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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Six)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 6

The Red Tint on His Cheeks

She opened the door. Nakajima was there, sleeping. My body woke him up. Yuto opened his eyes and he became very irritated. He exclaimed, “Hey! Why are you waking me up at this very late hour!” The ghost said, “I need something from you.” Yuto said, “Eh? Hayashi? Wait, it can’t be you. Don’t tell me…” The ghost inserted, “Yes, I’m in control of this girl’s body right now. I am the legendary ghost of this house. You must do my little commands so that I will be able to cross to the next life.” Yuto said, “Alright then. Promise me you’ll leave right after your commands are done.” The ghost replied, “No problem…”

The ghost inside of me said, “I only have three wishes. You must grant these, or else, I will take this girl’s body forever. It is 12 AM right now. At 2 AM sharp, you must comply with my wishes. You only have two hours, boy.”

I thought, “What will happen to me if Nakajima cannot comply with the three wishes? I’ll be dominated by her for the rest of my life!”

Yuto asked, “Okay, let’s start. What would be your first wish?”

The ghost inside of me said, “Give me a manicure and a pedicure!”

Yuto exclaimed, “What? I don’t even know how to do those! And you know, we can’t go to a salon at this hour!”

The ghost replied, “Okay then, you know what will happen if you cannot do it…”

Yuto cut her sentence and said, “Okay fine! I’ll do what I can in that manicure and pedicure whatsoever thing. I’ll get some tools first. Wait here.”

Yuto left to get the things. I said to myself, “Oh my, I never had a manicure and a pedicure before! What is this ghost planning to do?!”

The ghost heard me and said, “Please bear with me for a while Sawako. I really have to do this…to get ready for something.”

I asked, “What is it?”

The ghost said, “You’ll know later… I beg of you, Sawako. Please help me.”

I demanded, “Then, return my body even if Nakajima cannot complete the three tasks!” The ghost replied, “Now that’s a different story. You can’t do anything, but to follow me for now.”

I want to fight back, but the ghost is too strong. I can’t control my body.

Yuto came back with the manicure and pedicure tools. The ghost sat down and Yuto started to do his task number 1.

I feel a ticklish sensation when Yuto started to pedicure. The ghost said, “Boy, you’re quite good. Have you done this before?”

He said, “My father trained me even the oddest works like this. Don’t ask anything more. Well, I was just wondering, there were no pedicures or manicures during your time, but how did you know about them?”

The ghost replied, “You know, I’ve been here wandering in the mortal world for many years already! I have seen people change and as well as the surroundings!”

The ghost just smiled while Yuto was working hard to finish the manicure and pedicure thing. The ghost said, “Now put come white, glittery, nail polish on my nails.”

Yuto started painting my nails. I thought, “Wow, this guy sure is good. He’s like a perfect househusband. Arrgh, what the heck am I thinking. I better figure out some solutions to get this ghost out of me as soon as possible.”

As soon as Yuto finished his first task, the ghost said, “Okay, you’ve done your first task very well. For your second task, you must do this boring girl a facial and put make-up. Then, dress this body in a wedding gown.”

Yuto exclaimed in disbelief, “What do you think of me, a beautician?! I can’t do something like that! Besides, we don’t have wedding gowns in here!”

The ghost replied, “Little boy, This is my task. You know what happens if you won’t follow it. If wedding gowns are what you’re looking for, there is! It is found in your mom’s closet.” Yuto reluctantly sighed and said, “Okay fine. But how did you know about my mom’s closet?” The ghost said, “I’ve been visiting this house once a year, I know it better than you do!”

“OH MY! My secret will be revealed! This can’t be! The fake pimples will be found out!” I screamed out in my head loud.

The ghost whispered to me, “It’s a command my dear. I am the one controlling your body. If these three tasks will not be accomplished, say goodbye to your body.” I rolled my eyes and whispered to myself, “You said that so many times already.”

Deep inside of me, I am actually worried. There are still many things that I want to do like finishing school, being a successful neurologist and travel the world!”

I suddenly remembered, I’m going to have a facial! My deepest darkest secret would be revealed.

Yuto said, “Alright ghost. I’m going to perform the facial now.”

Yuto started to put some creams, or whatever it is on my face. His hands strong, but not rough. I feel that my disguises coming off. It’s too late now. I’m exposed. The ghost said, “You’re quite good boy, I never thought you can do these things. You can be a beautician you know!”

Yuto looked so mad and exclaimed, “My father put me to training so I know almost all household and these kinds of jobs! I never dreamed to become a beautician!!”

The ghost said, “You look so cute when you’re mad. Hohohohohohoho.” Yuto just ignored her teasing and started to rinse the cream off my face.

Oh crap. My secret would be revealed!

The rinsing is finally done. Yuto looked at me, surprised. He asked, “Ha-ha-hayashi, does your skin look clear like this?” I couldn’t reply because the ghost was in control of me.

The ghost replied to him, “Are you surprised of how pretty this girl can look? She doesn’t put any effort that is why she looks so hideous and boring. Now, hurry up boy. We only have an hour left! Get me the wedding gown!”

Yuto brought us (the ghost and I) to his mother’s room. As soon as we arrived there, he led us into the closet. He said, “Wear what you desire.” The ghost got to excited and started to check the clothes. It was really an amazing closet. Well, what would you expect from this family? Riches, riches, and riches…

I just noticed, Yuto kept on looking at me. Maybe he was wondering how my skin and my face looked clear. Well, I’ll think of some alibis as soon as this annoying ghost gets out of my body.

At last, the ghost found her perfect dress, a long, voluminous wedding gown. The ghost immediately wore it and went out of the closet, maybe to show Yuto.

The ghost asked, “How do I look? I mean, how does Sawako look?” Yuto didn’t say anything. A light red tint marked on his cheeks. Maybe it was too warm in this room. Instead of commenting, Yuto changed the topic and said, “My mother wore that during her engagement party.” The ghost said, “It’s a really nice gown. It really looks good on me and on Sawako-chan too. Let me put on make-up to liven up my face a bit…”

After the ghost applied make-up on my face, Yuto impatiently declared, “Oi ghost, what’s your final wish?” The ghost folded her arms and said, “Bring me to the nearest church…”

Yuto looked very scared and said, “C-c-church? I-isn’t it too scary to go over there in this late h-h-hour?” Wickedly smiling, the ghost said, “It’s your last task. The future of this girl will depend on you.”

He looked really scared. His feet were shaking as we went to the basement parking of the Nakajima Household. I bet he was really scared. Surprisingly, even though he’s very tall, he’s a scaredy-cat.

Yuto started the engine. The ghost controlling me, sat at the back seat. I didn’t know that Yuto knew how to drive.

Then we arrived at the church. It was very creepy after all. The ghost passed through the aisle. I was walking with Yuto along the aisle. It is a wedding without music and people.

As soon as we reach the altar, the ghost said, “For your third and last task…”

Yuto impatiently said, “Tell me now. Hurry up!”

The ghost said, “You must kiss me.”

I was like, “What the heck? Why would the ghost want a kiss from Nakajima?!”

Yuto refused and said, “But this is too much! I can’t possibly kiss you…”

The ghost released a smirk and said, “You know what will happen if you cannot fulfill your last task. The body of this girl will be my property forever… You better hurry up. There’s only a minute left.”

Yuto sighed and said, “I guess I must do it after all. I’m sorry, Hayashi…”

I can see his face getting nearer and nearer mine. I want to close my eyes to lessen the tension, but the ghost wont. Our lips are lesser than an inch apart now. My heart is beating fast! It’s my first kiss. My first kiss…

Before our lips could touch, a strong wind came from the church door. A voice said, “Stop playing around with them Nagihiko. I’m here now.”

It was another ghost.

The ghost inside of me said, “Kenji… I thought you won’t come for me. I waited. All I wanted was to get married before I go to the next life…”

Kenji approached Nagihiko saying, “I’m sorry Nagihiko. You’ve waited too long…”

I felt like myself again. The ghost, Nagihiko, left my body. Nagihiko bowed her head and said, “I’m sorry for bothering you Sawako, Yuto.”

Yuto asked, “What exactly happened to you Nagihiko?”

Nagihiko started to narrate…

I was about to get married to Kenji. The two of us were very happy. You see, I came from a rich family while Kenji was from a poor one. Our love was forbidden.

My family was against our love. During the day of our wedding, my parents trapped me. Kenji waited and waited, but I never came…

One day, I heard that Kenji died from depression. I on the other hand, got sick and eventually died.

I got trapped in the garden of your house. Once a year, I’m allowed to go inside your house to use a body of a young lady to be able to leave the gates and meet Kenji. I thought he deserted me that is why I asked you to kiss me instead. I need a kiss to cross to the other life.

I asked, “But Kenji must be the one to kiss you right? Not Nakajima?”

Nagihiko replied, “Yes, that’s true. I got too impatient that’s why. I know another person’s kiss wouldn’t work, only Kenji’s. By the way Sawako, thank you for helping me.”

I just slightly nodded at her in return.

Kenji declared, “Ah Nagihiko, it’s time for us to cross to the next life.”

Nagihiko replied, “Yes Kenji, we’ve waited for many years already…”

The two ghosts, Nagihiko and Kenji finally kissed. They disappeared and went to the next life.

With a slight red tint on his cheeks, Yuto said, “Hayashi, let’s go home.”

I replied to him, “Hai…”

I thought to myself, “He had that red tint on his cheeks again. They call it a blush? Well, whatever it is, I’m sure it is very warm today because it made his face red…

Red tint… a blush on his cheeks due to the warm temperature at 2 AM.

To be continued….

Author’s Note: MINNA~ How was it? ^_^

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