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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day With My Best Friend

March 19,2010, is a really happy day for me. My best friend Isabel and I went to the mall after not seeing each other for almost three years. We planned to meet at McDonald's in SM. She was late so I decided to buy what I need while waiting for her.

Then I decided to wait for her on the second floor, overlooking Mcdo. After waiting, I saw her in McDo, looking for me. When she didn't see me in there, she decided to look in some other place for me. I immediately ran and used the escalator to catch up to her. I walked behind her, and surprised her by calling her name. She was shocked of my physical appearance. I, on the other hand, is envious of her height. She's taller than me now.
I didn't eat my lunch yet, so we decided to go to Greenwich. I ate Macaroni and Tropicoolers. She ordered Tropicoolers because she already had lunch. Then after eating, we visited different shops and walked around SM.

Then, we decided to transfer to NCCC Mall. It was raining very hard, so it was really an adventure for us. We got a bit wet because of the rain. That was the best part of the day. :)

We hanged out in NCCC, we ate ice cream, toured around, and looked at books. After that, we decided to go home.

Hours felt like minutes to me. I really missed her that much. I know that it won't be the last time we can see each other. There are still lots of time for us to have bonding.

I realized that we are really true to each other. Even though it's been almost three years since we didn't see each other, nothing changed. We're still BFF'S.

Here's a picture of her. Presenting, my BFF, Isabel Onate.

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