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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter One)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter One

My First Day in Horikoshi High School.

Tomorrow will be my first day in Horikoshi High School, known as the elite and high class school throughout Japan. I’m not a very rich girl or a company heiress; I’m just a normal girl, who passed the scholarship exam. The scholarship covers the tuition fees only, which means that I have to work on my own for my food expenses and my boarding. Almost all of my life, I’ve worked on a part-time job. I’m used to living the hard life.

Living the hard life was not really burden for me, but another complication came. My father, who is the only family member I have, is sent to work overseas. He has no choice, but to follow. If you’re wondering if I still have a mother, I would answer yes. But she left us when I was still five years old. I don’t know the exact reason for that, and my father avoids the topic.

Given the opportunity of passing the elite scholarship, my father chose to let me stay in Japan. He said, “Sawako, I know that you really worked hard to pass that scholarship, and I can’t ruin your dreams. Don’t worry, I’ll send you money every month.”

I replied, “Don’t worry otou-san, I’ll manage somehow. I have a part-time job and I guess that’s enough for my food and lodging.” My father smiled at me as he pulled his luggage. We rode a taxi and went to the airport.

As we arrived in the airport, it was already time for my father’s flight. We hugged each other and he promised that he will call me often. I felt really sad. Even though my dad is quite immature and irresponsible sometimes, I can never ask for a better dad in the whole wide world than him.

I looked up at the skies and watched the airplane. I wished that somehow, I’ll be fine. I’m still seventeen and living alone is quite scary.

I reached inside my pocket to get my handkerchief, but instead, I got a paper. Guess what? It was a letter from my otou-san.

Dear Sawako,

I can’t leave you alone without someone to take care of you. And you’re still a minor you know. I’m not a very irresponsible father to let you stay alone there. I have a friend who promised me to take care of you while I’m away. I’ll leave you with the care of the Nakajimas. They’re really nice people. The head of that family is my best friend since we were in middle school. It really wouldn’t be a trouble with regards to the space, because their house is really a big one. I’ll miss you my daughter. Take Care.


Your Dad

Below the letter was an address to the Nakajimas. What is my father thinking? I really don’t know these people he will leave me to.

My things are inside our old apartment. I will transfer to the Nakajima Household tomorrow, after school.

I entered our apartment and started to pack my things. I said to myself, “This is going to be tough, but I can handle it for sure.”

I removed my thick eyeglasses and untied my ponytail. My eyes willingly closed themselves…


My loud alarm clock rang. I quickly stood up and tidied myself up. Today is the day, my first day as a second year student in Horikoshi High School.

I wore my thick eyeglasses, my fake pimples, and tied my hair in a ponytail. By the way, my father doesn’t know about this get-up of mine when I go to school. I have 20-20 vision, and my skin is really clear. I wear these things for a reason.

I ate toast and drank milk. I grabbed my bag and rode the bus to Horikoshi High. I’m really guilty of not letting my father know the things that I am doing to myself.

The bus finally stopped. The big and elite school façade welcomed me. Hello Horikoshi High…

I walked the wide pathways of the school. Many students are in there. I checked out the board where I can find my class. I belong to Class 2-A. Oh right, I’m not going to enter the classroom right away. I will still be introduced among the class.

I just waited outside the room. Someone from my back said, “Hi, you must be the new student. I’m the Class President, Chinen Yuri.” I turned back and saw the guy. He was short, just about the same height as me, but he was good-looking, yes, a very good looking guy indeed.

I replied and said, “I’m Hayashi Sawako.”

Our Class Adviser entered the classroom and settled the students. He announced, “Today, we have a new student.” The class president, Chinen Yuuri and I entered.

Chinen said, “Classmates, she is Hayashi Sawako, our new classmate. Please get along with her well.”

All I did was bow to them. I can see girls whispering; maybe they were talking about how hideous my appearance is. The majority of the boys were smiling pathetically. Maybe they never thought that a girl could look as ugly as I am right now.

The class adviser silenced the class and said, “Hayashi-san, you may sit on that empty

seat beside Nakajima-san.”

I thought to myself, “Nakajima? I hope that this person is not the owner of the house I’m living in. Well, it’s impossible isn’t it? There are many people with the last name as Nakajima around Japan…”

I saw a tall, thin, and good-looking guy as soon as I arrived on my seat. I quietly sat down. He looked at me and said, “Nakajima Yuto desu, yoroshiku.” I replied timidly, “Hayashi Sawako desu, yoroshiku.”

To be continued…


Author's Note: I

'm finally done with chapter one. What do you think of the story? Interesting? Average? or Lame? Please leave a comment. :) This chapter is short isn't it? XD


You can put suggestions if you like. ^_^ Sorry for the grammatical errors. T_T

I hope you enjoyed!



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  2. Arigato Keina!! I'll notify you as soon as I finish chapter two :)

    I'm glad you liked it. ^_~

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