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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Eleven)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 11

Sand Castles of Yesterday

After that, I immediately ran outside. Yuto was at the coffee table.

I told him, “I’m not leaving, Nakajima.”

I don’t know what had gotten into his mind. He stood up and hugged me.

My heart was throbbing fast. I don’t know what the exact reason was. His long arms were all around me.

I heard him say the word, “Thank you, Sawako…Dai-”

“Dai…Dai…Daiki will be calling me any minute from now…”

He broke the hug and went away.

Why did he hug me in the first place?

Honestly, during that moment, I thought about the possibility that he’ll say ‘daisuki.’ How foolish I am…

It felt awkward, so I said to him, “Uhmm, Nakajima, I’m going in my room now…”

He just nodded in reply.

I lied down on my bed and thought about the thing that happened a while ago. In my seventeen years of living, it was my first time being hugged by a boy, except for my father of course.

Maybe he was just playing with me. Well, you’ll never know boys. They can be the most pretentious people on Earth.

I decided not to think about the thought already and tried forget about what happened. I made my homework and tried to sleep.

The next day…

I decided to leave the house very early. I don’t like the idea of Nakajima and I, going to school together. I wore my disguises and went to the kitchen. After drinking milk and eating two loaves of bread, I walked along the road and decided to stop by the nearby park because I still have lots of time.

I sat on the swing and started to read a book. Then, I saw two kids playing on a sandbox, one girl and one boy. They were making a sand castle.

The boy said, “Ne, when I grow up, I will live in a castle like this and make you my queen!”

The girl replied, “Sugoi! I always wanted to live in a big castle!”

How innocent kids are. They are just carefree and they don’t really have to think about serious and complicated things.

I thought if Nakajima and I were also like that before. I wonder if we were just like our innocent selves. I wonder if we never really thought about complicated stuff.

Suddenly, the top of the sand castle got destroyed. The girl exclaimed, “Our castle is ruined! What are we going to do now?”

The boy tried to fix it, but he failed. The girl stood up and came to me. She asked, “Onee-chan, can you help us fix this part?”

I stood up and went to the sandbox. I said, “I’ll try.”

I held the sand and formed the upper part, but it still keeps on deforming. The three of us helped each other, but we were still unsuccessful.

Then someone went near us and started to form the sand castle. He had smooth big hands. He formed the sand castle without any difficulties at all. Of course, he was Nakajima.

The two kids were really happy and said, “Arigato Onii-chan, Onee-chan!”

Yuto dusted of his hands and smiled at the kids. The girl asked, “Onii-chan, are you used to making sand castles?”

He replied, “Yes. We used to stay in this same playground and I’d make the sand castle alone. My friend really sucks at it, until now.”

The boy said, “Sugoi onii-chan! I wish I’ll be as good as you!”

Yuto patted the heads of both kids and said, “We’ll be going now. Ja-ne~”

As soon as we left the park, I asked him, “What are you doing here?!”

Putting his bag on his back, he said, “I decided to walk going to school today.”

Raising my eyebrows, I said, “Seriously? You’re not driving?”

Showing his crooked teeth, he leaned and whispered in a mischievous voice, “It’s just a walking distance, and don’t you want to walk with me?”

I shivered and exclaimed, “Don’t do that ever again! And excuse me, I can walk by myself!”

Grinning naughtily, he placed his arms on my shoulders. I reacted and tried to remove his arms. He resisted and drew me nearer. I loudly exclaimed, “What the heck are you doing?!”

He replied, “We’re childhood friends right? We used to make sand castles together, and you sucked a lot.”

I was right. I was the kid who he was referring to a while ago.

I said to him, “Are you really planning on getting me killed? I still want to live, for goodness sake!”

He finally removed his arms around me and said, “Okay, but you can’t escape when we’re inside the house.”

I suddenly felt a sudden chill. The way he said it was quite scary.

I walked ahead of him with my head more confused now. Is it okay with him to be walking with an ugly girl like me?

He was still behind me. I made sure that the distance between us is at least two meters.

My head is in confusion. His actions are totally weird. He suddenly hugged me, placed his arm on my back, and the other actions. Maybe it has no meaning. Maybe he wants to bring back our friendship during the past times which I can’t remember.

I arrived in school and went to change into my indoor shoes. I read a note that says.

“Sawako, look around. Be careful. Your knight in shining armor may not be with you.”

Of course, I know its Ren. The handwriting says it all. I don’t know what he is planning to do, but I’ll be more careful from now on. I wonder when I can be free from him.

I threw the paper on the garbage can.

I went inside the classroom and was greeted by Mika and Hana. Mika said, “Hey, we heard news!”

Hana looked at me maliciously and whispered, “I heard that you were about to leave abroad, but Yuto-kun is able to stop you…”

I was surprised that they knew about it. I defended myself and said, “He has nothing to do with it, I swear!”

Of course, all they did was to release evil smirks.

Then, Yuto arrived. He greeted us a good morning. Mika said, “He seems to be in a good mood.”

Placing her hands inside her pockets, Hana said, “Of course, he has an inspiration. Just make sure the two of you don’t get caught.”

I was like, how did they know about the news? I don’t even show any interest to Nakajima. I even look disgusted with his presence all the time.

In a very low voice, Mika asked me, “How about Yama-chan now? Are you going to treat him as trash?”

I replied, “Like what I said before, I am not interested in any of them.”

Mika looked around asked, “Hey Hana, have you seen Chinen Kaichou? He seems to be late.”

Smirking evilly, Hana replied, “The poor small guy. He became my Barbie doll.”

Mika said, “You did it again?! Poor Chinen-kun, he is always victimized by your tricks.”

Hana said to me, “Sawako, in case you don’t know, Chinen is one of my human Barbie dolls. I dress him up as anything I feel! Sometimes in a Cosplay clothing, in a Sailor Fuku, or most of the time, in a Lolita Dress!”

Mika added, “Yeah, he treats Chinen like his little sister, or perhaps, her doll.”

Grinning widely, Hana said, “I can’t help it! Chinen is so fluffy and cute! I wish he was a girl!”

The adjectives she used are like for a dog’s.

Arranging her bangs, Mika said, “They have been like that since middle school.”

Suddenly, Chinen kaichou arrived. He looked so tired and stressed. I’m sure it’s Hana’s doing.

Hana patted Chinen kaichou’s shoulders hardly and greeted, “Ohayou Lolita kaichou! Did you have a great rest?”

Chinen replied, “What do you think? It looks like Yuto and I are in really opposite status now. He’s full of energy this morning. He was inviting me to play basketball, but I lack rest because of you! Baka Hana!”

Hana clenched her fists and said, “Eh? Baka? Even if you have the energy to play, you are still incapable of doing it because you are so short!”

Mika pulled me to the side and said, “Just don’t mind them Sawako. It’s a normal thing for them.”

We went back to our proper seats. Yuto whispered to me, “I’ll visit the maid café later.”

I rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever."

Dismissal time came. I went directly to the maid café to work.

As soon as I arrived, Risako told me, “Saki told me that you’re staying here in Japan!”

Removing my disguises and getting my maid uniform, I said, “Yes, She called me a while ago, and I told her about it.”

After changing, Risako told me, “You know Sawako, there’s an annoying guy who has been here for about four hours already! It’s really freaky. He is looking at me flirtatiously! He was sticking his tongue out in a flirty manner and winking at me!

I peeked outside. There was a guy, who has light brown hair, sitting on one of the tables. He was sipping tea. He was thin and tall, yet good looking. The other maids were looking at him and they were in seventh heaven.

I looked closely at the face of the guy. He seems familiar. I asked Risako, “Have you seen him somewhere before?”

Risako replied, “I really have no idea.”

Then, Saki arrived. She was in a hurry and exclaimed, “Sorry, I’m late!”

She quickly wore her maid uniform and asked us what exactly we are talking about. We told her that it was about that freaky guy outside. She stopped for a while and exclaimed, “Wait! I saw that person somewhere! I think he’s one of Hey Say JUMP?”

Risako opened her laptop and looked at the Hey Say JUMP page. Indeed, Saki was right. The guy outside was the Leader of Hey Say JUMP, Yabu Kota.

I suddenly thought, “How the heck did Hey Say JUMP find this little place?”

Yabu Kota designated Risako-san again so she went out. I started to arrange the food, while Saki was starting to clean.

Then, Naruto-kun and Ran-san arrived. Saki and I stopped with whatever we were doing. Saki greeted his regular master, Naruto. I did the same for my regular mistress, Ran.

Suddenly, the Yabu Kota guy transferred into their table. Yabu told Naruto, “You sure have nice yellow hair! Where did you have that colored?”

Naruto replied, “I-i-in a salon…”

Ran stood up and pulled Yabu away. Naruto was left the table.

I thought, “Do they know each other? Poor Naruto-kun, he must be jealous.”

Saki and I got their orders. When we went back, Naruto and Yabu still weren’t there. Ran-san just told us to leave the orders on their table.

After that, Nakajima arrived with Arioka. Why did he bring Arioka with him?!

Risako went with me in their table. Risako asked Arioka, “You are a new customer. Please choose the maid you want to serve you…”

Arioka paused for a while and looked at the list. After that, he finally said, “Saki-chan.”

Smiling widely, Risako said, “Okay, I’ll call Saki-chan now.”

Risako patted me with her elbow that signaled me to start talking to my goushoujin-sama, Nakajima. Even if it is against my will to be nice to him, I must force myself.

I said, “Goushoujin-sama, our special for today is pudding with royal milk tea. Would you like to order that? If not, please choose other food from the menu.”

Placing his chin on his palm, he said, “Can I have a Sawa-chan cookie?”

I heard Daiki chuckle. He said, “Yuto-kun, please answer her properly.”

Baka. If I weren’t inside the café, I would punch that stupid, narcissistic Nakajima to death.

Saki arrived in a very maid-like aura. She said, “Hello my new master. I’m Saki. I’m going to be the one who will serve you for today. What do you want to eat?”

Daiki’s face turned light red. He said, “Uhmm, I’d like to have the special...”

Yuto added, “Yes, I’d have that too.”

I said, “Two puddings with royal milk tea coming up. Please wait Goushoujin-samas.”

As soon as Saki and I were behind the counter to get their orders, I said to her, “Three Hey Say JUMP members are here. What the heck is happening?”

Saki replied, “Maybe it’s a coincidence.”


We delivered their orders after getting them. Much to my surprise, Yabu, Nakajima, Arioka, Naruto, and Ran were on one table.

Saki said, “Here’s your order Goushoujin-sama Arioka and Goushoujin-sama Nakajima.”

Yuto was smiling to me like an idiot. My head boiled.

Then Yabu said, “Can you tell Risako that I want to have the same food?”

Holding the tray, and stopping the urge to throw it on Nakajima’s annoying face, I said, “Of course. Please wait for a minute.”

Saki and I left. Saki said, “They really know each other, but how?”

I just told her, “We don’t know…”

It was almost closing time and the five of them were still there. Saki, Risako, and I were the only maids left. The three of us went to their table.

Risako said, “It’s nice to see our customers become new friends.”

Smiling an evil one, Yabu said, “We’re not actually new friends…”

“We’re old friends!” Arioka exclaimed.

With a confused face, Saki asked, “What do you mean?”

Yabu said, “These two guys have been keeping this place as a secret to us for two years already. How mean of them.”

“Now, remove your wigs.”

Much to my surprise, Naruto was actually Yamada Ryosuke and Ran was Chinen Yuri…

To be continued…

Author’s Note: I’m very sorry for not updating for a very very very long time. XD

College is such a shocker for me. I have to study harder now.

Maybe I can update this fic at least once every two weeks.

I am happy that you still support this fic of mine, even though I update slow. T__T

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