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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Morning~!

Good morning everyone~! I just woke up from my deep sleep...

I'm feeling so good after exams. My scores were satisfying, and everything is smooth sailing. :)
I'm loving God more everyday. Thanks to the people who led me closer to him. They let me realize that he is REAL. He is indeed, a living God.

I'm also congratulating Hey Say JUMP for topping the Oricon Charts. Omedetou Hey Say Jump!

Regarding about crush thing.
He's still my crush until now. I don't know what he has, or what he did to my eyes. But, I know, this can lead me to greater things in the future. He can make me overcome all boys (reality ones) and he can make me a pure woman until I get married.

In my opinion, it is better to dream a fantasy, than to expect in reality. When dreaming in fantasy, in the first place, when "that fantasy guy" gets a girlfriend or whatsoever, you'll never get hurt because you know, in the first place, that it is impossible to get him.

In reality, when that guy gets someone, it really does hurt. You were expecting to get him, and yes, you can reach him. But look at yourself now, you're crying in despair. You expected too much for nothing. Before, he liked you, and you expected. Then, he found somebody else and left you. Now, that's not fair.

But when the time comes, and that "fantasy guy" turns out to be your destiny, then you will live HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

My outlook on boys changed when I was still in third grade. I don't want to tell you the details because this is a blog. Maybe, one day he will read this and he will think that he is the one I'm talking about. PUH-LEASE, you're nothing in my life, you're just part of Earth's gases.

I'm ending my post here. Ja~!

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