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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Duet October 2009 Yamada Ryosuke

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About Yamada Ryosuke

Because lately I’m not too much involved with him, so privately, I feel riddle about him! But because he is a person who can’t-save-secret-type, maybe he don’t have a secret? (Nakajima Yuto)

He is really like comic. Somehow or other, there are always 2-3 comics in his bag. At tour, when we walk in some area, I found that he brings about 10 comics! (Chinen Yuuri)

He is good at eat. When we arrival in backstage or room for magazine’s interview, the first thing that he do is his hand will takes bento (note: lunch box) or oyatsu (note: mid-day snack). (Morimoto Ryutarou)

He is really prone to be worry. Example, when TV reports about our concert, I hear he said, “Am I did it well?”. I reply his words, “It is OK, right?”, and finally he can smile. (Okamoto Keito)

It really cute when I see he’s talking in sleep. He likes comic, but more than that, the scene when he talking and muttering in sleep are really cute. Surely, my feeling at that time, I feel “kyun (note: you feeling this when you falling in love with someone)” spontaneously (laugh). (Arioka Daiki) (comment: AWWWWW~ Daiki was confessed to Yamada~XD)

When he got addicted to something new, his enthusiasm’s degree is high. Lately he trances with jay board, he want to reach victory. (Takaki Yuuya) (note: no idea for jay board)

He receives a power to operate dragon!? There’s scene when we ride appear in stage with ride a dragon, but at that time, the dragon’s mouth was spitted out white smoke, it seems like Yamachan that operate all of that. (Inoo Kei)

He really likes to eat, but seems he not becomes fat. Before this, when we eat together in a circle, we don’t call him “Buta-chan (note: Mr. Pig)” again. (Yaotome Hikaru)

He is a guy who have healing aura naturally. When we in shinkansen (note: bullet train) and airplane, I take a seat in next to him, I was drifted on his atmosphere, and then I feel sleepy. (Yabu Kouta)

Yamada Ryosuke’s Essay

When we at concert, our backstage is separated between 7 and BEST. In this both rooms, there’s a decisive discrepancy. But it is JUMP’s secret. Then, what do you think? The correct answer is….scent! BEST’s backstage, everyone is using good perfume with good smell. But 7’s room is full of natto’s (note: natto is fermented soybeans) smell! Because Yuto-kun was ate that. I really hate natto (cry). Besides that, Yuto-kun does practice drum and tap dance in our backstage, therefore 7’s backstage is seems belong to Yuto-kun only. Finally, other members of 7 are moves to BEST’s backstage! But, because BEST use 7’s backstage for take a shower, so it’s mutual ne!

I let Daichan to know my secret. Because, he don’t makes fun of it. But, are we need to speak about trivial things to everyone? Example, When I’m in concert, in order to makes my hair become fortify, I use large quantity of spray. By the way, when we do seventh day concert in Yokohama Arena, we use 3 plots of story! (laugh).


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