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Sunday, December 18, 2011

UP Mindanao Deviance Day 2011

Warning: Comsci-biased. :)

Hey everyone~ I'm going to blog about Deviance Day, which happens annually at UP Mindanao. It is organized by the DUGONG Antro, the organization of the BA Anthropology program of UPMin. We get to deviate from the social norms and dress up whatever we like or do whatever we like. Breaking the rules is the rule. XD

I wore a cosplay of Mio Akiyama, from the anime, K-on. The girl beside me is Christine. (on the left) She is my classmate and my friend who also cosplayed a character from the same anime. The character was Yui Hirasawa. Too bad, we had a Ritsu (Loraine) but she had to go to a wedding. (This Picture was taken during the Deviance Night)

I can see myself! hahaha! Monette, Dulce and Marlo were also answering the exams. XD

We had exams is one of our major subjects, CMSC56. We took the exam while wearing our somewhat uncomfortable outfits. Our CMSC56 teacher, Sir Tecson, looked amused by our appearances (I think.)

After the brain-wracking exams:

I look suckish and stressed. Hahahahahaha! With Ritsu (Loraine) and Yui (Christine)

Almost everyone from the our batch wore costumes. It was really very fun.

Day Pictures:

My classmate, Marlo, who went as a beggar asking for money from anyone. XD

Poor girl Sarah, she's going to be eliminated by Saya anytime. :)) Joke.

My classmate, John Dave, who created his own costume inspired by Cornetto. He won the Oyot Alert contest during the Deviance Night.

My classmates, Mroze, Steph, and Sarah.

A creative photo by Rona (Saya Otonashi) and Maq (Jejemon).

Our lunch table. bwahahahahahaha! People kept on staring at us (I think). :)))

Me with "lolololololol" or Dax.

Mini-pictorial by the Dorm2:

My classmate Naomi who went as a poodle bride.

The Memes, Gerald, Dax, Marlon, and Daisuke.

The fight between Saya (Rona) and terrorist/holdaper (Herzon). Who will win? XD

Kawaii schoolgirls~ (Apple, Rona, Mroze, Monette, and Sarah)

The "Statue Lady" by the pathwalk. When John Dave took a picture with her, she tried her best not to laugh. hehehe. Props to this lady for the brilliant idea. :)

Go Shamcey!


The stage~ :)

A stolen shot while I was fixing my wig. hehehe.

Guess what? My some of my Syndrome friends came to visit!

Argenn, who just stayed here from 2 weeks. She's now back in Japan. We miss you Daiki!!

Chime, who is now studying in ADDU, BS-IT.

Guila, who is also from ADDU, a BS-IT student as well.

My solo moment. hahahahahaha!

Chime and I!!!

Christine and I~

Guila and Argenn~

The dancing troll face. (I didn't get to see this.)

A Lady Gaga cosplayer. He was amazing.

The Agri-business economics people really rented this casket for the deviance day. There was really a person inside that. Amazing.

The party2x. We really didn't join them. We had our pictorials and kiddie games at the side. XDDD

Maq and Chime~

With my classmate, Daisuke.

Me with my cousin/classmate, Maq.

Gui and Maq~

Me and Henny~

Ate Joy~ I lended her my costume. :)

With the memes.

Lope and Dulce. Dulce was trying to put the Cornetto costume of John Dave on Lope. XD

With Komsai People! Herzon, Christian, LA, Lope, Naomi, me, Rona, Mroze, Sarah, Apple and John Dave. :)

Mas marami kami dito~ Rose's friend, Rose (Bio peeps), Marlon, me, John Dave, Rona, Sarah, Christine, Daisuke, Mroze, Louie, Apple, Christian, Marlo, Herzon, Monette, Naomi, and Lope.

It was really a fun filled day. Too bad not everyone had a picture. I should have posted them here. We went home at 11 PM. Argenn, Guila, and Chime slept at my house.

I wish next deviance day would be fun too. :)

Photos credits to: Argenn Besinga, Mroze Magpatoc, and Monette de Jesus.

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