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Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Post

Here I am, blogging at 3 o'clock in the morning when I really be shouldn't. I should be studying for our Math quiz tomorrow, but I have no one to talk with to release my feelings. Never mind this post if you have heavy problems. :D

How would you feel if people take credit of your ideas? It's so annoying right? Right now, I realized that I must not be too kind. Being too kind makes people abuse you. It's okay to share my ideas, but they shouldn't claim it as theirs. I feel sad for the scientist who didn't get credits for their work. Instead, the undeserving scientists did. Well, at least God knows what they are doing and still, they are the best in His eyes.

Good thing I have good anger control. I went out in the grassy green areas of the school and let nature soothe me. I couldn't bear listening to those people while claiming my ideas anymore.

And another thing that bothers me...

Why do I feel ugly all the freakin' time? I really want to stop looking at myself negatively, but it is hard. I admit that I am an insecure person and I need to change that.

Maybe this is the cause of the hormones in me. Well, here I go with scientific reasons again.

You know, I don't feel appreciated. It's like, I'm always neglected in the side. I feel very down. Maybe I'm too paranoid to think that way? or maybe, what I'm feeling and thinking is the fact INDEED.

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