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Friday, June 18, 2010


Lol. I never expected this. This idea was from Chime's post. :) Thanks for the idea Chime!

OMIGOOSHH. The honeypie name disgusts me. lol. XD

Who fits you best in Hey! Say! JUMP
Full Name 
Your Hey! Say! JUMP boyfriend is Nakajima Yuto
He confessed to you when he liked you in 3 years already
He confessed to you by "You look so sexy when you look at me that way!"
He calls you honeypie
He fell in love with you because he thinks your hot
You will be married when you get pregnant
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I never expected Nino. XD

Arashi has my soul~
Name / Username 
Your boyfriend is.. Ninomiya Kazunari
How you met him You won the big mushroom on Super Mario and he asked for tips.
Your first date was.. Horrid. He did not look up from his book and kept smiling at other girls.
You dislike.. Aiba. Because he's a bit pervetic.
This cool quiz by ohmyalibi - Taken 90 Times.
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