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Thursday, August 22, 2013

20 Random Facts About Me

Hi there~

Here I am again, the no-social-life college student, blogging.
I am currently studying Accounting (which I hate so much) and decided to take a break and blog.

So, here are 20 Random Facts About Me~ 

1. My course is very rare. Only three universities around the world is offering it. Viva BS Agribusiness Economics~! :D

2. I love anime, jpop, manga, and cosplay. (obviously). 

3. I look so different without makeup. So please, do not be dissapointed. hahahaha! 

4. 70% of my practical skills are all thanks to cosplay (hair trimming, makeup, basic sewing... you name it. XD)

5. My best friend in grade school is still my bestfriend now. Same as my Syndrome girls, we're still best friends till now.

6. I am a NBSB (No BF Since Birth). 

7. I had my first love during grade school. 

8. I was overweight in my childhood and early-teen years. 

9. I never had a suitor. NEVER. 

10. I absolutely love Studio Ghibli. 

11. The cosplayers I admire so much are Jin Joson, Miguel Mercado and the Tux Team, Kaname, Yuegene, Kipi, Dat, Zhel Guiral, and Ikumi Ces. (And maaaany others.)

12. I always feel underestimated. -_-

13. I hate cockroaches and mice. 

14. I have this unhealthy obsession with Nakajima Yuto. XD 

15.  I love Milk Tea so much~ 

16. I am obsessed with cute things :3

17. I like discovering non-mainstream amazing places (like Cute Tea Shops, Restaurants, or Cafes).

18. I do not drink or smoke (or have any vices). In fact, I hate the smell of cigarettes. 

19. I always keep a planner with me.

20. I have alter egos named Dii-chan (girl cosplay) and Dii-kun. (boy cosplay) >.<

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