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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Glass Slipper Fits the Right Owner [HSJ One-shot Story]

The Glass Slipper Fits the Right Owner [HSJ One-shot Story]

Chinen Yumi X Yamada Ryosuke

(Requested by: Champagne Dela Cruz)

Once in our life, there comes a time wherein we must take once in a lifetime chances. We must not let this chance slip. We must take the risk, whether we make it or break it. No matter how hesitant we are, we must take this chance. This may change our life for the better.

I’m Chinen Yumi, a first year high school student. I have an older brother, Chinen Yuri, who is a senpai in my school. He’s a part of the popular ten-member boy group, Hey Say Jump.

His co-members often visit us. They are all handsome, but one guy caught my attention. One guy made me fall for him. He has these beautiful red cheeks, pretty lips, and a dazzling smile. His eyes are so stunning that you feel cloud nine whenever you see them.

This member is Yamada Ryosuke.

He dances so gracefully, sings so exceptionally, and acts outstandingly. Indeed, he is the perfect dream boy that any girl would wish for.

Yes, he is the perfect boy, but who am I to him? I’m just his best friend’s younger sister, and I’m just his kouhai. He would never think of me more than that.

Still, I can never forget him. No matter how hard I try, I cannot do it. No matter how I try to get him off my brain, the more I remember him.

I’m really helpless. Why does it have to be Yamada Ryosuke?

Someone knocked my door. It was my older brother, Yuri. With a wide rabbit smile on his face, he said, “Yumi! The photo sets we took yesterday were out! Take a look of how cute your brother is!”

My brother prefers to be called cute rather than cool. I really don’t get him, but I guess that’s the image he wants to show the fans.

He was right. They all looked good. I’m lucky to have a very good-looking brother. But Yamada-senpai really catches my attention. My brother seemed to notice that I was staring at his face. He said, “You really like Yama-chan don’t you?”

I finally woke up from my dreamy state and said, “No way!”

He asked me, “Why are you staring at him with such dreamy eyes?”

I said to him, “No! I was not!”

My brother continued to tease me while I kept on hitting him. He was quite a bully.

After talking with my brother, I’ve done my homework and went to sleep. Tomorrow will be another usual day.

Morning came. My brother and I went to school together. We went separate ways because our classrooms were quite distant.

As I was walking, something caught my attention. It was a poster from the theater department.

Cinderella, the Play


Everyday within this week after classes

The cast will be revealed on Friday afternoon.

I finally thought of auditioning. I really didn’t make any difference this year. I am invisible, even though my brother is a pop star. Some girls were mean to me, and I was always treated me as a loser. Some were really nice, but then I discovered that they just want to meet my brother.

I’m going to prove them that I am not someone to look down to.

I’m going to audition. It’s good if I get the lead role, but it is okay if not. Maybe it was not meant for me.

This dismissal time, I will audition. I will try.

During the whole time, I was thinking about the auditions. I was thinking twice. Is it really good for me if I join? Will I just end up in pure embarrassment and failure?

Dismissal time came. I went to the theater. There were many people lining up. Today is Thursday after all. There will be a lot of last minute people who will audition.

I saw a lot of good looking girls, the one that boys would drool over. Maybe one of them will be casted as Cinderella. I didn’t stand a chance against them. I was making a fool of myself.

I just went home reluctantly. I wanted to audition, but my insecurities and fears are stopping me.

As I was walking along the street, someone poked my back and said, “Hello Yumi!”

I looked at my back. He was Yamada-senpai.

I was really surprised as to why he was there. He told me, “Yumi, let’s walk together. I’m going to visit your brother today.

In a low voice, I replied to him, “Hai.”

It was a quiet moment between us. Suddenly, Yamada-senpai broke the silence. He asked me, “Yumi-chan, did you audition for the school play?”

I tightened my grip on my bag. I told him, “No, I didn’t. How about you?”

He said to me, “Yes. I auditioned yesterday. Well Yumi, I think you should try to audition. It’s the last day tomorrow.”

I suddenly stopped and thought about it. The reason that I didn’t continue to audition is my lack of confidence. I told him, “I’m not good enough to be chosen.”

Yamada senpai laughed and said, “Are you joking? You must audition! You have a big chance in getting the lead role!”

I also laughed and said, “Yamada-senpai, you must be kidding me!”

He said in a serious tone, “You just have to believe in yourself.”

His words struck me. In the first place, I didn’t believe in myself. How would I achieve great things if I am like this?

Then, we reached my house. The other members were there too; Okamoto-senpai, Nakajima-senpai, Arioka-senpai, and Morimoto-senpai. They seem to be doing something important.

I greeted them and went up to my room after that. I overheard Okamoto-senpai said, “I heard you’re going to play Prince Charming, Ryosuke.”

I didn’t hear the continuation of their conversation. I wonder if what Okamoto-senpai said was true.

But one thing is sure. Tomorrow, I will audition for the play, no matter what happens.

True to my words, here I am, outside the theater. I’m done with my audition.

I don’t remember what I did. Getting the Cinderella role is a miracle for me now. In the first place, I know it’s too good to be true. I know that I’m not good enough.

Later this afternoon, the results would be posted. I must never expect.

I saw people crowded around the bulletin board. I’m sure that the results are out.

I decided to go home. There is no reason for me to look. I did not make it. I know I really sucked during the auditions.

I walked away. Suddenly, someone ran into me and patted my shoulder. I looked and it was Yamada-senpai.

“Yumi-chan, congratulations!”

I was wondering what he was talking about. I asked him, “Eh? Congratulations for what, senpai?”

Yamada-senpai giggled and said, “Of course, you got the role of Cinderella!”

I stood frozen. Have I heard him right? I got the Cinderella role?

While I was off guard, he held my hand and pulled me towards to where the results are. I was shocked that the crowd split for the two of us to pass through.

I stared at the announcement.



Cinderella: Chinen Yumi

Prince Charming: Yamada Ryosuke


It was all true. I was casted as Cinderella.


Yamada-senpai had dinner in our house. My brother said, “Omedetou Yumi!”

My parents were also happy for me. Yamada-senpai was smiling his dazzling smile.

My dad said, “Yamada-san, I entrust my daughter to you.”

I exclaimed, “Hey dad! Don’t say that! It’s so embarrassing!”

Senpai smiled and said, “Of course.”

I know he was joking. I started to laugh.

After that, they all laughed too.

I got the role because of senpai’s encouraging words.

The next day, our rehearsals started every dismissal. While we are at the backstage, a girl told me, “You’re Cinderella? I expected you to be prettier.”

She was a senpai after all, her name is Matsumoto Miu. She is the president of Yamada-senpai’s fans club.

Suddenly, a girl interrupted us. She said, “At least she’s not like you, the ugly stepsister.”

The girl raised her eyebrow. Matsumoto-senpai left, looking very mad.

“Hello, I am Sakurai Miyuki. I play the fairy godmother. Just don’t mind Miu, she badly wants to be Cinderella. She’s very obsessed with Yamada-kun.”

All I did was smile and nod. She’s a fairy godmother after all.

We practiced our lines and our actions. Miu-senpai is as mean as ever. I think that her role fits her perfectly. Her acting as one of the wicked stepsisters was spectacular.

Yamada-senpai walked me home because our rehearsal ended at night. While we were walking, he said, “Yumi-chan, you know that I…”

He suddenly stopped what he was about to say. I looked at him and asked, “What is it Yamada-senpai?”

He said, “I want to give you this bracelet. Take care of it okay?”

It was a beautiful bracelet. He wore it around my wrist. I was very happy.

I finally bid him a goodbye as soon as I reached my house.

I felt special. He gave me a bracelet. Still, I must not expect.

The next day, we had our last rehearsals. It includes our dress rehearsals. Our instructor told me, “Yumi-chan, please try on this gown. And don’t forget, the glass slippers.”

I timidly went inside the dressing room. I wore the gown with the help of Miyuki-senpai.

When I was done wearing it, she gasped and exclaimed, “Oh my Yumi, you look absolutely gorgeous.”

I didn’t look at the mirror. Miyuki-senpai immediately told me, “Ok, it’s your time to act!”

The scene was dancing with the prince. While we were dancing, it felt different. I was feeling very nervous, yet very happy. Yamada-senpai whispered to me, “Yumi, you’re beautiful.”

I was very happy with his statement. It’s the first time a boy said that I am beautiful.


As soon as I reached home, I was feeling like I am in cloud nine. The play will happen two days from now. I hope that I won’t screw up.

Suddenly, I felt that something was missing in me. I can’t feel… I can’t feel… THE BRACELET THAT YAMADA-SENPAI GAVE ME!

It is very special to me since he gave it. If I go back to school now, it’s too late! It’s already 10 o’clock PM!

Tomorrow, I’ll go to school and check the dressing room. I might have dropped it there.


True to my words, I went to our school’s dressing room early in the morning. I searched everywhere, yet I didn’t see it.

Yamada-senpai’s precious bracelet, where could it be?

Instead of finding the bracelet, I saw the glass slippers, broken.

I immediately left the dressing room to inform our instructor. Much to my surprise, Yamada-senpai was there. He was talking to my brother. I hid behind a post to listen to their conversation.

“Chii, I really love your sister. I just want to ask for your approval.”

It was Yamada-senpai’s voice. Gosh, I must be dreaming. Is he really talking about me?

“You know Yama-chan, my sister is such a pain in the ass, but if you really like her, then go! I’ll support you!” my brother, Yuri said.

Yamada-senpai replied, “But I’m not sure if I will confess to her. You know, I asked for a sign.”

“What sign?” my brother asked.

“Today, if she wears the bracelet that I gave her, I will confess.”

I feel like I am dreaming. Yamada-senpai likes me back. But, I don’t have the bracelet with me.

I chose another way towards the school faculty room. Our instructor said that it’s hard to find glass slippers. He said that I should have brought it home. I felt that I am the one blamed.

Sadly, I went out of the faculty room. Yamada-senpai saw me. He asked me what was wrong.

I told him, “The glass slippers are broken and it’s hard to find a replacement at this time. The instructor told me that they are very rare.”

“Yumi… you know I…”

I noticed that he looked at my wrist. Of course, the bracelet wasn’t there.

“I’ll do my best to find replacements, Yumi-chan. Don’t worry…”

After that, he left.

Was he about to confess?


I went home thinking about two things: Yamada-senpai’s confession and the bracelet.

I suddenly thought of calling Miyuki-senpai.

She asked me how the bracelet looked like. After describing it to her, she concluded that Miu-senpai got it.

After a few hours, Miyuki-senpai arrived at our house. She said, “Yumi! I have a surprise for you!”

She handed me the bracelet. I hugged her because of joy. I whispered to her, “You are really my fairy godmother.”

She told me, “That Miu needed a kick from me. She knew about Yamada-kun’s sign thing. I forced her to tell me. Well, I threatened her.”

She was laughing like mad. She looks very delicate and gentle, but her other side is really harsh.

She added, “She also broke the glass slippers. That girl is so freakin’ jealous of you!”

So it was Miu-senpai after all.

Miyuki-senpai wished me good luck for tomorrow’s play. She told me not to think too much about the broken glass slippers and went home.

After a few hours, it rained very hard. Lightning stricken and thunders roared.

We had dinner. The storm continued.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. My brother asked me to open the door.

I thought, “Who would visit my house during a very heavy rainstorm.”

Much to my surprise, it was… Yamada-senpai.

He was all wet. His hair was all messy. He had mud in his pants. He was bringing a paper bag in his hand. He was panting really hard.

I hurriedly let him sit down. I gave him a towel and tea to drink.

He opened the paper bag and opened the box. It was a new pair of glass slippers.

My tears didn’t stop flowing. I asked him, “Why would you do all these things to me, senpai?”

“Yumi, it is because…I love you.”

Still crying, I told him, “Am I dreaming or not?”

He told me, “I’ll let you feel that this is not a dream.”

Senpai wore the glass slippers on my feet. It perfectly fits me. He said, “You are really my princess, Yumi. The glass slipper fits the right owner after all…”

After wearing it, he held my chin high and kissed my lips. I held the bracelet tightly in my hand.

This day, I found my Prince Charming. I realized that life could become a fairy tale in you own little ways. A bracelet and a pair of glass slipper changed my life.


Author’s Note: Yatta~ I’m done with it! I hope you liked it, Champagne-san. ^_^

How was it minna? Please give me your opinions. ^_^

I’m sorry for the grammatical errors!


  1. I'm enjoying reading this. Hehe. Good job. Love yamada ryosuke so much

  2. @Lynne: I'm glad you liked it! ^_^