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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Emotions Can Control You

Emotions Can Control You

Why am I feeling something like this? Whenever I hear or read something about them, I feel a pang of hurt. I know that I'm not in the place to complain and demand what he must do. We're miles away after all. He doesn't even know I exist. He has his own business and I have my own too. Maybe I have to loosen up a bit. Maybe I should lessen my daydreams. Maybe I shouldn't expect too much. Maybe I shouldn't hope for the impossible things. Maybe I take these things too seriously. Maybe all of these has gone too far, to the extent that I feel this abnormal emotions.

I should think about him lesser. I should move on. I know it takes time, but I know I can do it. The chances for us are a mere 0.001%. This is hopeless. The impossible can't be attained for this moment. I should adjust myself, lessen this feelings, and have a control of myself.

Deep inside me, I know there is still hope, and a possibility for the impossible to happen. If it is God Almighty's will, then anything, even the wildest dreams that I never expect to come true can happen, and will surely happen, in Jesus' name. Through our deeds and hard work, we can reach our goals, and maybe, when the right time comes, we never notice that the person is just at your back or anywhere near you.

The best thing that I must do is to wait for that time, study hard, trust in God, and do well always. I will wait for God's appointed time for me to come. As what they have said: "Good things will come for those who can wait."

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