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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Duet Oct. 09: Nakajima Yuto

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Duet October 2009 Issue
About Yuto Nakajima

He is easily to be influenced by people of multi-varied interests. Though I think it is good to be interested in various things, it’s hard to extend too much the effort. (Yamada)

While riding in the bus, he certainly does air drumming to his knee. My arm is lying down next to him, so I pretty much get his elbow (laughs). (Chinen)

When he does something, he’s cheerful. Everyone is quiet when we have high tension, he once in a while does not follow. (Morimoto)

He’s very easily to be scared. When we were taking pictures during the night at the beach, we were going to talk about scary stories, he cried “I can’t do this, I can’t do this!” When he was startled, he was almost unable to stand up yo (laughs). (Okamoto)

He has a small rebellious spirit. During the sound check in the concert rehearsal, the staff warned to stop the drumbeat, but he still continued to make small noises a bit. (Arioka)

He’s Mr. Deeply Emotional. From the recent concert, every fan from their seats sang a surprise happy birthday song for him. He cried on the stage yo. (Takaki)

When he arrives at the shooting location and sees his favourite snack, he tends to write his name in it with a magic marker and keeps it. (Inoo)

Recently, he seems to come to the stage of fatigue with his drums. I understand because I play musical instruments too, and even if you remarkably progress, there are times you face a dead end even if you do whatever. Don’t be impatient, and slowly get on with it! (Yaotome)

He’s a skillfully attentive listenter. Even in my worthless talks, he says something like “Eeh, is that so. That is interesting ne!” and perfectly listens to it with interest. (Yabu)

Nakajima Yuto
In JUMP, when we enter the studio for our magazine shoot, we greet each other “Good morning!” at the same time and rush to prepared food at the table yo. Then, each one of us firmly reserve the food we want to eat. Since we are a great number of people, I don’t know if we can get the food we want. Around then it’s survival. By the way I keep the karikari ume crunchy pickled plum or the Korean seaweed for my snack at the very beginning, so I write my name on it (laughs). Well, mostly, it’s the 7 members that do the food survival ne. For the BEST members, they’ll say “I’ll have this” to the person that keeps, and eats it without permission (laughs).

I’m the type that can’t keep secrets alone na. When I don’t say a serious thing to somebody, my stomach seems to hurt. My bloodtype is A so that’s why I’m sensitive. Actually, I wanted to keep such side of me a secret. Because I don’t want to appear “not manly”!

If I have any mistakes feel free to tell me. I hope you had fun reading.

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