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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Great Disguise (Chapter Thirteen)

The Great Disguise [HSJ Fanfic]

Chapter 13

The Meeting of the Horikoshi Girls and the Kirari Haato Maids

The birthday will be next week.

Mika asked Hana, “By the way Hana, do you like Kaichou?”

Hana sighed and answered, “I don’t know now, Mika.”

I can kind of relate to Hana. She’s confused of her feelings. It’s the same with my case with Nakajima.

In the middle of the silence, Mika said, “Follow your heart…Hana.”

I placed the invitation inside my bag. I felt happy because it’s my first time to be invited in such a great party. But then, I have nothing to wear, that’s why I can’t go.

I told Hana, “Sorry Hana, I can’t go to your birthday party.”

Hana pouted and asked, “Why?”

Holding my bag tighter, I told her, “I have nothing to wear.”

Mika lightly punched my shoulders and said, “That shouldn’t be a problem! If clothes are what you’re looking for, I’m here to the rescue!”

I was feeling very happy and at the same time, very guilty. I’m not being true to them. I’m keeping secrets. I was pretending as another person.

Finally, I decided to tell them my secret and show them my real face without my disguises.

While we were talking, I finally told them, “Mika-chan, Hana-chan, do you have a moment?”

They said, “Sure.”

I pulled them going to somewhere where there are no people. I faced them with a very serious aura. I told them, “Mika-chan, Hana-chan, I just want to thank you for being a very good friend to me. You know, before in my school, no one really befriended me. I totally appreciate the two of you.”

Mika smiled and asked me, “Of course Sawako. We like you so much!”

I replied to her, “But there is a reason that you should hate me.”

Folding her arms, Hana asked me, “What? What is that?”

I started to remove my disguises and told them, “I pretended. I wear disguises to hide my real self. I work at a maid café and take the name ‘Sawa-chan’. This is how I really look like…”

Their mouths opened in shock. Hana told me, “Oh my. These are totally realistic prosthetics! I was fooled! Where did you buy them?”

Mika said, “If you were this good-looking, we could hire you in the magazine company we’re working at!”

I was surprised by their reactions. I expected them to be angry at me. I asked, “You’re not angry at me?”

Mika replied, “Why would we be angry at you? We understand that you have an explanation. We’ll listen.”

I took a deep breath and started to narrate everything to them…

“You know, my father is in abroad right now. I currently don’t have any family members in Japan, so practically; I’m living in another house. We’re not really rich, so I work part time in a maid café. I am also able to attend this school because of the scholarship. I also don’t want to burden my father with the living expenses and the extra stuffs I need.

"The reason that I wear these things on my face each day is because I don’t want people to recognize me as a maid. I want to keep it a secret from everybody. Also, I did all of these because of what a certain boy did to me in the past.”

Hana and Mika gave me a hug. They told me, “Sawako, we are sorry for not knowing your burdens since before. We totally admire you for your hard work.”

I smiled at them and said, “That’s really okay. Befriending me is really a great thing already. As a payback, I’ll bring you to my workplace later.”

Hana was very happy and said, “I’ll eat many foods!”

I wore my disguises again and went back to our classroom. I was feeling very relieved. At least I removed some of the burdens on my back. It’s happy to know that there are people you can trust. Now I just have to break the news to Risako and Saki.

We walked to our classroom and stayed there. The Hey Say Jump guys were very noisy. They were talking about some guy stuff. I didn’t even bother to listen to them.

When they were done, Yuto sat on his seat beside me and asked, “Hey, they’re planning to go to the maid café. They’ll bring the others too.”

I panicked easily and imagined the biggest disaster that is about to happen on Earth.

I whispered to him, “I’m bringing Mika and Hana with me. I already told them about my disguise, but not my living conditions.”

Yuto suddenly stood up, went to Hana and Mika , whispered them something, and the three of them went out. What was he thinking? Mika and Hana didn’t know that Yuto knew all about my real self!

I suddenly ran going outside. They were discussing stuffs.

As I arrived, Hana asked, “How come this guy knows?!”

Totally cornered, I told her…

“I-I-I live in his house…”

Hana went berserk. Mika was hysterical. In her panic mode, she asked me, “Oh my gosh, did this stupid boy do something to you? Do you live with an elder? Do you still eat three times a day? Tell me if you have a problem and I’ll kick this bamboo to death!”

Reassuring her with a smile, I told her, “Relax Mika. Everything is fine…”

Yuto pouted his lips and said, “I’m not the bad dragon that you are imagining. I’m very nice, good and a gentleman!”

I rolled my eyes at him. I told Hana and Mika, I will explain everything to you in the café with my two friends, Risako and Saki.”

Yuto told me, “You’ll finally tell them?”

I replied, “I have no choice. If I’m spoiling my secret now, it’s all thanks to you.”

Still in his pathetic pout, he told me, “But that’s a good thing right? You’ll finally have someone to lean on aside from me.”

I was totally disgusted by his sentence. I pretended not to hear it.

Mika said, “Now, we have to make a plan to avoid spilling Sawako’s secret to the rest of the Jump.”


“We need to let Sawako, Hana, and I arrive at the café first. Yuto, you’ll pretend not to know that we’re going to be there. We will eat for a while and pretend to go home. The truth is, Hana and I will go to the back of the café as Sawako will explain everything to us. If the Hey Say Jump will stay for a longer time, we’ll pretend to be maids. We’ll serve the customers. As the café will close, we will all talk and go to Yuto’s house for checking.”


I was speecless. Hana was clapping her hands. Yuto’s face twitched as he asked, “How about my privacy?!”

Hana said, “Well, you have no choice. We have to make sure that our friend is safe in your hands. Besides, I heard that your dad and your brother are abroad. We have to be sure that you are not acting naughty, Yuto-kun. Even though we knew you since childhood, you’re still a boy.”

Yuto smirked and said, “Okay! You’ll see how good I truly am.”

After the discussion, we went back inside the classroom.

Hours passed…

Dissmissal time arrived.

As what we’ve planned, Hana, Mika and I went immediately to the maid café.

We went to the back of the café. I removed my disguises and wore my maid outfit. Risako and Saki were there. I told them, “Risako, Saki, these are my friends, Hana and Mika. I brought them here so that you can meet them, and well, I have to discuss some things with the four of you, well I mean five.

Saki was frozen. Risako was trying to comprehend what I said.

“You’ll understand later…”

The plan was on the move. Hana and Mika were sitting and ordered something.

True enough to what Yuto said, the Hey Say JUMP namely Yabu Kota, Ryutaro Morimoto, Naruto, Ran, Arioka Daiki, and Nakajima Yuto himself arrived at the café.

They saw Hana and Mika and were surprised. All of them sat on one table.

Risako welcomed them and got their orders. Yabu annoyed her again by saying, “Hey baby, we meet again.”

I’m pretty sure that Risako’s head was boiling in anger, but she was really good in controlling it. She continued to get the orders. Yuto and Chinen-kaichou, who was in her girl form today, designated me again to serve him. I’m noticed that Hana was really shocked, and maybe happy about it, but she remained silent. I’m sure that it was because of the president’s confession. They were seated very far from each other. Arioka and Yamada, who was not in his usual Naruto costume, did the same to Saki.

As soon as their orders arrived, they ate it and enjoyed. Kaichou stared at me for a while and whispered something to Yuto. I have no clue as of what he said.

Morimoto did not designate anyone. He just enjoyed the vanilla cake he ordered. His cell phone suddenly rang so he went outside.

He went inside again and pulled Mika going outside.

Yabu was in his usual happy mood. Kaichou and Hana were quiet. Yamada was enjoying the time with Yabu. Daiki was in his quiet mode while sipping his cappuccino and listening to music.

After a few minutes, Mika and Morimoto went inside again. Mika was looking very happy. I wonder if something happened…

I looked at the time. It was already quite late. The JUMP members stood up and left. Morimoto was looking quite lonely, Chinen looks like very deep in his thoughts, Yamada was laughing, and the reason of Yamada’s laughter, Yabu, said in a loud voice, “Till next time Risa-chan, my baby!”

Risako looked very disgusted. Saki was busy with her cell phone. I noticed that she was like that since this day.

Then the six of us went to the back of the café and did the things according to the plan. Risako let the other maids take over the place.

We sat down on the chairs. Risako asked, “What’s wrong Sawako? What was the thing you were trying to tell us?”

Very nervous, I told them, “Wait, I need to breathe first.”

As soon as I was done inhaling and exhaling, they remained silent, waiting for me to say something…

“A-a-a-actually, I live in Nakajima Yuto’s house…”

Saki’s mouth went open. Risako’s eyes went round and big. She exclaimed, “Oh my gosh Sawako, how old are you? Seventeen? And you’ve given up your…aaah! I can’t continue to say it! And since when did you have a relationship with this guy over here?!”

While laughing, Yuto said, “Things like that did not happen! You’re too advanced!”

I added, “There is no way that could happen. I would not simply give ‘it’, especially to this man!”

In her hysterical mode, Risako demanded, “Can you please give me a valid explanation of this madness?!”

I started to narrate to them the cause as to why I am living in Yuto Nakajima’s house right now…

“Well, my father and Nakajima’s father are best friends. When I decided to stay in Japan and live alone, my father was worried about me. He left me under the care of Nakajima’s father, Jirou-oji. Raiya-san was with us in the beginning too.

When Nakajima’s mother called, Jirou oji and Raiya flew going abroad. Well, it happened very fast. It was unexpected.”

As soon as I finished narrating, Risako said, “I guess the situation is under control. If something bad happens to Sawako, better run for your life Nakajima Yuto!”

Yuto replied, “Aye aye captain!”

I can see Hana and Saki getting along well. They were already laughing and sharing stories. Mika and Risako joined them.

Yuto went out for a while. He said he was going to buy Nikuman.

Hana gave invitations to Risako and Saki. She said, “I like the two of you! Please go to my birthday party! Sawako will be there too!”

Risako and Saki were thrilled. They said that they would attend.

I can’t believe how the four of them got along pretty quick. Indeed, it is true that the birds of the same feather flock together.

Risako asked Saki who she’s e-mailing with.

Saki said…

“Arioka Daiki…”

Author’s Note:

I apologize for not updating for 3 weeks Hontou ni GOMENASAI!!! I had a lot of exams, quizzes, and projects. College life is so busy. T____T

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  1. "She exclaimed, 'Oh my gosh Sawako, how old are you? Seventeen? And you’ve given up your…aaah! I can’t continue to say it! And since when did you have a relationship with this guy over here?!'"

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