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Thursday, May 9, 2013

L-Email Wig Review

Hey People~

I'm doing this wig review again, from L-Email brand. I bought this from Oi Tara Shop on Facebook (Last 2012). The owner is really nice. I claimed my wig via meet-up because we're both from Davao City. I used this wig for my L Lawliet/Sasuke and random guy trial cosplays.

Okaaays, on to the review!

The wig was really spiky and nice. It's also easy to style because it's not overly soft. It's also manageable (because it's short of course).


Without Flash:

With Flash

Pics when worn: 


  1. Easy to style and create spikes
  2. Thick enough
  3. Not shiny
  1. Quite pricey (compared to VRC and Misaki), but still affordable.
  2. Rough-ish and hard
  3. Frizzy on the scalp area (I guess this is also to create the volume of the wig)  
Will I repurchase?
Maybe yes, if I see something I like from their brand.

Will I recommend this?
Yes, for their short wigs. I haven't tried their long wigs yet. I heard they have good long wigs though.I would also recommend this for wigs that needs lots of styling. It's easy to work with.

That would be all~
Jaaaa-ne~! :D

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