming. These simple things can give you unconditional happiness.

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