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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Trouble that Cosplayers have to go Through

People ask, "You're a cosplayer?"

You say, "Yeah". 

It's a fun hobby. It's what I love doing the most when I'm not studying. It's a showcase of your art and love for the series or anime.

But here comes a problem. People know that you have numerous wigs, costumes, and stuff. They abuse you and they just BORROW it. If you say it's for rent, they get mad or disheartened. 

Well, if you're one of my BEST friends, you could just borrow it from me. Besides, they're cosplayers too and they understand the pain of taking care of wigs and costumes. 

Hello? Each costume is not for free or just obtained from somewhere. Lots of money was spent for those! I've had enough of these borrowing schemes. When some of schoolmates borrowed my wigs, by the time they were returned to me, they were very tangled and very smelly.


Just so you know, each wig of mine costs 750-1800 pesos. They don't come cheap. I felt as though my stuffs are demoralized when they are returned at that condition. 

Do you even have shame, people? Libre na nga, ganun pa ang lagay pagsauli. Kung magcha-charge ako ng rent fee, kayo pa magagalit?

Just so you know, cosplay is not a hobby for the thrift. Even simple costumes can amount to 800-1000 (ex. seifukus). The most expensive costume I have so far amounts to almost 6-7 thousand pesos.

When all of my spending in my costumes are accumulated, I don't even wanna add them up anymore. It's a price that we, cosplayers have to pay.

My point here is, we are not your borrowing shop or "you're-just-important-when-we-need-you" people. You all make me sick.


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